9 Ways to Preserve Tomatoes

From canning to drying to freezing, find out some easy methods for preserving tomatoes.

May 08, 2020

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The Versatile Tomato

A uniquely adaptable fruit every home gardener should try growing — whether in a raised bed or in a pot on a balcony — the tomato also lends itself to a variety of preservation methods.

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Tomato Paste

Add flavor, color and thickness to recipes using homemade tomato paste.

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Can Them!

Follow these easy steps to learn how to can your tomato haul.

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Make Tomato Chips

These crispy little tomato chips are packed with tomato flavor and can be easily made at home.

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Homemade Ketchup Recipe

The perennially popular American condiment, ketchup can be made at home and is a great way to capture fresh tomato flavor for the long term.

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Sun-Dried Tomatoes

Before canning changed the face of food preservation, the most common method for preparing tomatoes to be stored for the winter was dehydration.

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Pickled Green Tomatoes Recipe

Pickled green tomatoes are a classic Southern way to preserve the harvest.

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Make Homemade Chow Chow

Late season green tomatoes are the primary ingredient in this sweet and spicy Southern condiment you can preserve now to enjoy with barbecue sandwiches, beans, in tuna salad, fish cakes and hamburgers.

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Can Homemade Salsa

Cook up and preserve some delectable homemade salsa with ingredients straight from your garden.

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Freezing Tomatoes

One of the most straightforward ways to preserve tomatoes is freezing.

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