You Can Make This Magnetic Frame With Only a Handful of Materials

Swapping out art has never been easier with this frame hack by The Crafty Lumberjacks.

Hands Holding Finished Magnetic Acrylic Frame With Photo of Trees

Magnetic Acrylic Frame: Materials

The Crafty Lumberjacks love to change out their decor and artwork. Here they show you how to make a modern and rustic magnetic acrylic frame. To start, you will need a 12x15 wooden rectangle, an 11x14 acrylic rectangle, a ruler, painters tape, small magnets, a drill and drill bit, clamps, sand paper, a rubber mallet and a picture hanging kit.

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Photo by: Caitlin Dabbs

Caitlin Dabbs

Love to change out the artwork in your space? Walk away from pricey frames and make your own! Watch The Crafty Lumberjacks build a rustic, modern hanging frame with only a few materials. Read on for the how-to and display art in your new frame in no time.

Magnetic Floating Frame
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Materials Needed:

  • painter's tape
  • ruler
  • small magnets
  • drill
  • drill bit (same size as magnets)
  • clamp
  • sand paper
  • rubber mallet
  • picture hanging kit
  • scraps of felt
  • glue

Measure and Mark

Wrap a small piece of painter's tape on each corner of the acrylic rectangle. This will help to protect the acrylic from cracking when drilling. Using a ruler, center the acrylic on the wood and measure a 1/2 inch from each corner of the acrylic sheet. Then, add painter’s tape horizontally and vertically across the acrylic and wooden rectangles to hold in place for drilling. Measure a 1/2 inch from each corner and mark with a pencil.

Drill the Frame

Prepare for drilling by clamping the taped frame to a scrap piece of wood to protect your work area. Place a piece of felt between the acrylic rectangle and clamp to prevent any cracks. Using a drill, and a drill bit that matches the size of your magnets, make small holes through both the acrylic and wood at each defined pencil mark. Be sure to hold the drill firmly and press straight down. Adjust the clamps as needed.

Assemble the Frame

Once drilling is complete, peel the protective layer from the acrylic rectangle and sand the edges of the wood to remove any splinters. Using a rubber mallet, gently tap each magnet into the drilled holes. Magnets should be inserted into both acrylic and wood pieces. Place a bit of glue onto the magnet to ensure a tight fit. Following the instructions on your picture hanging kit, add wire to the back of your frame. Add art and hang on the wall.

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