Is Tony P HGTV’s Most Avid Gen Z Fan?

While most kids were watching cartoons, young Anthony opted for House Hunters with his mom and grandmother.

March 19, 2024
A photo of Tony P in his living room.

Tony P in DC Poses In His Living Room

Anthony Polcari, better known to his followers as Tony P in DC, takes pride in interior design after years of watching HGTV growing up.

In January 2024, when Anthony Polcari, better known to his 188k Instagram followers as @_TonyPinDC tagged HGTV on TikTok and Instagram, I was immediately intrigued. I’d heard the Tony P lore, watched some of his day-in-the-life videos and read his comments section, where some people (who may not be used to such authenticity on social media) question whether his positive outlook is genuine or a parody.

The video in question showed his followers how he decorated the living room of his bachelor pad, captioning it in part: “Trying to put those many years of watching @hgtv to work!”

I knew I needed to learn more.

For many, working from home means dressing down. But on a Monday afternoon when Tony P joined me on Zoom from his DC apartment, he was anything but. Donned in a salmon tie and dress shirt, he let me know he was playing around with a fun new color scheme. (An Instagram video he posted after our call would reveal his dressy top half wasn’t paired with sweatpants — a trick many of us remote workers often play — but a pair of dark blue dress pants to complete his “ocean style” look.)

The new tie was only one of the ways Tony expresses “vibrant masculinity” which, in his words, is about stripping away the stereotype of a “manly man” and taking pride in every part of his personality.

It was instantly clear to me that both his content and his style — in his fits and in his home — are authentically curated.

While other children were watching cartoons, you could find young Tony P watching HGTV or Food Network. Inspired by hours of watching shows like House Hunters with his mom and grandmother, he took a great interest in interior design (and developed an “obsession” with cherry cabinets along the way).

Originally from outside of Boston, Tony moved to Washington, DC in September 2022. Shortly after, he started making and posting videos as a creative outlet outside of his full-time job as a consultant. What initially started as videos suggesting things to do for fun in DC has since evolved into showing his peers “how to adult” through fit checks, cooking tutorials and his iconic “come with me for a day in the life as a 25-year-old bachelor living in DC” vlogs.

He aims to use his platform to show other men that “every part of life can be a canvas.”

“I want to give men permission to express themselves in really unique ways whether it be through how we dress or how we keep our home,” Tony says.

When Tony moved out on his own, he rediscovered the passion he felt for interior design he had while growing up. While browsing for home goods (usually at HomeSense, Target or Ethan Allen), he thinks about questions like: “How do these different colors tie together? What feelings do I want to get when I go in a room?” He credits his mother for always designing rooms that had “a warm and cozy feeling” that served as a refuge from the fast-paced outside world, which was certainly something he wanted to emulate while decorating his own place.

As he says, “Home can be a great center, but you don’t do that without decorating it right.”

Tony would describe his current home style as “chic, sleek, modern.” He features abstract art pieces and contemporary knick-knacks to display a sense of “subtle sophistication” while creating that warm feeling through the materials, like his couch and loveseat set.

A photo of Tony P in DC's living room.

Tony P in DC's Living Room

Tony's living room.

Photo by: Anthony Polcari

Anthony Polcari

Tony's living room.

He learned from his Uncle Mark, who he says is the embodiment of vibrant masculinity, that your home is part of your pride, part of who you are, and a man should embrace that.

After all, Tony’s tagline is "You can do it all as part of your masculinity.”

Tony believes in creating a space that’s comfortable for himself and guests. As someone who loves to cook and host people, his kitchen essentials include a proper dining set, a good set of spoons and a cast iron skillet because “it can make any simple dish look like you’re a pro.”

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From football parties and holidays to dinners and game nights, “it’s always a party at Tony P’s.” When hosting, the most important thing for Tony is ensuring everyone feels welcomed and safe. Before guests arrive, he makes sure to dust and clean everything from the bathroom to the appliances to the floors; “every nook and cranny needs to look good.” As he says, “you don’t want people to get the ick when they come into your house.”

“I think when you’re prepared and take pride in your home and what it looks like no matter how big or small it is you're showing that person you want them in your home,” Tony shares. “I keep my house organized and a warm space for people to have a good time, be safe and really enjoy each other’s company. Good friendships can be formed here.”

Since getting a good night’s sleep is a priority for Tony, he stresses the importance of a comfortable mattress and pillow. (He’s a huge fan of his Helix mattress and pillows.)

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In terms of his dream home, “I hate to sound like the aspiring suburban dad here but...” he would love a three to four level custom-built colonial home in a cul-de-sac. He envisions a brick front with siding and purple or red shutters. Inside the home, a big foyer, high ceilings, a great room for entertaining (“gotta have the great room”), a spacious kitchen with an island, lots of cabinets for his many spices, a big main bedroom and bath with a jacuzzi, and his and hers sinks. Since he wants a place to entertain, he wants a large lawn, a gazebo, and a pool.

“But I’ve got to get a few more million followers to get that,” he jokes.

Rapid Fire Questions with Tony P:

One household object you can’t live without?

My TV. I sound like an old man, but I got to have that as my place to unwind.

Favorite room in your house?

Living room.

Hard wood or carpet?


Shoes on or off in your house?

For me, I take them off. When anyone else comes over, it’s up to them.

Favorite show on HGTV?

House Hunters has always been my number one. I also loved Spice Up My Kitchen.

If you could have one HGTV star design your home, who would you choose?

David Bromstad. He understands tones so well.

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