Tomato Varieties for the Northeast

Gardeners in New England and the Mid-Atlantic should find success with these tomatoes.

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'Defiant' Tomato

'Defiant' was a new tomato hybrid for 2011. Like its name, 'Defiant' is truly defiant of several different tomato viruses. It is highly resistant to late blight and moderately resistant to early blight. It is a medium-sized slicing tomato that is deep red and is carried on determinate plants. 

'Early Girl' Tomato

Bearing fruit 50 days after planting makes 'Early Girl' a favorite hybrid tomato for those racing to get their fruit first. It's also an indeterminate variety so 'Early Girl' will continue to produce fruit throughout the growing season.

Tomato 'Juliet'

Sweet, meaty 'Juliet' tomatoes are ready to harvest in about 60 days. These grape-shaped fruits resist cracking and are a great choice for gardeners whose growing seasons are short or whose climates are cool.

'Genuwine' Heirloom Marriage Tomato

'Genuwine' hybrids boast meaty fruits that develop in as little as 70 days, more than a week earlier than 'Brandywine' tomatoes. 

'Pilcer Vesy' Tomatoes

A productive plant that yields plenty of large, lemon-yellow tomatoes with thick, tasty flesh these 'Pilcer Vesy' beauties are originally from Russia and are sure to become a favorite here.

'Black Prince' Tomato

Coming to your garden all the way from Siberia, this hardy tomato will set fruit in cool climates. 'Black Prince' is a vigorous grower, producing small, dark red fruits starting as early as 70 days. 

'Black from Tula' Tomato

A slightly salty, smoky flavor distinguishes this Russian heirloom from Tula, an industrial city south of Moscow. The fruits vary from dark brownish-purple to purple-black and can weigh up to 14 ounces. 'Black from Tula' tomatoes ripen mid-season on indeterminate vines and are good sliced or canned.

'Jaune Flamme' Tomato

This French heirloom’s name means “yellow flame.” The apricot-colored fruits have a sweet flavor with a hint of tartness and are ready to harvest early in the season. Tomatoes hang in clusters on indeterminate vines; each fruit weighs about 3 to 4 ounces.

'Celebrity' Tomato

A 1984 All-America Selections winner, 'Celebrity' tomatoes are famous for their disease-resistance and ability to produce under various weather conditions. Determinate plants produce large, bright red fruits in 70 days.

'Purple Bumble Bee' Tomato

'Purple Bumble Bee' features bite-sized cherry tomatoes that are a vibrant red with green and purple striping. Don't be fooled by their appearance: These toms are tough, able to withstand extreme weather conditions and the fruits resist cracking. 'Purple Bumble Bee' starts bearing in 60 to 70 days and continues to bear fruit over the growing season.

'Momotaro' Tomato

Also called 'Tough Boy', 'Momotaro' tomatoes are a hybrid variety popular in Japan for their pink color and sweet taste. The 8-ounce fruits mature in just 75 days, produce continuously over the growing season and are disease-resistant.

'Silvery Fir Tree' Tomato

This Russian heirloom is a heavy producer with striking silver foliage. 'Silvery Fir Tree' starts bearing 2- to 3-inch, red fruits in just 58 days. The plants are compact, reaching 3 feet in height, and can be grown in large containers.

'Perfect Flame' Heirloom Marriage Tomato

'Perfect Flame', a 'Peron' and 'Flamme' hybrid, produces medium-sized, orange saladette tomatoes in 65 to 70 days. The plant can reach heights of 7 feet, so make sure to cage and stake for best results. 

'Orange Zinger' Tomato

'Orange Zinger' boasts more fruit than 'Sun Gold' while also being resistant to fusarium race 1 and tobacco mosaic virus. The bright orange cherry tomato matures in 60 days and has a balanced flavor.

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