Vivacious Verbena

An extended bloom time and heat tolerance are among this bright annual's attributes.

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'Lanai Candy Cane' Verbena

You'll feel like you're in Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory once you see these candy look-a-like specimens. Warning: Do not eat. 

Sandpaper Verbena (Glandularia rigida)

Sandpaper verbena (Glandularia rigida or Verbena rigida) earns its name from its rough leaves. Bright purple flowers that attract pollinators open from spring through fall. Cut plants whenever they get leggy or spent; new growth will emerge from roots. This verbena forms a shrubby mound up to 24 inches tall and 48 inches wide. Plants are suitable for xeriscape designs and are hardy in zones 7 to 9.

'Imagination' Verbena

'Imagination' is loved for its bright, fuchsia to violet flowers that bloom profusely from May to frost. The drought- and heat-tolerant moss verbena (Verbena tenuisecta) grows to 12 inches tall with a 20-inch spread. 

Verbena Superbena 'Violet Ice'

This new verbena grows vigorously and shows good tolerance to heat and mildew. The bright violet blooms of 'Violet Ice' are one of the trendy colors for 2014.

Lemon Verbena

Lemon verbena (Aloysia citriodora or Aloysia triphylla) has leaves with a strong citrus scent that can be used for herbal teas, potpourri and recipes. Since its not hardy, try growing lemon verbena in a container for overwintering indoors. 

'Peaches and Cream' Verbena

'Peaches & Cream' is a hybrid verbena with delightful clusters of  pink to orange blossoms that fade to a pale peach as the blooms mature.

'Homestead Purple' Verbena

'Homestead Purple' (Verbena canadensis) is able to withstand cooler temperatures than other types of verbena; with proper care it can be treated as a perennial in zones 6 - 10. The plant forms a clump that grows to 12 inches in height with a 24- to 36-inch spread and shows off vibrant purple flowers from May until frost.

'Novalis' Verbena

'Novalis' features scarlet flowers with a white eye that bloom throughout the summer.

'Taylortown Red' Verbena

'Taylortown Red' verbena (also Verbena 'L. Archer') offers up clusters of big, fragrant, red blooms from late spring through summer. Try growing it as a colorful groundcover or add it to your summer containers. 

Goodding’s Verbena (Glandularia gooddingii)

Butterflies can’t resist the lavender flowers that blanket Goodding’s verbena in spring. Blossoms continue to open sporadically through autumn. Plants tend to be short-lived, but self-sow readily. Use this wildflower in xeriscape plantings or to weave color into cactus gardens. Goodding’s verbena grows 6 to 12 inches tall and 12 to 24 inches wide. Plants are hardy in zones 9 to 11.

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