How to Make Homemade Glass Cleaner

This easy DIY glass cleaner will clean your windows, glass stovetop, mirrors and more.

DIY Glass Cleaner


An ammonia-free glass cleaner makes window cleaning safe and easy.

Photo by: CrizzyStudio


An ammonia-free glass cleaner makes window cleaning safe and easy.

Skip the store-bought solutions and switch to an easy glass cleaner recipe that's both affordable and powerful.

This ammonia-free glass cleaner only uses a few household ingredients! It's tough enough to agitate splatters and grime while still leaving a perfectly clear shine. Mixed and stored in a spray bottle, it has a long shelf life alongside your other cleaners and is safe for most of your glass surfaces. While most glass cleaners contain ammonia, which can bother the respiratory system, skin and eyes, this glass cleaner recipe relies on the cleaning power of white vinegar, rubbing alcohol and cornstarch, making it a great alternative to traditional window cleaners.

It's the cornstarch in particular that makes this homemade glass cleaner a winner. Cornstarch never dissolves in liquid, rendering the cleaner slightly abrasive. This makes it easier for it to remove splatters and oils from all around surfaces in your home. Use this mixture to clean up your glass cooktop, wipe toothpaste splatters from the bathroom mirror and buff away wet nose boops that your dog left on the front window while watching squirrels. That said, avoid using this solution as a homemade eyeglass cleaner. Since the cornstarch doesn’t dissolve, it could damage your lenses.

You'll Need

  • 1/2 cup white vinegar
  • 1/4 cup rubbing alcohol
  • 1 tablespoon cornstarch
  • 1 tablespoon of cold water
  • 2 cups of cold water or distilled water
  • lemon essential oil (optional)
  • spray bottle
  • liquid measuring cup
  • whisk
  • funnel
  • microfiber cloth
  • cotton cloth

1. Combine Vinegar and Rubbing Alcohol

  • Use a liquid measuring cup and a funnel to transfer the 1/2 cup white vinegar and 1/4 cup rubbing alcohol into the spray bottle. Rinse the measuring cup clean.
Pouring rubbing alcohol and white vinegar into a bottle using a funnel to make a diy glass cleaner

How to Make Homemade Glass Cleaner

Combine ingredients in a spray bottle using a funnel.

Photo by: Emily Fazio

Emily Fazio

Combine ingredients in a spray bottle using a funnel.

2. Mix Cornstarch and Cold Water

  • Combine one tablespoon of cold water and one tablespoon of cornstarch in the measuring cup. Use the whisk to combine the ingredients until the cornstarch is well dispersed and not clumpy. Funnel this solution into the spray bottle.
Whisk cornstarch in water to remove clumps in a diy glass cleaner

How to Make Homemade Glass Cleaner

Mix cornstarch and water until it is clump-free.

Photo by: Emily Fazio

Emily Fazio

Mix cornstarch and water until it is clump-free.

3. Add Water and Scent

  • Add two cups of cold water into the spray bottle. If your home has hard water, use two cups of distilled water instead. If you favor a spray with a fresh citrus scent, add a few drops of lemon essential oil, too. Without the oil, you might say that the cleaner smells a little bit like your favorite pickles, but that smell does dissipate as the cleaner dries.
Using DIY window cleaner made of cornstarch to clean a dirty window.

How to Make Homemade Glass Cleaner

Household ingredients combine to make an easy, streak-free glass cleaner.

Photo by: Emily Fazio

Emily Fazio

Household ingredients combine to make an easy, streak-free glass cleaner.

4. Shake Well and Put to Use

  • Tighten the cap on the spray bottle and shake it well to mix the solution. Your homemade window cleaner is ready for use!

  • Proceed with cleaning dirty glass and mirrors as you would. Use a microfiber cloth and wipe promptly in circular motions to remove any buildup. Then, switch to drying the glass with an absorbent, dry cotton cloth. You can also use paper towels or a coffee filter to leave a streak-free shine.

Easy Tips for Keeping Windows Clean

Washing your home's windows can be a daunting chore. No matter how clean you keep the inside of your windows, the outside inevitably needs regular maintenance. Dust and dirt, pollen, spider webs and insects all contribute to dirty glass and window screens.

Fortunately, if you can get into a good routine using a few simple cleaning tools, keeping the outside of your windows looking clean isn’t as hard as it seems.

Do yourself a favor and invest in a window washing mop with an extension handle and a hose with a spray nozzle. From there, keep it easy:

  • Remove and wash the screens. You'll be able to clean the outside of the window more thoroughly once they’re removed. They clean up easily if you keep the hose nozzle set to a gentle spray setting.
  • Mix your cleaning solution. 2 cups of white vinegar, 16 cups of hot water and 4 teaspoons of dish soap combine to make a great, non-toxic cleaning solution.
  • Spray the windows with plain water. Use a shower setting for windows within reach or a jet setting for hard-to-reach areas of the home.
  • Mop the windows with the cleaning solution. Work top to bottom, letting the soapy solution wash away dirt.
  • Rinse the windows with the hose.
  • Dry with a microfiber cloth. Use an attachment to wipe from the top of the window to the bottom, absorbing extra moisture and encouraging a fast dry time.

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