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Tomato Varieties for the Northwest

If cool days and nights are putting a damper on your tomato crop, reach for these varieties that grow well in the Northwest. 
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'Indigo Rose' Tomato

Hailing from Oregon, 'Indigo Rose' features medium-sized, unusual purple fruits with a rosy red inner flesh—they have an acidic bite. The semi-determinate plants start producing in 75 to 80 days. Make sure to let the fruits fully ripen on the vine; watch for the flesh to turn from a shiny purple to a duller, brown-purple and for the bottom of the fruits to change from green to red.

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'Early Girl' Tomato

'Early Girl' is one of the first tomatoes to ripen, producing medium-sized slicers in as little as 50 days.

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Tomato 'Sungold'

A premier variety of cherry tomatoes, 'Sungold' ripens to a golden orange with a very sweet flavor. This tomato is popular in all climates, as it produces in warm and cold conditions. Fruit matures quickly and crops heavily throughout the summer.

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'Black Cherry' Tomato

'Black Cherry' is a cherry tomato with a rich flavor. These are a round, true cherry type with fruits that are 1 1/2 inches in diameter and make great garden snacks. 'Black Cherry' matures in 65 to 70 days on large, bushy plants that grow up to 8 feet tall.

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