Repurposing Everyday Items for a More Organized Home

Give your old household items a new purpose, while decluttering and organizing your home at the same time.

By: Aimee Lane
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Photo By: Photo courtesy of Melissa Hruska

Photo By: Aimee Lane

Photo By: Photo courtesy of Cristin Bisbee Priest

Photo By: Photo courtesy of Serena Thompson

Photo By: Photo courtesy of Amy Williams

Vintage Grooming Station

A vintage test-tube rack keeps all your grooming tools neatly in one place. Brushes, nail polish and nail files fit perfectly in the test-tube compartments, giving your bathroom an organized look and keeping everything conveniently at your fingertips. Design by Melissa Hruska

Ladder Drying Rack

Laundry can take over your entire house. Rebecca Kuenzi solved that problem by hanging an old ladder from her ceiling, allowing her to dry her clothes in once place rather than scattered throughout her house.

Binder-Clip Cord Organizer

With so many new gadgets these days, wires can make your home office desk look cluttered. To keep them at bay, attach binder clips to the edge of your desk, and place the cords through the clips. This will also make it easy to plug in your electronics.

Soda-Crate Toy Storage

Creating storage boxes from vintage items is simple. Holly Mathis attached casters to old soda crates, and placed her son's favorite toys inside. The crates fit nicely underneath the bed and provide easy access to his toys.

Cleaning Supplies Holder

With so many types of cleaning supplies, your kitchen and bathroom cabinet can fill up fast. To keep things more organized, make use of every inch of space by hanging household cleaners from a tension rod, saving space on the shelves for other everyday items.

Dish-Rack Coloring Station

Organize your craft supply in a dish drying rack. Coloring books stay put in the grates, while the silverware tray stores crafting tools, such as colored pencils and scissors.

Bobby Pin Holder

Loose bobby pins are hard to keep in one place. Next time you finish a pack of mints, save the container to store your bobby pins. The small opening easily dispenses the pins, and the container's compact size makes it easy to travel with.

Frame Jewelry Organizer

Get rid of tangled jewelry by displaying your necklaces and bracelets neatly on the wall. To do this, remove the glass from a picture frame, and screw in hooks to the top of the frame. You can hang the frame in your closet or on your bedroom wall.

Hair Accessories Storage

Large kitchen canisters are perfect for storing hair accessories. The clear containers make it easy to pinpoint exactly what you need when you're rushing to get ready.

Magazine Holder Bookcase

Use low-cost file folders from the school supplies section to hold children's books. The folders fit just about anywhere and you can paint or decoupage them to match any room.

Scarf Hanger

Folded scarves can get wrinkled in your dresser. To keep them at hand and looking fresh, attach shower curtain rings to a basic hanger, and loop your scarves through each ring.

Shirt Hanging System

Get use out of your entire closet, including the door. Hang items that you wear often on a clothing hanger that's made to fit on top of the door.

Spice Cabinet

Finding the right cooking spice can be hard when they're all the same size. To make them easier to access, place the containers on stacked reclaimed wood.

Organized Menu Folder

Is your collection of takeout menus out of control? Keep them in one place by placing them in a plastic folder and adhering the folder to the inside of your kitchen cabinet.

Thread Organizer

An old golf-ball holder makes the perfect thread holder. Display each spool of thread in each cubby so you can easily grab the color you need.

Office Supply Jar Holder

Make your own utensil case by turning a few Mason jars on their sides and gluing them together. Each jar can hold a different type of writing utensil so you don't have to search through a messy drawer for your favorite highlighter.

Cookie Tin Storage

Do you have leftover cookie tins from the holidays? Use them to store large office items, such as ink cartridges for the printer. Stack the tins to save counter space.

Decorative Soda Box

Stacking canned goods on top of each other isn't the most efficient way to find your favorite soup. Amy Williams uses an old soda box to store her cans. She covered the boxes with decorative paper, attached labels and cut openings in the back so older cans rotate to the front.

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