Upcycle a Vintage Birdcage Into a Cute Succulent Planter

Show off those succulents with a few basic supplies and a quick trip to the thrift store. Plus, learn how to care properly for those delicate little desert plants.

Vintage Birdcage With Succulents Inside on Outside Porch Beside Bench

Vintage Birdcage Succulent Planter: Horizontal

HGTV digital host Marianne Canada teaches you how to take a vintage birdcage and turn it into an upcylced succulent planter. Follow along for the how-to on HGTV.com.

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Photo by: Cassidy Garcia

Cassidy Garcia

Vintage flips aren't just for real estate. Take a stroll through a thrift store, and with a little imagination, come out with something entirely new. HGTV.com digital host Marianne Canada shares tips and tricks to upcycle a vintage birdcage (she found hers at the World's Longest Yard Sale) into a trendy succulent planter. Read on for the how-to and make this cute little planter for yourself.

Materials + Tools

  • vintage birdcage
  • various succulents
  • aluminum baking pan
  • succulent potting soil
  • perlite

Clean + Seal Cage

Prep the birdcage by wiping down the inside, outside and tray with a damp rag to remove dust and dirt (Image 1). Remove any plastic or unwanted parts from the cage (Image 2). Next, coat the entire birdcage with a non-yellowing, clear sealer (Image 3). Note: Non-yellowing sealer is important, especially for items that will be left in direct sunlight. Coat the cage twice to ensure proper coverage. Let it dry for one hour per coat.

Prep Pan + Add Rocks

An aluminum pan will be used to house all the plants inside the birdcage. Every vintage birdcage is different; pick a disposable aluminum baking pan that best fits the tray inside your cage (Image 1). As succulents are desert plants and don’t thrive well with moisture in their roots, start by adding a bed of rocks to the aluminum baking pan (Image 2). Then, add a layer of perlite (Image 3). This helps to promote proper drainage.

Arrange + Plant

Wearing gloves, arrange a variety of succulents on the tray of rocks and perlite, keeping them in the containers (Image 1). Arrange succulents to best fit your vintage birdcage. Once arranged to your liking, remove the succulents from their individual containers (Image 2). Lightly break up the bottom part of the potting soil to encourage root growth and nestle the succulents into place (Image 3). Then, add a layer of succulent potting soil (Image 4).

Complete the Look

Place the aluminum pan of succulents carefully inside the birdcage (Image 1). Then, add the tray back to the birdcage (Image 2). Use a skewer to rearrange any misplaced leaves or stems from the outside (Image 3). Remove excess dirt from the birdcage with a paintbrush (Image 4).

Tip: Caring for Succulents

By nature, succulents only need a little bit of water to thrive. Use a plant mister to spritz the succulents, and only water when the soil is completely dry (Image 1).

How to Care for Succulents

Succulents are often regarded as the ultimate low-maintenance plant, but even seasoned gardeners have seen them perish under their care. Read our growing guide to help keep them happy indoors and out.

How Often Do You Water Succulents?

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