Make This Trendy Art Hanger for Less Than $10

No need to buy those expensive magnetic frames. This easy DIY only takes a few minutes.

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August 28, 2020
Steel Magnolia Poster in DIY Cord and Pine Trimmed Art Hanger at Desk

DIY Art Hanger

Learn how to make this easy art hanger with digital host Marianne Canada. To make, you will need pine trim, cord rope, magnetic sheets, a hand saw, scissors and a low temp hot glue gun.

From: HGTV Handmade

Photo by: Marianne Canada

Marianne Canada

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It’s no lie, custom framing can be a little pricey. But this quick DIY trick by digital host Marianne Canada will give your space a fresh new look in no time. Instead of letting it collect dust, display art with a budget-friendly, magnetic hanger that's trendy and easy to make.

Materials + Tools:

  • scissors
  • work gloves
  • measuring tape
  • pencil

Note: Be sure to measure the width of your artwork before purchasing quarter round trim. For this project, Marianne is using a 12-inch poster.

Measure + Mark + Cut

Start by placing 1/2-inch quarter round trim along the top of the 12-inch poster (Image 1). Use a ruler to measure the width of the artwork and leave a 1-inch overhang on each side. Mark the measurements on both sides of the trim with a pencil (Image 2). Repeat for one more piece of trim. Now set the artwork aside for later. Slip on some work gloves and place one piece of trim onto a wooden block to protect your work area. Use a crafting saw to cut the trim at the measured pencil marks (Image 3). Tip: Slow and even sawing strokes work better than pressing down firmly. Lastly, use a piece of sandpaper or a sanding sponge to smooth any rough edges (Image 4).

Cut + Add Magnetic Strips

Place the pine trim along the edge of a magnetic vent cover to determine the strip width. For this project, the magnet strips should be cut to 1/2 inch to match the pine trim. Use a craft knife to score along the edge of the magnetic sheet (Image 1) and cut out four magnetic strips (Image 2). Tip: Score the sheet several times to ensure an even cut. Now measure the length of the magnetic strips to the pine trim (Image 3) and cut off any excess with a craft knife (Image 4). Next, use a low-temp hot glue gun to add a line of glue along the center of the pine trim's flat side (Image 5). Remove the sticker from a magnet strip and place it adhesive-side-down onto the glue. Do this for both pieces of trim.

Cut + Attach Cord

Measure the cord length to the ends of the trim and leave enough room to create a U-shape (Image 1). Trim the cord with scissors (Image 2). Tightly wrap one end of the trim with cord and adhere it using a bead of glue from a low-temp hot glue gun (Image 3). Hold the cord in place for a few seconds to ensure adhesion (Image 4). Then, add an extra bead of glue across the cord end to prevent fraying (Image 5). Repeat for the other end.

Assemble + Add Artwork

Align the artwork with the top magnet on the pine trim. Once aligned, place a magnet strip with the sticker-side-up on top of the artwork (Image 1), connecting it to the pine trim magnet. Repeat for the bottom magnet (Image 2). Display your new frame and artwork on the wall and enjoy (Image 3)!

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