15 Cheery Yellow Bedrooms

Fill your bedroom with nature's sunniest shade — yellow — to create a retreat you'll love waking up in each morning.
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November 24, 2014
By: Amanda Lecky

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Color Theory

In this fresh modern bedroom, designer Tara Seawright created a bold statement with minimal commitment. "The challenge behind this yellow bedroom was how to add color for a color-phobic client," says Seawright. "She wanted color but had a million excuses why she just couldn't pull the trigger. If this is your hurdle when decorating, try adding color in ways you can easily switch out if you get bored or change your mind — like the bedding, pillows, a piece of art or even a small rug."

Pattern Play

In a traditional bedroom with rich architectural details and beautiful, dark wood floors, buttery yellow toile fabrics add the perfect finishing touch. To help the pattern stand out, designer Rachel Oliver kept the backdrop neutral. "The high contrast of the walls and floors allows the yellow toile to shine without having to compete with other colors," she explains.

Big Impact

Sometimes, the less you use of a color, the more it stands out in your space. In this sleek bedroom, for example, small doses of canary yellow add energy to an otherwise restrained space. "We love incorporating yellow with accent pillows, artwork or accessories — especially in rooms with cool tones such as blue or gray," says designer Jennifer Jones of Niche Interiors.

Bright and Beachy

Yellow can look sunny and cheerful — or glaring and juvenile. So choosing just the right shade is key. Sometimes, that takes a bit of trial and error, says designer Arden Stephenson. "Yellow is a tricky color to get just right," she says. "In this sunny Hamptons beach-house bedroom, I mixed several shades of yellow together and kept adding white until I had a color that was happy and warm without being childlike." Then, she tempered the yellow walls with contrasting furnishings and accessories. "To keep the wall color from overwhelming the space, I added neutral tones of beiges and whites, set off with bright turquoise accents for just the right mix of sophistication and fun."

Subtle Sunshine

If you're attracted to the idea of using yellow on your walls, but concerned the color will be too intense, take a tip from the pros and choose a toned-down version of the hue. "I usually wouldn't paint a large room all yellow," says designer Libby Langdon. "But there's a fantastic color by Benjamin Moore called Weston Flax and it's just soft enough to cover a big space without overwhelming it." In this room, Langdon also added sophistication with furnishings and accessories in cooler shades. "I think a great way to work with yellow is to combine it with a cooler color like gray, navy blue or even black and then layer in white," she says. "There are so many ways you can use yellow with other colors to achieve an elegant, upscale look."

Study in Contrasts

Yellow is such a flexible color, it can work well with a wide range of shades, like charcoal gray and even black. "I like to play with a mix of warm and cool tones in a space," says designer Judith Balis. "A splash of yellow adds warmth and life to a room, even if it's something as simple as a small vase of yellow flowers."

Feminine Flair

Pink isn't the only choice for a bedroom fit for a princess: Yellow is an unexpected, but undeniably rich option as well. "This south-facing bedroom called out for washing the walls in buttery yellow," says designer Brian Dittmar. "The result is a room that just makes you feel happy. The Swedish-style bed — complete with a corona — plus an aged gold chandelier with crystal accents and pops of pale blue, green and pink give this space a decidedly traditional, but very warm and welcoming feel."

Warm Thoughts

Sleek, bright spaces can feel empty and cold if you don't balance the light with warm, grounding elements. In this young girl's bedroom, designer Peggy Dupuis used small touches of mustard yellow to spice up the cool gray and white palette. "The yellow is not very saturated," says the designer. "But in this space it's perfect for creating an atmosphere that's just right for relaxation and study."

Instant Mood Enhancer

Yellow's often touted as the color of happiness, making it the natural choice for any room where you'd like to feel upbeat. "Yellow is a great way to bring instant sunshine to any space," says designer Jackie Armour. "It's especially great in a guest room, as it keeps everyone happy and energetic."

Perfect Complement

One reason so many designers gravitate toward yellow is its versatility. "All yellows are not created equal," says Andrew Suvalsky, who used a buttery yellow to create a soft, soothing look for this bedroom. "There are so many shades of yellow, every yellow room looks different."

Stripe It Rich

For a beach-house bedroom, awning-striped fabric in a playful yellow-and-pink palette creates a headboard with an eco-friendly twist: "The headboard and bedding are made from recycled hammock cotton," says designer Luis Caicedo.

Light Effects

Yellow is a versatile, happy color, says designer Nina Gotlieb, who used it to great effect in this sun-washed bedroom. When selecting yellow paint for your walls, keep her advice in mind: "Yellow is a color that's completely transformed by the light it's exposed to, so be sure to paint large samples on the wall and view them throughout the day before you select your final color. Fluorescent lights especially can have a dramatic effect on yellow paint."

Custom Mix

When you can't find just the right boldly hued furnishings, paint can be your friend. Case in point: this vibrant bedroom, with its graphic wallpaper and attention-grabbing accents. "We wanted to introduce a strong contrasting color to the wallpaper," say the designers of Think Contemporary. "So, selecting a beautiful mustard yellow, we painted the drawer faces of the Ikea bedside tables. This was a quick and easy solution to upcycle standard bedside tables and add the much-needed splash of color."

Teen Spirit

For the perfect combination of contemporary sophistication and youthful exuberance, designer Jane Ganz chose an unconventional palette of yellow, orange and gray. "We balanced the warmth of the yellow walls and orange details with a solid gray headboard, bed skirt and chaise seat," she says. "The result is a bedroom that's full of energy."

Neutral Stance

Instead of cream, taupe or beige, consider using yellow as the neutral starting point for your room. "If you pick a yellow that feels fresh, rather than one with strong brown or green undertones, you'll find that it can be surprisingly neutral and will work with almost any other accent color you want to introduce," says designer Andrew Suvalsky.

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