8 Exotic Flowers

These extraterrestrial flowers can be found in far flung tropical environs and in countries like South Africa. 
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'Protea Cynaroides'

'Protea Cynaroides' is the national flower of South Africa. It grows on a broad-leafed evergreen shrub and produces huge bowl shaped flower heads. 

'Protea Magnifica'

'Protea Magnifica' is an exotic flower native to South Africa that requires full sun exposure and makes an excellent cut flower. 

'Protea Eximia'

'Protea Eximia' is a large upright shrub native to South Africa that produces large beautiful rosy pink flowers with golden yellow bases. 

Protea Neriifolia 'Pink Mink'

'Pink Mink' is a large ornamental shrub native to South Africa that produces large flowers of varying colors. This flower here is a beautiful shade of pink with a cream colored center and purple-black bristles on each petal. 

Protea Cynaroides 'Little Prince'

'Little Prince' is a new compact King Protea native to South Africa, selected specially for containers and small gardens. It flowers year round and is attractive to birds. 


'Volkano' is a 12 foot wide 8 foot tall shrub that produces beautiful multicolored flower heads with orange-red prongs projecting out resembling a volcanic eruption.

'Costus Barbatus'

'Costus Barbatus' is native to Costa Rica, pollinated by humming birds, and popular as a cut flower. 

Strelitzia Reginae 'Bird of Paradise'

This crane looking plant is indigenous to South Africa and is one of the most well-known plants in the entire world. 'Bird of Paradise' consists of various brilliant colors and would be a great addition to any garden. 

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