Grow One-Pot Salsa

All you need is one container to grow the ingredients for a delicious roasted salsa.
Garden and Lifestyle Blogger Valerie Rice

Garden and Lifestyle Blogger Valerie Rice

Lifestyle and garden blogger Valerie Rice offers tips on how to grow all the ingredients for salsa in one pot.

Photo by: Image courtesy of Evan Janke

Image courtesy of Evan Janke

Lifestyle and garden blogger Valerie Rice offers tips on how to grow all the ingredients for salsa in one pot.

Looking for an easy, satisfying weekend project that drives home the pleasure of gardening for your children?

How about growing a salsa recipe in one pot?

Lifestyle and garden blogger Valerie Rice has an inventive way to grow the elements for this favorite American dip and some simple instructions that will allow you to knock this project out in no time.

To Grow

What you’ll need

  • 10-gallon pot
  • Potting soil (organic potting soil works well)
  • Jalapeno seedings
  • Roma tomato seedlings 
  • Cilantro seedlings
  • Water and plenty of sun

To start

Plant your pot in its final location (right outside your kitchen, hopefully!). Potted plants do best when they get at least six hours of sun each day.

Fill in the bottom of the pot with rocks. Position one rock over the drainage hole to keep the water from draining out.

Next, fill your pot with soil, up to about 8 inches from the top, and give the soil a good watering.

Now it’s time to add your seeds:

  • Jalapenos: depending on the size of your pot, plant one or two. They will get big as the summer goes on!
  • Tomatoes: Next to the jalapenos, plant easy growing Roma tomatoes. These will make a great base for your salsa. Tip: You can make a simple trellis for your tomatoes with bamboo or branches from your yard tied with twine.
  • Cilantro: plant them near the outer rim of the pot. As they grow they will cascade down the side and look beautiful.

Now, pack in more soil all around your plants, until it’s about one inch from the top. Give your pot a good watering to start it off, and then water once a week. You’ll have a gorgeous salsa garden in about 6 weeks! 

One-Pot Salsa

One-Pot Salsa

Ingredients for this delicious roasted salsa can all be grown in one container.

Photo by: Image courtesy of Valerie Rice

Image courtesy of Valerie Rice

To Make

Val’s Roasted Garden Salsa


  • 4 tomatoes, Roma or plum
  • 2 jalapeños
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • Fresh cilantro, chopped

First, roast your tomatoes and jalapeños. You can do this either on a gas stove or broil on a sheet pan in the oven. It should take about five minutes turning periodically so you ensure even blistering of the skins. 

Cool on a plate until you can handle with your hands. Under cool water peel the jalapeños, discarding the stem and seeds. Give it a rough chop.

Peel the tomatoes (the skin should come right off) and give the tomatoes a rough chop, too. Mix together in a bowl and mash with a fork. Add salt, and to finish, stir in chopped fresh cilantro to taste. Serve.

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