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15 Best Fresh Tomato Recipes

Have more tomatoes than you know what to do with? Try one of these fresh tomato recipes to make use of your homegrown harvest this growing season.

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Photo: Bonnie Plants/National Garden Bureau

Too Many Tomatoes? Lucky You!

Tomatoes can be boom or bust to gardeners. Some years your garden overflows with a bumper crop. And other years, it is simply famine, no feast. But if you are one of the lucky ones to have a banner year this year of gorgeous, succulent homemade tomatoes, good on you. Now the only thing to do is figure out how to use up all of that garden goodness.

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Photo: Mick Telkamp

Try a Homemade Tomato Paste

One route to try to improve all of your tomato-based recipes is to make a delicious fresh tomato paste from your abundance of tomatoes. Add flavor, color and thickness to recipes with this homemade tomato paste recipe.

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Sublime Tomato Sandwiches

Sure, it seems straightforward. But if you've never had a sandwich on really good bread with a warm tomato picked fresh from the garden and a generous dollop of mayonnaise, then you haven't yet experienced tomato perfection. These simple sandwiches will keep guests coming back for more.

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Tomato Pie, a Southern Classic

Another classic combo of tomatoes and mayo, the Southern staple tomato pie makes great use of tomatoes and basil straight from your garden. Want to try one of the most beloved tomato pie recipes on the internet? Head over to our sister site Food Network for an all-time classic tomato pie recipe.

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