Prizewinning Roses

These champion roses from 2005 could be a perfect fit for your garden.


'Lady Elsie May'

'Lady Elsie May'
By: Marie Hofer

'Lady Elsie May'

This shrub rose bears clusters of semi-double coral-pink blooms from spring to fall. A 2005 All-America Rose Selection winner, the upward-spreading plant is said to have excellent disease resistance but only slight fragrance. Flowers are 3-1/2 to four inches wide. Shrub size: 2-1/2 to 3 feet tall.

'About Face'


'About Face' (Photo by Gene Sasse, courtesy of Weeks Roses)

'About Face' (Photo by Gene Sasse, courtesy of Weeks Roses)

This grandiflora, another AARS winner, has two-toned petals — golden yellow on the inside, bronzy orange-red on the back side. The large flowers — measuring up to five inches across — form on long stems.


Still another AARS winner, 'Elle' is a hybrid tea that produces pink flowers blushed with gold on 10- to 14-inch stems. The color doesn't fade, and the blooms have a spicy-citrus fragrance. Above-average resistance to blackspot and mildew.

'Tuscan Sun'


'Tuscan Sun'

'Tuscan Sun'

The Jackson & Perkins Floribunda of the Year, this bronzy-apricot rose fades to a coppery pink. Blooms in clusters on a three- to four-foot-tall bush. Spicy fragrance.





Here's a rose that's sure to press the romance button — a very fragrant pure-white Romantica rose. Petal count is 100. Train this one up an arbor or trellis, sit back and enjoy.





Clusters of fuschia-pink single roses bloom all summer on this low-growing compact shrub rose, also an AARS winner. Foliage is very disease resistant. Hardy to Zone 4.

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