Moving Made Easy: The Tricks + Tips You Need to Know

Control the chaos.

Moving — what an adventure!

Golden Retriever in Moving Box

Golden Retriever in Moving Box

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You're starting fresh, turning the page, writing that new chapter, the whole nine yards. Granted, moving is overwhelming, all-consuming and will, without a doubt, trigger a stress-induced breakout. But still, moving is a grand adventure all the same. I would know. 

My fiancé and I are in the thick of it right now. And just for clarification, when I say "thick of it" I mean there are boxes upon boxes stacked to the ceiling and surrounding me as I type. Plus, I spent no less than 30 minutes searching for a coffee mug this morning. Pure chaos. The truth is, there's no avoiding the chaos when moving — chaos comes with the territory. 

Is your lease ending? Is that oh-so-perfect house on the market? Packing up at Point A to get to Point B may be daunting, but I encourage you to face it head on. We're in this together, folks! I’ve rounded up our tried-and-true tips to control the chaotic adventure of moving.

Make a List, Check It Twice

Bridal Shower Guest List

Bridal Shower Guest List

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First thing's first, grab your favorite writing utensil and get to work. There are so many lists that you’ll need to make to keep your move on track and organized as best as possible. Are you still going to forget something? Probably. Still, having checklists on hand will reduce that risk. Trust and believe.

3 Moving Lists You Need RN

Check, check and check!

Moving Checklist

Use this week-by-week checklist to plan your move to a new home.

5 Reasons Not to Pack It

Hiring a mover? Make sure you know their rules before you start packing.

Packing Supplies List

These must-have packing supplies will help you have a smooth move.

Organize Your Move

Moving is one of the most daunting tasks you'll ever have to do, but you can make it easier with these expert tips and solutions.

Prep + Pack

Pack Your Pal

Pack Your Pal

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Procrastination is perilous, peeps. Don't put packing off until the last minute! The articles below are full of life-saving tips for the prepping and packings stages. They inspired me to take full advantage of low-cost packing materials, useful apps and to put together a poppin' packin' playlist (or two)!

Prep Like Pros

Find Budget Packing Materials

Use suitcases and recycled boxes for a low-cost move.

7 Ways to Make Moving Easier + More Fun

We've got tips to make moving day less of a burden.

Get Movin' + Groovin'



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PSA: There are lots of moving parts and logistics to keep in mind while making a move. Who knew, right? Here are some of the most helpful ways to make moving decisions, keep costs down and reduce your environmental impact, all at the same time.

Make Moves

Deciding How to Move

Before you start filling boxes, consider which moving options work best for you.

Top 10 Ways to Cut Moving Costs

We've got tips to help you pack up and ship out on a budget.

Pack Up a Load of Green Moving Tips

Make relocating to your next home even more eco-friendly.

The New Digs

Couple + Pup Unpacking New Home

Couple + Pup Unpacking New Home

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Congrats — you're in the new place! Don't go popping bottles just yet, though. Know what inspections need to be done, how to manage loss during the move and clean your new digs from top to bottom before you start nesting. Once you accomplish all that, pour yourself a glass and announce your arrival (in style, of course). 

Settling In

3 Essential Moving-Day Inspections

Here's what you should look for in a moving company. Plus, tips for preparing for the first night in your new house.

How to Handle Loss or Damage During a Move

If an item is damaged during your move, take these steps.

Cleaning Secrets for the Entire Home

Home-cleaning experts share their best hacks and tips for tidying up your kitchen, bathroom and more.

Let People Know

Moving Black Book: The People You Should Tell

Make sure banks, credit card companies, the tax man and other service providers have your new address.

Creative Ways to Announce Your Move

You're in the new house (finally!). Time to throw a housewarming party to celebrate. Check out these websites for tons of cool moving announcements.

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