6 YouTube Videos to Watch if Your Refrigerator is a Mess

Expired food. Rolling cans. Stacked produce. Nothing about that is functional or efficient. Have no fear! I scoured the deep archives of YouTube and found the best of the best to prove that you can have a stylishly organized refrigerator. But first, throw out the old cheese.

Refrigerator Organization Ideas

Refrigerator Organization Ideas

Photo by: Graphic: Erica Reitman

Graphic: Erica Reitman

For Busy Parents

This is a great fridge "makeover" video by Pretty Prudent where a time-crunched mom's refrigerator is reorganized and revamped for less than $100. The focus is on helping to make this mom's mornings less chaotic. Jacinda and Jaime offer awesome tips, like using dry erase markers to keep track of expiration dates and preparing grab-and-go snacks and drinks for the kids.

For Glam Gals

Nikki from AtHomeWithNikki might have one of the most beautifully organized, and dare I say chic, refrigerators I've ever seen. If you’re looking for ideas for pretty containers and storage and you love the look of consistency, watch this video immediately. You might tear up a bit when you compare Nikki's refrigerator to your own (I did!), but you'll definitely be inspired.

For Neat Freaks

This video from Coral TV helps you tackle your refrigerator organization project by reminding you to start with your staples. Once you have a game plan for the items in your fridge that are always there, it’s easy to begin organizing around them. There are some great tips for dealing with your liquid items and a neat tip for storing wine in the fridge without having the bottle roll around.

Watch This: Fridge Organization

Organizing the Refrigerator 03:23

Great new products that will keep your food fresh & the fridge organized.

For Deal Seekers

Hilary from my so-called home gives you a tour of her refrigerator and offers up a ton of ideas on how to organize with inexpensive containers from the dollar store. She actually shot her video on the day she went shopping, so you can see how she tackles her fridge on the days it's the fullest.

For Small Spacers

For those of you with a smaller or compact fridge, Gina Heart shares some smart ideas on how to organize when space is at a premium. She uses see-through containers and bins so everything is visible and shares helpful tips on food storage concerns and keeping things at the right temperature.

For Home Cooks

This is a great video for those of you who do a lot of cooking. Chef Mark Anthony takes you through a tour of his own refrigerator and offers tips on how you can keep your own just as organized, efficient and recipe-ready.

Plus, What's In My Fridge?

For those of you that are voyeurs like me, check out this "What's In My Fridge?" series of videos on YouTube. True confession: I find myself staring just a bit too long at people’s shopping carts when I’m in line at the grocery store, so this is a fun way to spy on people’s refrigerators in a non-creepy way and get ideas for things you might have missed at the supermarket. Win, win!

Watch This: What's In My Fridge?

Really Cool Refrigerators 03:23

Technology-savvy refrigerators merge entertainment and food preservation.
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