9 Beautiful Begonias

Begonias are nearly foolproof annuals that don't require a lot of maintenance to thrive.
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Photo By: Image courtesy of Longfield Gardens

'John Smith'

'John Smith' features delicate peach ruffled blooms and a rose-like scent with a hint of citrus.


'Tahiti' is an exclusive begonia. It features a beautiful tropical salmon-orange color and would look great in any container or use them as borders in your garden. 

'Party Dress'

'Party Dress' is a beautiful bright yellow color in the center, then gently fades into a light cream color. It is then trimmed with bright orange on each petal. An excellent addition to any garden. 


'Midas' features double, pale, golden-yellow flowers with broad petals. 


'Lancelot' features a pure white, perfect rose shaped flower. It has a long blooming season that lasts from June to October. 


'Olivia' features delicate peachy pink petals. This particular begonia is extremely vigorous and floriferous. 


'Sceptre' grows on an evergreen and deciduous shrub which is known for its ornamental foliage and colorful flowers. This specimen features bright orange frilled petals. 


'Venus' features a lovely shade of blush pink and peony-shaped flowers. 

Begonia Upright Double 'Non Stop Apricot'

Begonias, like this Begonia Upright Double 'Non Stop Apricot' are annuals or tender perennials that come in a striking array of colors and varieties.

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