30 Best Refrigerator Organizers of 2024

Help your fridge shine from top to bottom this year with these space-saving bins and containers.

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January 10, 2024

After back-to-back holiday feasts and leftovers aplenty, your refrigerator could probably use its own New Year's reset. It's time to clear out the to-go cartons, toss the wilted produce, check the expiration dates on the condiments and give those shelves a good wipe down (and maybe another for good measure). And if you really want to go the extra mile and help your fridge shine this year? Then it's time to introduce some organizers.

But not just any old bin will do! Keep scrolling to see the best refrigerator organizers for produce, beverages, eggs, condiments, leftovers and more in 2024, and find out what features set them apart.

What to Consider When Shopping for Refrigerator Organizers

STYLE: In our experience, the best refrigerator organizers are clear plastic bins and containers. They allow you to see contents with a quick glance, provide structure without visual clutter and are incredibly easy to wipe down. Plus, they're pretty much guaranteed to match each other, so you can buy your organizers from different brands and still enjoy a clean and cohesive aesthetic.

STACKABILITY: If you really want to maximize the space in your fridge, then you need to look for organizers that can stack on top of each other. Most open-top bins have special grooves that allow them to sit and slide out from under each other by default, but containers with lids work even better.

DEPTH: Refrigerator organizers come in all shapes and sizes, so you can really customize and arrange items to your liking. That said, we've found that shallow bins are better suited for grab-and-go products (like yogurt cups and juice boxes), whereas deeper bins are much better at corralling rolling fruits and veggies.

DIVIDERS & LINERS: As you shop around, you'll notice that some fridge organizers have built-in dividers and liners, which are major perks in our book. Dividers are nice because they allow you to further categorize your food (for example, you could have a single snack bin with grapes on one side and cheese sticks on the other), while liners can help catch debris and prevent condiment bottles from tipping over.

Best Refrigerator Organizers Starter Set

$28.78 $18.99
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You'll be well on your way to an organized fridge with this starter set of clear plastic bins. Each piece is made from BPA-free material, has a deep design to hold everything from tall drink bottles to fruits and vegetables, and built-in handles. You can also shop the bins in different quantities and sizes.

Best Refrigerator Organizers for Produce


Rolling fruits and veggies are easy to manage and even easier to access with this divided bin from Brightroom. The high walls keep items tucked in and help control airflow, so your produce lasts a little longer. Plus, the grooves allow you to stack multiple bins on top of each other to really maximize your vertical space.

Best Refrigerator Organizers for Drinks


No matter how many times you arrange them into neat rows, soda cans have a way of sliding out of place (and occasionally falling right out of the refrigerator). The solution? This clever soda can dispenser. The high walls and slightly raised front prevent cans from rolling away, while the open top allows you to grab a drink and refill as needed.

Best Refrigerator Organizers for Leftovers

$24.99 $19.98
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We couldn't possibly talk about the best refrigerator organizers without showing you our favorite tool for leftovers. With four adjustable dividers, the YouCopia FreezeUp Freezer Rack is actually perfect for silicone bags and glass containers alike. The dividers snap into place and lift the week's leftovers into one neat row.

Best Refrigerator Organizers for Eggs

$22.99 $11.38
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Whether you buy your eggs at the corner market or collect them fresh from the backyard, you'll want to store them in this extra-sturdy, space-saving carton. The tray can hold up to 21 eggs and includes a protective lid, so you can easily stack other items on top. Best of all? The individual compartments are suitable for small, medium, large and extra-large eggs.

Best Refrigerator Organizers for Condiments


You know what's better than digging through a crowd of condiments and inevitably knocking bottles over? Putting everything on a smooth-gliding lazy Susan. We love this condiment caddy from Brightroom (and so will you) because it has high-side walls to keep everything in, compartments to separate salad dressings from sauces and a non-slip bottom.

Best Refrigerator Organizers for Yogurt


Dairy products have a way of cluttering the fridge, don't they? Straighten things up and slip items out as needed with the YouCopia RollOut Fridge Caddy. Adjustable dividers allow you to create the perfect fit for cartons, bottles, cheese containers and more, while spot-spinning wheels let you grab what you need without disturbing nearby ingredients.

Best Refrigerator Organizers for Cheese


Transform that unruly collection of cheese wedges, wheels, sticks, slices and more into something you can be proud of with the OXO Good Grips Fridge Undershelf Drawer. This visually pleasing bin clips right into place and becomes a catchall for your favorite accouterment. You also can't go wrong with hanging cheese slice holders or stackable wedge vaults.

Best Refrigerator Organizers for Baby Food

$28.99 $24.99
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Baby food comes in all shapes and sizes these days glass jars, plastic cartons, squeeze pouches, etc. Keep it all in one place and keep track of what's available for mealtime with this small three-compartment storage bin. Rumor has it that it works just as well for toddler snacks, sippy cups and even pump parts.

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