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Make This Easy DIY Vegetable Spray Jul 21, 2017

Eliminate bacteria, pests and pesticides from your summertime harvest with these simple, inexpensive formulas.

Grow Your Own Salad Garden Feb 17, 2016

Learn how to grow crisp greens and veggies for homemade salads.

Growing Winter Vegetables Mar 23, 2018

Save money and grow food even when it's cold outside by growing your own fresh crop of winter veggies.

Ornamental Edibles: Winter Veggies Pack a Pretty Punch Mar 23, 2018

The great thing about winter veggies is the wide variety of texture they offer.

Vegetables You Can Grow in Two Months or Less 13 Photos

There are times when you need a crop to run it’s course in a rather short time frame in order to keep the garden productive. Consider this list of fast growing vegetables.

How to Plant, Hill and Harvest Potatoes Jan 8, 2018

Tickle your taste-buds with homegrown taters. You'll savor a heaping harvest with these easy tips for success.

15 Veggie Rock Stars 15 Photos

Discover the most popular vegetable and herb varieties to grow with the experts at HGTV Gardens.

7 Plants You Can Start From Kitchen Scraps Jun 9, 2017

Growing garden vegetables is just a dinner or lunch away.

Getting the Most Out of Vegetable Gardens Mar 23, 2018

These tips will teach you how to reap bigger, better and more plentiful produce.

Small-Space Vegetable Gardens Feb 22, 2016

Make room on your fire escape or pot up some tomato plants—you can grow delicious fruits and veggies even if you don't have much space.

Storing Pumpkins Oct 24, 2016

Grow your own pumpkins, and you’re raising food you can store for up to three months. Learn tips for curing and storing pumpkins.

Pumpkin Growing Tips Jul 6, 2018

Follow our easy-grows-it tips to take the guesswork out of growing everyone’s fall favorite: pumpkins.

Planting Pumpkin Seeds Mar 23, 2018

Learn how to plant pumpkin seeds with our expert advice—and you can grow your own pumpkins for pennies a pound.

How to Grow Large Pumpkins Oct 24, 2016

Learn how to grow big pumpkins to carve a homegrown jack-o’lantern or stage your own autumn harvest display.

Growing Pumpkins in Containers Mar 23, 2018

Raise a crop of pumpkins on a deck or patio—with no garden bed in sight. Learn how to grow pumpkins in pots no matter where you live.

Growing Pumpkins Mar 21, 2018

These autumn favorites are one of gardening’s most fun plants to grow—and they’re really a cinch. Set your sights on growing a bumper crop of pumpkins.

Growing Giant Pumpkins Mar 21, 2018

Harvest tons of fun by growing giant pumpkins in your own backyard. Learn secrets to success from our garden experts.

Flower Fail: Blossoms Aren’t Pretty When Zucchini Won’t Fruit Mar 21, 2018

Having trouble growing zucchini in your garden? Here's one possible reason why you're getting a small yield of this popular summer squash.

Planning Your Veggie Garden: Design Your Plot Feb 19, 2018

Use square foot gardening and other techniques to design your veggie plot.

Which Tomatoes to Grow on My Patio? Apr 2, 2018

Any tomato variety regardless of size can be grown in a container.

When Is Garlic Ready to Harvest? Feb 2, 2016

Learn what signs to look for to harvest garlic at the right time.

Where Do Pumpkins Grow? Apr 2, 2018

Transform your yard into a pumpkin paradise. Get started by learning what kind of soil pumpkins like to sink their roots into.

When to Plant Pumpkins Jul 6, 2018

Get the scoop on when to plant pumpkins in your garden. The right timing depends on where you live and what kind of pumpkins you’re growing.

When to Harvest Pumpkins Oct 24, 2016

Learn the secrets to harvesting pumpkins so they’ll stage a strong holiday display—and last long enough to fill a pie, too.

13 of the Healthiest Vegetables to Grow in Your Garden 13 Photos

These 13 fruits and vegetables you can grow in your backyard vegetable garden are some of the healthiest vegetables around

12 Must-Have Vegetable Varieties 12 Photos

Discover 15 great plant varieties for your vegetable garden with the HGTV Gardens experts.

Vegetables You Can Plant for a Fall Harvest Jun 2, 2017

Savvy gardeners know a thriving fall garden starts in summer. Start planting these cool-weather favorites now.

8 Cold-Hardy Winter Vegetables 8 Photos

From Brussels sprouts to kale, see which crops you can grow when the temperatures drop with HGTV Gardens' top picks for winter veggies.

Planting Fall Peas Mar 23, 2018

Cultivate a fall crop of peas with these helpful suggestions.

Tomato Cages 411 Mar 31, 2016

Learn how to select and use the proper cage for your tomatoes and keep your plants producing all summer.