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From Shelf Organizers to Food Labels, Maximize Freezer Space With These Clever Buys Under $40 Feb 6, 2020

Stock these must-haves in your freezers to keep you and your family organized and motivated to meal prep.

3 Ways to Store and Preserve Fresh-Picked Carrots Feb 5, 2020

Enjoy the flavor of garden-fresh carrots all year long by learning how to freeze, pressure cook and store them properly.

How Do You Know When Carrots Are Ready to Harvest? Feb 5, 2020

Size, color and timing are all factors that determine when to pick your garden carrots.

Creative Genius: Jan Berry Sep 18, 2018

Get to know the best-selling author and master soap maker whose all-natural body care projects power the popular blog, The Nerdy F …

Creative Genius: Tanya Anderson Sep 18, 2018

When she's not giving soapmaking lessons, this beauty and garden vlogger is tending her garden and caring for honeybees from her h …

3 Summer-Ripe Freezer Jam Recipes Sep 18, 2018

Capture the season's freshest flavors in these delicious, no-cook jams.

How to Make Watermelon Refrigerator Pickles Dec 11, 2019

Don't toss those watermelon rinds! Turn them into a tasty summer snack with a little help from your fridge.

Why You Should Grow Paste Tomatoes Sep 14, 2018

Meet the tomato that’s a natural for sauces, roasting, drying and a host of other yummy uses.

How to Make Homemade Pectin This Canning Season Sep 18, 2018

Try a DIY pectin for your homegrown jams and jellies.

I Really Just Want to See More Pictures of Jennifer Garner’s Kale Sep 17, 2018

Jen grows vegetables, raises chickens and keeps bees, all while championing access to healthy food for kids. So basically, she’s m …

Year-Round Gardener and Creative Genius: Niki Jabbour Sep 18, 2018

See how this seasoned gardener grows fresh produce all year long.

August Produce to Eat Now Feb 5, 2020

These fruits and veggies are in season right now!

8 Legit Ways to Reuse Pickle Juice Sep 17, 2018

With these staff-tested ideas for reusing pickle juice, homegrown goodness takes on a new life.

Freezing Produce 101: How to Preserve Your Summer Bounty Sep 16, 2018

Don't let your garden harvest go to waste; learn how to prevent spoilage and maintain freshness by freezing your fruits and veggie …

How to Store Fresh Raspberries Feb 5, 2020

Follow these tips to help keep raspberries in tip-top shape.

11 Fruits and Veggies You Can Freeze for Later Sep 17, 2018

Whether your garden produced a bountiful harvest or you scored a great deal at the farmer’s market, don’t let any of that good foo …

Dig In: Plant a Pizza Garden Sep 14, 2018

Create delicious homemade pizzas with fresh-grown herbs and tomatoes from your garden.

A Farm-Centric Convenience Store Sep 18, 2018

Boxcar Grocer is a corner store with a difference, offering healthy choices sourced from urban farmers.

Grow a Kitchen Herb Garden Sep 14, 2018

Herb gardens make an easy, tasty addition to your winter kitchen.

How to Preserve Your Garden Herbs Sep 14, 2018

Follow these simple steps for making your herb garden last.

Garden to Table: Kale Sep 18, 2018

Loaded with nutrients, including beta carotene and vitamin C, kale is good…and good for you.

6 Unusual Garden Herbs Sep 14, 2018

Think outside the seed packet with these unique herb options.

How to Freeze Green Beans Sep 17, 2018

Easy steps for preserving your harvest.

How to Grow a Cocktail Garden Sep 14, 2018

"The Drunken Botanist" shares secrets for a garden full of cocktail-ready ingredients.

Canning Tomatoes: Putting Up the Harvest Sep 17, 2018

Breakfast through dinner. Hot or cold. The tomato is always welcome.

How to Can Spaghetti Sauce Sep 17, 2018

Modern tomatoes have changed the rules for safe canning.

Make Beet Hot Sauce Sep 14, 2018

Get to the root of this spicy seasoning with this recipe for a novel twist on hot sauce.

Wedding Cake Recipes From the Garden Sep 14, 2018

Go from the garden to the cake table with these reception-ready recipes.

Tacos al Pastor Recipe Sep 14, 2018

Celeb chef Kevin Gillespie celebrates the pig in his cookbook Pure Pork Awesomeness and in this recipe for garden-graced tacos.

Small Batch Preserving Tips Sep 18, 2018

Blogger, canning expert and author Marisa McClellan offers pointers for preserving in small batches.