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March 22, 2022

Walking the aisles of The Container Store makes my organization-loving heart pitter-patter, but many times I leave empty-handed, feeling lost and overwhelmed with options. With so many wonderful baskets and bins available, it's hard to choose the right one for the job.

So, I reached out to the experts and picked their brains for suggestions on the best storage containers. Of course, each decluttering strategy is different, requiring unique tools, so I listed their picks by room so that you can find the exact product to fit your needs. Read on to see the top storage containers that professional organizers recommend.



Shira Gill, home organizing expert and author of the forthcoming book, Minimalista, calls these her "go-to bin[s] for pantry projects." Amanda Parise of The Simplify Style also loves using these in the kitchen. "I use these for back-stock items — items you buy in bulk or don't need to access daily," she says. Don't forget the bin clip labels to keep track of what's in each bin.

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"I use OXO containers for anything I can decant — cereal, baking, pasta, anything!", Parise says. "If there is a recipe on the bag or box you need, simply tape to the bottom and recycle the packaging."

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These cute little bins are very versatile. In fact, Holly Blakey of Breathing Room Organization and Style uses them in closets. Parise likes them in the pantry, though, "for food with a short shelf life, like open chips and bread." She recommends keeping them in a convenient spot for quick-grab.

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"I love clear and stackable bins for the refrigerator," Parise says. "It keeps your produce, yogurt, baby food, even condiments organized in a way that you easily see what you have on hand."

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Another jointly loved organizer, this open-weave metal basket provides visibility and beauty. "I think I've used these in every pantry I've ever organized. They are just so pretty and functional," Blakey says. Parise complies, saying the bin is "an easy way to elevate your pantry and making healthy choices is so much more fun with a pretty bin."

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Nope, this isn't a fridge bin. Parise uses these in pantries since they're easy to clean and arrange. "These are my go-to bins for deeper pantries ... [and I] love that you can place a vinyl label directly on the product. There are multiple dimensions to customize the layout to fit your needs," she says.

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For an industrial look, these metal organization baskets fit the bill. Designed by home organization company Neat Method, the Grid Basket is meant to offer style and function. "The long, narrow design allows every snack category its spot to shine at the edge of the snack shelf," says Lisa Ruff, director of business development for Neat Method. "The larger sizes work equally as well for containing pantry categories like baking, dinner prep or (our favorite) 'Sweet Treats'."

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A genius way to store awkward food wrap boxes, these multipurpose bins "are great for pantries and under the sink," according to Parise. "The small fits aluminum foil and snack bags perfectly."

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These customer-favorite totes are nearly indestructible, making them perfect for the garage. Parise recommends using them to store camping gear and sports equipment. Plastic storage containers are ideal for garages since they are stackable and durable.

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Stackable bins with wheels are a thing I didn't know I needed until now. "These bins are perfect for seasonal storage in your garage," says Parise. "The large sizes help store awkward and heavy items."

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"The garage is usually a dumping ground for clutter," states Eiesland. "When we organize garages, our biggest plan of attack is to get everything off of the floor and utilize wall space." She recommends this wall-mounted storage solution to instantly improve accessibility.

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"This is my favorite bin for memorabilia," Parise says. She prepares a bin for each family member so that it's ready to go when children move out. Since these heavy-duty totes are commercial grade, you can rest assured that sentimental items will remain in pristine condition.

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While visibility may be essential for storage in other parts of your home, Blakey likes to conceal rather than reveal in the garage. "Garages can easily look so cluttered and overwhelming, so I like to store items in bins that aren't see-through," she says. "I love these big white bins. It makes your garage look more tidy and uniform. Just make sure to add some good labels."

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Pro tip: Identical containers give closets and shelves a cohesive look. Gill recommends these which "are a perfect vessel for corralling seasonal accessories like scarves, hats and swimsuits." Organization baskets like these offer both style and function, two essential features for good storage.

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And if you want a more country-cottage look, these boxes feature classic ticking stripes for an elevated feel. Gill explains why she loves using these: "The hinged lid provides wide access, closes snug and keeps contents dust-free. Inside, a soft fabric lining is gentle on garments and throws. Easy-carry exterior handles make everything simple to grab and move."

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If you need to conceal items in plain sight, don't settle for generic plastic boxes. Pretty storage is essential in keeping with the overall design of your space. "These are beautiful for storing extra clutches, scarves, hats or seasonal items like swimsuits," says Blakey.

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One major mistake people make is buying storage containers that don't mesh with their lifestyle. Properly organized spaces should make it easier to keep things neat, not harder. "I love clear drop-front shoe boxes," Parise exclaims. "They remove the task of unstacking to get to the items you need. Shoes stay protected, and you're able to easily access them to remove and more importantly, put away."

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Ah, that wonderful oft-forgotten void under your bed. Some organizers love it, others hate it. I am firmly in the "love" camp, and Parise is, too. "Under-the-bed storage is a convenient way to store seasonal clothing or bedding if you lack closet space. The wheels on this bin make your items easily accessible when it's time to make the switch," Parise advises.

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Perhaps the biggest pain point for parents when it comes to organization is a child's room. While it may never be perfect, because, hello, real life, there are ways to mitigate the mess. Blakey, a mom of three, loves these whimsical canvas bins. "They are so well made, and really nice to look at which is a huge plus — especially in a playroom where all the toys can become an eyesore."

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For tucked-away storage, Parise relies on these classic stacking bins for a uniform look. "[They] stack nicely and look really clean throughout the house. I use these often in craft rooms and playrooms."

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Who knew so many cute kid-friendly storage solutions existed? This sleek modern toy box will look just as good in a shared living space as in a playroom, which is exactly why Parise loves it. "The toys tend to spill over, so it's worth investing in a piece that makes the evening reset a breeze," Parise aptly notes.

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Your kid may never be a stellar picker-upper, but you can try to instill good habits by making it easier for them with age-appropriate storage solutions. "Clear lidded boxes are our go-to in kids' spaces," says Ryan Eiesland of The Home Sort. "We love how they stack, and because they're clear, your kiddos can see what's in them (and hopefully put their toys back correctly, too)."

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In kids' spaces, durability and safety is everything. Stick with soft, lightweight bins like this one. "Our Eyelash Bin has just the right amount of whimsy to fit in any playroom aesthetic while still being incredibly functional," says Ruff. "We also love that kids can drag it anywhere without fear of damaging flooring (or themselves) due to its soft but sturdy construction."

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Can we just have a moment of silence for the most gorgeous storage box I've ever seen?! Save this beauty for a place of honor on your bathroom counter. "It's perfect for guest towels and extra paper products," Parise suggests. The true marker of a stellar storage bin is versatility. Gill is also a fan of this box but likes using it in home offices. "It has a protective felt bottom so it won't scratch your shelves or desk surface," she says.

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Another pro favorite, both Blakey and Parise recommend this set of acrylic stackable drawers for the bathroom. "These are so handy for under-sink areas that can be awkward and hard to fit. They give you so much extra space when stacked," Blakey says. Parise adds that "they are [also] pretty enough to sit on your counter."

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Endorsed by both Eiesland and Blakey, a clear, plastic drawer organizer is a must in the bathroom. "There is nothing worse in a bathroom than a toothbrush touching a hairbrush," jokes Eiesland. Blakey loves this one since it "takes the guesswork out of finding the right size [for your drawer]."

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Bring in design, texture and storage with this lovely bin. "These woven storage baskets are a great option for tucking away everything from toilet paper to personal care products to towels," says Gill.

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Maximize storage space in your cabinets with stackable plastic drawers. Translucent drawer fronts allow you to quickly and easily see what's inside. "There are multiple sizes, and you can build a functioning system with them," Parise explains. "I use them under bathroom sinks and in linen closets."

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A key part of professional organizers' jobs is to make your space not only neater but prettier, too. They're always thinking of creative ways to make staying organized enjoyable. "I love this oversized canvas bin on wheels which marries form and function," says Gill. "[It's] perfect for storing laundry or even a fun way to store towels and linens."

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Pros also know that details matter. Even the most mundane tasks, like sorting dirty laundry, needs to blend in with your home and your habits. Gill uses this woven bin, which "offers a stylish solution for laundry or towel storage in the bathroom."

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The sorting doesn't stop once you place items in bins. Even your storage needs to be organized! This basket from Neat Method makes it easy, though. "Our Perforated Basket is ideal for linen closets with an optional internal divider that helps further categorize different-sized bed linens or utility items like lightbulbs and overflow toiletries," says Ruff.

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Perfectly suited to hold guest linens and extra toiletries, Parise likes using these in linen closets since they stack nicely and look beautiful, too.

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Make laundry day run more smoothly with thoughtfully designed storage, like this industrial-style basket recommended by Gill. "Structured and sturdy, this bin is perfect for storing laundry supplies such as dryer balls, stain sticks and other household utility objects. It also has a blank plate for labeling."

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At $100+, these baskets are an investment, but when you consider their multiple uses and the fact that they'll be on display, I'd argue that it's an investment worth making. Gill goes out of her way to source sustainably made, high-quality organizational items, and these baskets are no exception. Braided by hand in Mexico with leather handles, Gill uses these "for storing blankets, books, toys, workout accessories — you name it."

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Making an appearance for the second time in this roundup, Blakey uses these wooden bins in the entryway. "I love using these on the floor or shelf of a closet to create organization for extra shoes, hats, gloves, etc. — those items that can easily be tossed all over the entryway," she says. "These are also great for kids' closets and playrooms ... or pantry ... or a bunch of other places." (Great minds think alike. Fellow organizer Amanda Parise recommended these, above, to sort pantry items.)

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"A lovely and durable storage basket made by artisans in Africa, [this is] ideal for storing toys, blankets or even firewood," says Gill.

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Another winning storage set for your main living space, Gill likes using these stunning hampers in a location with high-visibility not only to show them off but also to make clean-up easier. "This stylish duo is perfect for storing blankets, pillows and toys. They can nest together, and the handles make them easy to tote around from room to room."

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"When organizing and designing an office, this is one of my favorite options to replace bulky filing cabinets," Parise says. "I love the versatility of the piece and its functionality and ability to easily move to a convenient location."

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Classics for a reason, these Poppin trays are often recommended by professionals to be used in bathrooms and offices. "I love the simplicity and versatility of the trays," says Blakey.

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We've already touted our excitement about Marie Kondo's storage essentials, and it appears the pros are fans, too. "Not only is this box beautiful enough to hold special photos or keepsakes, but it can also hold extra cords, pens, note pads or anything else you might want to keep handy in your office," suggests Parise.

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Another must-have from Kondo's collection, Parise advises using this box to store children's art. "They can be stacked for multiple children or projects," she says.

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"Ideal for corralling papers, computers, headphones and cords at the end of a workday," says Gill, this simple but stylish basket keeps all of your work-from-home accessories neatly stowed away.

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