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Tomato Varieties for the Midwest

Midwestern gardeners will have luck with these easy-growing tomatoes.
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'Yellow Pear' Tomato

Once 'Yellow Pear' starts bearing, it doesn’t stop until frost. The cherry-type tomatoes mature in 75 days.

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'Jet Star' Tomato

If you like your tomatoes on the sweet side, plant 'Jet Star', one of the earliest hybrids available. This tomato has tremendous disease resistance, so it's a great indeterminate variety.

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'Celebrity' Tomato

A 1984 All-America Selections winner, 'Celebrity' tomatoes are famous for their disease-resistance and ability to produce under various weather conditions. Determinate plants produce large, bright red fruits in 70 days.

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Halladay's 'Mortgage Lifter'

Many gardeners claim to grow the legendary ‘Mortgage Lifter’. According to the story, the plants were so popular, the original grower sold enough of them to pay off the mortgage on his family farm. This heirloom hails from the James Halladay family in Kentucky, where it’s been grown since the 1930s. The pink beefsteak fruits are meaty and rich in old-fashioned tomato taste.

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