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15 Easy Ways to Decorate a Camper or RV

Your camper's looks may be stuck in yesteryear, but what's stopping you from giving its form and function an update? These easy-to-do camper decorating ideas will make life on the road more beautiful than ever before.

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Photo: Stacy Keck

Give Your Camper Some Style

It's time to hit the open road ... in style. Before you take your camper or RV to the mountains, the beach or wherever else you may roam, take some time to spruce it up with our favorite easy ways to decorate campers and RVs.

From tips for brightening your camper's interior to storage tricks you're going to wish you'd tried long ago, we've got 15 genius decorating tips for upgrading your camper's style and functionality.

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Photo: Sarah Lemp

Choose a Color Scheme

Whether you opted for a vintage camper or a modern RV, nearly every interior could use some visual love. To start, choose a color scheme that makes your camper's interior feel clean, cozy and oh-so-inviting. Paint the walls, paint or replace the cabinets, cover cushions with fabric you love and hang color-coordinated curtains to overhaul the interior.

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Photo: Jennie Andrews / PopFizz

Incorporate Pops of Color

If you prefer to leave your camper's interior white, as many do, you can still incorporate pops of color to liven up the space. Vibrant rugs, colorful throws and patterned pillows are an excellent, low-commitment place to start.

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Photo: Melanie Raver

Hang Up Some Wall Art

To decorate your house, you hang family pictures, personality-filled posters and beautiful paintings, so why should you treat your camper any differently? Your travel trailer's bare walls are a perfect canvas to express your personality with artwork you love.

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