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The products covered on are chosen completely independently by our editors without any outside influence. Our editors do not accept products in exchange for a positive review or promised coverage. We make clear which products we've tested following a rigorous evaluation process and which we've simply tried in our everyday lives. We only recommend products we truly believe are worthy of a spot in our fans' homes.

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At HGTV, we believe the best method for testing products is based on how our fans are going to use them in the real world. In each of our Tested and Reviewed stories, products are not tested in sterile labratory settings that don't mimic real life. Instead, we test products in real homes that reflect our readers real lives, which can also include pets, kids, partners and more. We follow rigorous testing rubrics designed by our expert editors and take copious notes during the testing process. We evaluate real-world use cases like how well a vacuum cleaner picks up pet hair on carpet, how soft sheets are after washing and how many holes we can make with a cordless drill on one charge.

When choosing our top picks, we evaluate all of our testing data and take into consideration many factors including ease of use, price, product availability and practicality. Our goal is to choose the best products for our fans.

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It can be overwhelming to try to find the best price on the newest vacuum cleaner or sheet set, especially when so many brands have discounts and deals throughout the year. Our editors stay up-to-date on the latest deals from top-rated brands to bring you the best sales worth shopping on any given day. We're also experts in finding the best discounts during major shopping holidays like Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Prime Day, publishing the best deals worth shopping as soon as they start.

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