10 Quick Tips for a Picture-Perfect Pantry

Who said organizing had to be ugly?

A few days ago, fellow blogger Molly told me I had to check out Khloe Kardashian's meticulously organized pantry. Turns out, Khloe is obsessed with food organizing. She even expertly arranges her cookie jars! And of course, like all things Kardashian, her pantry is flawless. I've been harboring some serious organizing envy ever since.

So, in an attempt to add a touch of Khloe-inspired fabulousness to my messy pantry, I've rounded up some of HGTV.com's best and prettiest pantry tips. If you need me this weekend, I'll be pouring my baking ingredients into glass jars.

Keep the Good Stuff in Reach



Photo by: Krause, Johansen

Krause, Johansen

Store foods you use most often at eye level, reserving the top and bottom shelves for bulk buys, specialty appliances and seasonal items.

Keep a Clear View

Clear Bins Keep Items Visible in Pantry

Clear Bins Keep Items Visible in Pantry

Have high pantry shelves or just crave a more organized appearance for your foodstuffs? These Linus Pantry Binz from The Container Store do the trick. Translucent containers with built-in handles neatly store everything from packaged goods to produce.

Photo by: The Container Store

The Container Store

Pretty and practical, clear storage containers are a chic way to keep frequently-used ingredients organized and visible.

Put a Label On It

Pantry Shelf Labels

Pantry Shelf Labels

Designate a specific spot for the items you buy most so there’s no question where things go when it’s time to unload your grocery haul. Ikea’s Ivar labels slip right onto the front of shelves.

Photo by: Ikea


Keep your pantry organized for the long haul with labeled "parking spots" for staple food items.

Ditch the Packaging

Organized Pantry Containers

Organized Pantry Containers

The Neat Method pros can’t get enough of OXO containers. “They help you use the full height of your shelf, ensure food stays fresh, and did we mention they’re dishwasher safe?!” To track expiration dates, apply stickers to the bottoms.

Photo by: Michelle Drewes, MichelleDrewes.com

Michelle Drewes, MichelleDrewes.com

Save space and give your pantry a chic, uniform look by transferring foods like flour, cereal and hand-held snacks from their bulky cardboard packaging into clear jars or bins.

Add a Fun Backsplash

Labeled Containers in Organized Pantry

Labeled Containers in Organized Pantry

Buying dry goods in bulk saves money, and storing dry goods in matching containers saves space. Adding labels lets everyone in the family know what’s inside.

Photo by: Melissa George, Polished Habitat

Melissa George, Polished Habitat

Organization blogger Melissa George gave her plain pantry a super-chic update by adding a pretty tiled backsplash between the shelves. No budget for tile? Get the look at a fraction of the cost with wallpaper, wall decals or pops of bright paint color.

Don't Forget the Door

Photo by: Jennie Andrews

Jennie Andrews

When working with a small pantry, one of the best (though often overlooked) storage spots is the back of the door. Use hooks to hang pots, pans and aprons. Or try a clear shoe organizer to store snacks, baking materials, plastic cutlery and more. 

Let Your Wine Shine

Protect that precious vino and put your crafting skills to good use with a pretty, DIY wine holder.

More Creative Wine Storage Ideas

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Glam Up Storage Gear

Gold and White Bins in Organized Pantry

Gold and White Bins in Organized Pantry

Spray paint made for plastic can give dollar store bins a more expensive metal look. Once the bins are dry, add labels for a perfectly organized pantry.

Photo by: Melissa George, Polished Habitat

Melissa George, Polished Habitat

For overflow storage or items you don't use everyday, opt for stylish, roomy storage containers like these pretty gold and white bins.

Get Inspired: 10 Oh-So-Chic Organizers

Get Spices Off the Shelves

Spice Storage Rail on Pantry Door

Spice Storage Rail on Pantry Door

Do you buy your spices in bulk? You might prefer hanging them for a whimsical display. Repurpose a small window treatment rod or use this Fintorp IKEA rail and Syrlig curtain clips to get the job done. Mount on the back of a pantry door to keep spices cool and dry.

Photo by: IKEA


Feeling overwhelmed by an unmanageable stock of spice jars? Get them off the shelves and in your hands faster with a vertical spice organizer like this pretty repurposed curtain rod system. But first, check any suspiciously old jars for freshness and toss if they're past their prime.

More Creative Ways to Store Spices

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Organize by Size



©Image courtesy of transFORM

Image courtesy of transFORM

Keep all your ingredients in sight by placing shorter jars and bags toward the front of the shelf and taller ones toward the back.

Hack Your Snacks

Wall-Mounted Storage in Pantry

Wall-Mounted Storage in Pantry

A narrow strip of wall space is the ideal spot for single-serving bags. To create her custom holder, Christy at 11 Magnolia Lane glued curtain hooks (minus the rings) to a strip of painted wood.

Photo by: 11 Magnolia Lane, 11MagnoliaLane.com

11 Magnolia Lane, 11MagnoliaLane.com

Are chip bags cluttering your shelves? Put your pantry walls to work with a DIY bag holder made from a strip of wood and curtain hooks (minus the rings, of course).

Make This: DIY Chip Rack

15 More Small Space Pantry Solutions

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