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Kid-Approved Playrooms That Grown-Ups Love Too Aug 23, 2019

Here's proof that you can have kids and fun-tastic areas that look totally awesome. Shop these chic playrooms with HGTV Magazine.

Peek Inside a Charming Charleston Home Packed With Bold Color 18 Photos

This globe-trotting young family has filled their Lowcountry home with artwork from around the world and lots and lots of color.

9 Totally Cool Circular Pillows HGTV Magazine Editors Love Aug 22, 2019

There’s no rule that a great pillow has to have four corners. Round out your living room’s look with one of these newbies from HGT …

12 Drool-Worthy Kitchen Backsplash Ideas for Every Budget Aug 22, 2019

Give your kitchen a facelift with these trendy and timeless tile backsplash finds.

Mopping Floors With Vinegar Aug 20, 2019

Learn the best ways to embrace this simple ingredient in your floor cleaning routine.

How to Clean a Paintbrush Aug 20, 2019

Keep your paintbrushes long-lasting with these simple tips for successful care.

How to Clean Shower Tile Grout Aug 20, 2019

Show that mold and mildew who’s boss.

How to Get a Bad Smell Out of a Leather Couch Aug 20, 2019

No thanks, unwanted odors! Treat tough smells in leather with these simple cleaning tricks.

Tour a Brooklyn Apartment With Over 750 Plants 25 Photos

This Brooklyn apartment is the ultimate indoor jungle thanks to the green thumb of Summer Rayne Oakes.

Maximalists Unite! Tour an Over-the-Top Charleston Home 12 Photos

Designer Janet Gregg's stunning Charleston home is founded on glamorous excess. And we love it.

Can You Paint Ceramic Floor Tile? Aug 15, 2019

It’s all about the tile prep, so follow these tips to success floor painting.

How to Paint a Velvet Chair Aug 15, 2019

We've researched and tested so you don't have to. We share steps and tips on how to seamlessly paint velvet. (Yes, it really does …

11 Hot Glue Hacks You Haven't Thought Of 11 Photos

Turns out, hot glue is good for a whole lot more than crafting.

These End-of-Summer Deals From Target Will Get Your Outdoor Space Ready for Fall (And Beyond!) Aug 14, 2019

Summer label or not, these products 100% work as year-round, all-weather staples. Upgrade your patio or porch for cozy-cool nights …

15 Totally Removable DIYs for Your Rental 22 Photos

Whether it's your first apartment or you're a seasoned renter, these temporary DIYs will have you feeling right at home.

How to Remove Stain on Wood Aug 13, 2019

When life stains your wooden furnishings and floor, tackle the build-up with confidence by following these tips.

11 Before-and-After Dining Room Makeovers 22 Photos

See how interior designers transform unappetizing and unsightly spaces into decadent, fine dining designs.

How to Remove Paint From Wood Aug 13, 2019

These tricks and techniques will make it easier to get the paint off without damaging the wood surface.

Here's What We Thought After Testing Ruggable's Washable Rugs IRL Aug 16, 2019

How well do Ruggable washable rugs stand up to stains, dirt and pet accidents? Our editors tell all.

The Makings of a Modern Traditional Home 20 Photos

Looking for a up-to-date design that is also timeless? Bring these elements into your home to create an updated-yet-classic appeal …

Tour a New York City Apartment Drenched in Color 20 Photos

A New York City refrigerator factory turned apartment holds a colorful surprise inside.

This Sexy Modern Home Is the Creative Vision of Two Design Minds 18 Photos

Designers Mister + Mrs. Sharp bring an edited, cool approach to their home in Atlanta's Serenbe community.

This Company Makes Stylish, Multifunctional Furniture That Small-Space Dwellers Should Know About Aug 15, 2019

Or really anyone who's into contemporary, affordable and easy-to-assemble furniture and storage.

23 Before-and-After Living Room Makeovers 46 Photos

Designers take these living rooms from ultra-dated to oh-so-dreamy. You won't believe these must-see remarkable living room transf …

The Dreamiest Dorm Bedding for Your Home-Away-From-Home 10 Photos

Turn your dorm room into a personal oasis with the perfect bedding set. We rounded up 10 of best to get you on your way.

How to Clean Quartz Countertops Aug 2, 2019

Learn how to clean, disinfect and have your quartz countertops looking as good as new.

How to Make Granite Countertops Shine Aug 5, 2019

Keep your granite countertops looking like new with a few simple steps.

How to Clean Outdoor Cushions Aug 2, 2019

Have those outdoor cushions looking so fresh and so clean with our two simple and easy options.

How to Remove a Grease Stain Aug 2, 2019

Grease stains can be frustrating and intimidating. But with our four simple steps, you can say goodbye to those once ugly stains a …

How to Remove an Ink Stain From Carpet Aug 5, 2019

Removing an ink stain isn't such an easy task because of its chemical properties. But with a little patience and persistence, the …

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