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9 Pretty Poppies

Get planting ideas and see some of the over 120 varieties of this beautiful flowering plant.

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Photo: Shutterstock/Jorge Salcedo

Oriental Poppy

This Oriental poppy produces large, soft pink flowers with black centers above gray divided leaves in May or June sometimes blooming again in the summer.

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Photo: iStock/juhajarvinen

'Ladybug' Poppy is Good for Containers

The 'Ladybug' poppy is one of over 120 species in the poppy family and is a good variety for containers.

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Photo: iStock/aloha_17

Fresh Mix

The mix of bright red poppies and sunny daisies makes for a cheerful garden combo.

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Photo: iStock/LagunaticPhoto

Tree Poppy Plant

The tree poppy, Romneya coulteri, is able to withstand the extreme conditions of hot, dry sites.

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