10 Affordable Gadgets For People Who Hate to Clean

These are the brilliant and useful gadgets that might actually make you enjoy cleaning.

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February 19, 2020

Some people genuinely love to grab a sponge and scrub their house from top to bottom — and then, there are the rest of us. If cleaning isn't on your "favorite things" list (welcome to the club), then keep reading — these are the must-have cleaning gadgets for anyone who hates to clean. From sonic brushes that make cleaning grout a breeze to a high-tech way to keep your phone free of germs, these easy-to-use gadgets will help make all the pesky upkeep your home requires way more bearable.


The oscillating head on this Rubbermaid scrub brush moves at 60 times per second — meaning it does all the scrubbing for you at a faster rate you can do it yourself. Use this handy gadget around faucets and the hard-to-reach places of your sink, stove or other fixtures, to deep-clean the grout that’s turned rusty, and even to spot clean golf clubs. You can throw the brush attachment in the dishwasher, and it has hundreds of five-star reviews on Amazon. One writes: “It was amazing. It got gunk and grime off the grout that has been there for years.”

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This tool is like a lint brush with superpowers. If you have a pet who sheds, you will love this magical, self-cleaning FurLifter Brush that cleans fur off your sofas, chairs, rugs and bedding. It also works on hard-to-vacuum places like pet beds and curtains, and the base easily removes fur and makes it simple to store anywhere.

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Nobody likes to clean the microwave, but now it can be done in seven minutes flat. Just fill this angry little mama with water and vinegar and place in the microwave. The steam produced will loosen up all the gunk and grime — and afterwards, just wipe with a towel. No scrubbing required. You can even use lemon juice for a pleasant smell, and it has hundreds of five-star reviews. One reviewer wrote: “This gadget is a game changer! It takes out the funky odors that I never could get out from regular cleaning.”

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This blinds cleaner makes a dreaded task much simpler. The dual-ended brush tackles every part of your windows: the microfiber fingers easily get the dust between your blinds, and they can be removed and thrown in the wash to be used again and again. The brush on the other side cleans the grooves at the base of your window, where grime always seems to linger.

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This much larger electric brush comes with three large, interchangeable brush heads to tackle any job: the flat one cleans larger surface areas like floors and windows, the rounded head works for toilets and sinks, and the pointed head easily fits into every corner. The extension arm goes from 25 to 42 inches, meaning you can easily reach the top of your shower, and it works for one full hour before it needs to be recharged. Best of all: it’s lightweight, quiet, and cordless, so you can use it in every room of your house with ease.

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This battery-powered vacuum cleaner is great for all those little annoyances: it works on countertops, computer keyboards, and pretty much any surface that gathers unwanted dust and crumbs over time. It can pick up anything as large as an apple seed, and even works on paper scraps. Choose from a few colors, and it’s also incredibly lightweight and surprisingly quiet — and can be used in the car.

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The UV-C sterilizer in this phone sanitizer gets rid of 99.9% of germs that linger on your phone — the ones that you end up bringing into your house. It works in only six minutes, fits phones up to 7 inches, and connects by USB charger so you can use it anywhere. Best of all, it doubles as an essential oil diffuser. This comes with the charging cables and an additional cleaning cloth. One reviewer wrote: “Awesome especially during cold and flu season when you know you have been exposed.”

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If you hate to mop, you’ll know why the features of this O-Cedar mop are so amazing: the bucket has a foot pedal and built-in wringer make for incredibly easy, hand-free wringing, and it also contains a splash guard. The mop itself is a unique triangle shape, which means you can get into corners, it easily rotates 360-degrees, and the microfiber absorbs anything and everything. It works on any surface, and reviewers rave about how simple it is to use.

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These BPA-free silicone gloves are better than average — what makes them stand out is the dense bristles on the palms, which you can use to clean anything from dishes to your car to your bathroom. The material doesn’t hold onto bacteria and won’t get that mildew smell over time, and they even have a hanging hole so you can hang them to dry anywhere. They’ll create a rich lather with ease, and are safe to put into the dishwasher for cleaning because they’re heat-resistant. Another fun use: they come in handy when it’s time to clean your pets.

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Clean your tablets, phones, and television screens with this brilliant iRoller — and also save money over time, since you’ll no longer need to use those sprays and wet wipes to get your electronics streak-free and pristine. Just apply a tiny bit of pressure and roll it right over, no liquid required. Best of all, you can clean it with a little warm water and dish soap, let it air dry, and it will be effective for years.

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