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How to Make a Stylish, Cane-Back Serving Tray Sep 18, 2018

Weave this throwback trend into your decor with our easy DIY.

Celebrate Macrame Monday: Join a Twine and Wine Party Sep 14, 2018

See how a group of friends gather at a hair salon to create, sip and enjoy each other's company.

How to Make a Beautiful, Paint-Poured Accent Tray Sep 10, 2018

Transform basic decor into unique home accents with this mesmerizing paint-swirling technique.

Time's Ticking! Make This Chic, Gold-Leaf Concrete Clock Sep 5, 2018

Ditch that outdated wall clock and make a stylish statement with an easy-to-create, concrete timepiece.

7 Smart Toys You Can Make For Your Dog 7 Photos

Pique your dog's curiosity and encourage mental and physical activity by surrounding him with stimulating puzzles and gadgets, lik …

How to Make a Portable Puppet Theater in a Doorway Aug 20, 2018

By: Carla Wiking

Do your kids love to put on puppet shows? Encourage those precious performances with an easy-sew, space-saving theater that can be …

Creative Genius: Stephanie Rose of Garden Therapy Sep 18, 2018

Gardening helped this blogger heal from a debilitating illness. Now she's on a mission to help others live a better life through p …

3 Stylish Mosquito-Repelling Bracelets You Can Make Sep 4, 2018

Do mosquitoes find you any time you’re in the great outdoors? Make your own citronella-absorbent bracelets to repel those pesky cr …

Style DIY: Make a Globally-Inspired Laptop Case Aug 6, 2018

Create a customized laptop cover with a hip, world beat vibe.

How to Make a Paper Mache Pendant Light Aug 6, 2018

Create a super chic (and inexpensive) pendant light using newspaper, glue and some gold spray paint.

Edgy Cross Stitch Patterns You Need Now Sep 17, 2018

This is not your grandma's embroidery hoop. Check out our favorite cross stitch patterns with funny quotes, pun-tastic sayings and …

How to Make a Pompom Rug Jul 31, 2018

Turn fluffy pompoms into a soft and colorful area rug.

Make These Chic (Yes, Chic) Cutting Boards Jul 27, 2018

Update your kitchen by creating modern cutting boards with leather accents.

10 Glitter Must-Haves to Add to Your Craft Stash Sep 18, 2018

Turn up the twinkle with these sparkling (mess-free!) craft supplies.

Throw a City S'Mores Party for Sophisticated Good Times 16 Photos

You can create an incredible outdoor party in the smallest of spaces with this simple DIY project for a s'mores station.

How to Make a Denim Rug Jul 19, 2018

Put the softness of a well-worn pair of jeans underfoot by transforming old denim into a soft and fringy rug.

20 Buys to Keep Kids Busy This Summer 20 Photos

Long summer days are ideal for relaxing by the pool, hitting up theme parks and hiking in the great outdoors, but they also mean r …

3 Oversized Planters You Can Make From Upcycled Items 34 Photos

Amp up your curb appeal (and save some cash) by transforming an old tire, trash can or laundry basket into an eye-catching planter …

Beach Hack: How to Make a PVC Cupholder Sep 17, 2018

By: Ryan Reed

Keep your drink cold and free of sand with this clever DIY project.

Light Up a Room With a DIY Shoebox Lantern Sep 17, 2018

By: Ryan Reed

Upcycle an old shoebox to create a one-of-a-kind lighting option.

A Jaw-Dropping DIY Shark Towel for Kids Jul 12, 2018

Save money and impress your kids with this adorable bite-sized shark towel.

Get Your Pool Party Poppin' With These Dollar Store Pool Game DIYs Jul 11, 2018

"I'm bored" will be a thing of the past. Make a splash this summer with a few easy-to-craft pool games that are sure to liven thin …

The Easy-to-Make Backyard Water Blob You Never Knew You Wanted Jul 9, 2018

The '70s called, and they want their water bed back. But we're not giving it to them!

13 Fabulous Flowers for Drying 13 Photos

Don't be sad when bloom-time ends. Learn how to save your beautiful flowers forever.

Creative Genius: Craftivist Sarah Corbett Sep 14, 2018

By: Lish Dorset

Take a cue from craftivist Sarah Corbett, and engage in the act of gentle protest, one craft project at a time.

Creative Genius: Arounna Khounnoraj of Bookhou Sep 14, 2018

By: Lish Dorset

This maker of many things is introducing punch needle embroidery to a new generation.

10 Boho-Style Hammocks 10 Photos

Swing on these bohemian beauties and learn how to bring the easy, breezy look to your outdoors.

How to Turn an Old Tire Into an Ultra-Chic Ottoman Jun 15, 2018

Need a spare seat or a place to rest your feet? Upcycle a spare tire into a stylish pouf footstool.

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