53 Playrooms That Will Inspire Your Little One's Next Adventure

Because how could Wendy, John and Michael dream of Neverland without a playroom to take them there?

Astronaut, CEO, doctor, future POTUS: When your little ones could quite literally become anything they set their minds to, how do you choose just one theme for their playroom?

The solution is simple: give them the world! Fuel their imaginations and help them dream big with a playroom inspired by travel and exploration. Here are eight positively-cute playroom designs that will set them up for a great time.

Cozy Nook

Cozy Nook

Entertaining children for the holidays? Take a cue from designer Jessica Bradley and create a special, cozy nook just for them to get away from the holiday madness. This cozy teepee filled with cushions and accented by a basket of holiday books for reading is flanked by some stuffed animal llama friends to keep her company.

Photo by: David Christensen

David Christensen

Make a lazy afternoon more exciting with accents inspired by different regions. We love how designer Jessica Bradley used a tent, faux-fur rug and two plush alpacas to turn this pastel playroom into a Peruvian-esque reading nook.

Kid-Tastic Playroom

Kid-Tastic Playroom

Photo by: Kendall Simmons

Kendall Simmons

Want your little ones to explore all Seven Wonders of the World? Take a cue from designer Kendall Simmons and add a series of globes to their playroom. With maps, giraffes and wallpaper depicting major landmarks, this attic-turned-kids-space is sure to inspire new voyages.

Explore This Kid-Tastic Space:

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White Built-In Bunk Beds With Striped Bedding

One of the goals in the attic-turned-playroom design was to create overflow sleeping space. The solution: these imaginative built-in bunk beds. Papering the back wall in black-and-white wallpaper with little city scenes adds graphic punch and a fun visual surprise.

Colorful Window Seat in Play Room

Tucked into a narrow niche, the charming window seat is deep to accommodate two kids or several stuffed friends. The white base and gray cushion are ideal foils for the bright mix of pillows, toys and the cheery yellow shade.

Play Room Window Seat With Stuffed Animals

Because the backdrop of the play room is simple, the space can easily evolve by swapping out the soft goods and bringing in more grown-up accessories.

White Built-In Kid's Desk With Globes

For unique character, the designer included vintage details like the globes above the desk and the brass animals. Like the window seat, this built-in desk is a smart choice for a smaller space, fitting handily into the sloped ceiling alcove.

White Playroom With Teepee and Pouf

The designer used white walls as a neutral foundation, then gave the room tons of personality via fun accessories and toys like the graphic-patterned teepee, bright pillows and gold leather pouf.

Black and White Teepee With Colorful Pillows

The subtle outside of this cool teepee gives way to rainbow magic inside with brightly colored, patterned pillows and a plush pale blue rug.

Photo By: Catherine Truman

White Playroom With Colorful Mobile and Art

White walls are the perfect blank canvas on which to layer brilliantly colored artwork and whimsical accessories like the zebra head and mobile. A sunshine yellow shade is a pop of warmth over the window seat.

Photo By: Catherine Truman

Zebra Drawer Pulls

What's black and white and adorable all over? These zebra-shaped drawer pulls!

Photo By: Catherine Truman



In its original state, the inset areas around the dormers were a waste of space. To give these areas a true purpose, they were transformed into two separate homework nooks complete with custom floating desks. To create the custom desks, first 2X4 lumber and paint-grade plywood were both cut to size, mitered, attached with a nail gun, then sanded and painted.

Photo by: Brian Patrick Flynn

Brian Patrick Flynn

Cityscapes, too, make for super cute and engaging playrooms (see this space from designer Brian Patrick Flynn for further evidence). Because the different pieces in this scene are made of felt, they can stick to the walls as a 3-D mural or be pulled off for hours of uninterrupted make-believe in Tokyo or New York City.

Make Your Own: Felt Activity Wall

Built-In Toddler Bed Makes Nursery Functional for Toddler and Baby

Built-In Toddler Bed Makes Nursery Functional for Toddler and Baby

With a crib and changing table on one side of the space, this built-in toddler bed adds a place for an older sibling to comfortably enjoy a new room with the new baby. Shelves on either side of the bed and drawers below add storage for toys and clothes, giving the big kid a corner of the room that is all his own.

Photo by: Rebecca Zajac

Rebecca Zajac

Your kids will move mountains — or at least play among them, right? In this dreamy nursery from designer Rebecca Zajac, ombre walls and dark wood accents easily evoke thoughts of the Alaskan wilderness. All your kiddos need are stuffed bears and books to complete their expedition to the woods. 

Look Around the Room:

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Alaskan Inspired Blue Ombré Mountain Nursery

This Alaskan inspired baby boy's nursery is the perfect blend of masculinity and elegance. The cool blues are calming, while natural wood furniture brings a rugged touch to the space. Faux fur details help bring the Alaskan design to life, while the chair and ottomans in the sitting area help to add texture to the space, creating a functional, elegant nursery perfect for little boys.

Natural Wood Crib Makes Ombré Mountains Pop

This natural wood crib makes the mountains pop off the walls and helps to tie the room together. The faux fur bear hanging over the side of the crib lends to the feeling of the Alaskan tundra that inspired this space, while the yellow bird mobile adds a free-spirited feeling to this part of the room.

Sitting Area Adds Texture in Ombré Mountain Nursery

In this corner of the space, a comfortable sitting area is positioned under the natural light of a large window. The high-armed chair and two ottomans make the perfect place for late night feedings and middle-of-the night wake up calls. All three of these pieces, with their unique fabrics, give the space lots of texture and help to complement the color and pattern of the Ombré mountains on the walls.

Modular Storage on Nursery Wall

The modular storage in this space is the perfect way to keep the room organized while displaying the little ones' prized possessions.

Built-In Toddler Bed Makes Nursery Functional for Toddler and Baby

With a crib and changing table on one side of the space, this built-in toddler bed adds a place for an older sibling to comfortably enjoy a new room with the new baby. Shelves on either side of the bed and drawers below add storage for toys and clothes, giving the big kid a corner of the room that is all his own.

Pictures of Baby Alaskan Animals Complete Ombré Mountain Nursery

To complete this space, designers added pictures of baby animals that are indigenous to Alaska, which was the inspiration for this elegant nursery.

Cream and Tan Chevron Rug in Alaskan Mountain Inspired Boy's Nursery

To continue the rugged design of this Alaskan mountain inspired nursery, designers added wood flooring to the space, but with a toddler and an infant around, they needed to create a softer landing for the homeowners' boys, so they added a great cream and tan chevron rug to the space.This rug remains true to the integrity of the design, while providing functionality, texture and comfort.

A Treehouse-Style Loft Bed and Reclaimed Wood Wall Draw the Eye In To This Big Boy Bedroom

A Treehouse-Style Loft Bed and Reclaimed Wood Wall Draw the Eye In To This Big Boy Bedroom

The outdoorsy theme gets a fresh twist in this big boy bedroom framed by a navy loft bed with reading nook below, a wood panel wall, and colorful Roman shade and rug.

Photo by: John Woodcock Photography

John Woodcock Photography

If Alaska feels too far from home, choose a cabin-inspired design for your little ones. A reclaimed wood accent wall, treehouse-style bunk bed and mounted moose make this playroom from J&J Design Group perfect for a future park ranger.

Gender-Neutral Jungle-Themed Nursery

Gender-Neutral Jungle-Themed Nursery

A jungle theme and neutral color palette with punches of bright green give this gender-neutral nursery a happy vibe.

If you have a few rambunctious monkeys on your hands, a Safari-themed space isn't a bad idea. We love how designer Liz Carroll paired pops of green with animal toys to bring the African savanna to this modern home.

Dream Playroom Features Teepee, Rope Swings and Floor Cushions

Dream Playroom Features Teepee, Rope Swings and Floor Cushions

Chango and Co. created every child's dream play space in this expansive playroom. Floor mattresses line one wall and are topped with playful throw pillows for crashing, a teepee provides a place for dreaming, and rope swings hang from the ceiling for extra fun. A bold Swiss cross pattern livens up the walls, and black trim highlights the architectural features of the room.

Photo by: Sean Litchfield Photography

Sean Litchfield Photography

Alternatively, you could give your love bugs a fresh perspective with a playroom inspired by another side of Mother Nature. In this chic space from Chango and Co., throw pillows marked by rain clouds, apples and other fun shapes draw the eye, while a play tent and honeybee toys further bring the outdoors inside.

Transitional Basement Playroom With Chalkboard Wall

Transitional Basement Playroom With Chalkboard Wall

This playroom wins serious style points! The sofa uses perennials fabric for ultimate durability and has a soft frame so kids can climb and jump on it. The back of the room has built-in cabinetry for art supplies and a sink to wash brushes and messy hands. Colorful pillows keep the mood fun and light. Sofa: Restoration Hardware Cloud Sectional; Pillows: CB2

Photo by: Werner Straube Photo

Werner Straube Photo

Encourage your kids to shoot for the moon with their own space-themed playroom. In this transitional basement from 2to5 Design, a chalkboard wall becomes a canvas for some seriously starry artwork. With storage for art supplies and a sink in the back, the wall can be erased and re-styled for their next big adventure.

45 More Playrooms They'll Adore

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Attic Conversion: A Space to Play

After a two week remodel, what was a dark, contractor-grade finished attic is now a shiny, happy spot for playing games, experimenting with crafts and hosting sleepovers. To give the small space a large, open feel, designer Brian Patrick Flynn mixed sea foam blue with a grassy shade of green, then combined traditional and modern design styles for something unique and up-to-date. See more of this attic-turned-playroom >>

Photo By: Brian Patrick Flynn

Attic Conversion: Function Meets Fun

In its original state, the inset areas around the dormers were a waste of space. To give these areas a true purpose, they were transformed into two separate homework nooks complete with custom floating desks. The space in between was then made into a fun and imaginative felt activity wall. Learn how to make this DIY activity wall >>

Photo By: Brian Patrick Flynn

Attic Conversion: DIY Craft Table

To complete the space, designer Brian Patrick Flynn created a clever, crafty activity table by cutting down an old kitchen table and adding a mixing bowl to the center for art supplies and pencils. Learn how to make this DIY art table >>

Photo By: Brian Patrick Flynn

Window to the World

Tucked into a narrow niche, this charming window seat was built deep to accommodate two kids or several stuffed friends. The white base and gray cushion are ideal foils for the bright mix of pillows, toys and the cheery yellow shade. See more of this travel-inspired playroom >>

Business Kid

Do you share your home office with imaginative little ones? Make the most of it by setting up their very own work desk complete with a play phone, filing system and other office supplies.

Dress Up

Do your kids love to put on plays and dress up? Create easy storage that doubles as a display for all their costumes. Learn how to make this easy costume display and storage rack >>

Photo By: Brian Patrick Flynn

Upcycle for Fun

Home improvement bloggers Sherry and John Petersik filled their daughter's play space with upcycled items and clean, simple colors. The chairs are from a thrift store, and John cut down the base of a Target side table to make it just the right height for Clara to sit and play. See more of this gorgeous house featured in HGTV Magazine >>

Photo By: Jim Bastardo

Cohesive Family Room Design

One corner of this midcentury modern family room was made for entertaining little ones. To appeal to imaginative minds, North Fork Design Co. created a vibrant space that seamlessly incorporates just the right amount of color, pattern and natural texture. See more kid-friendly home design from North Fork Design Co. >>

Play to Their Interests

With a dad that plays professional baseball, it's no wonder the kids love it too. Large baseball-themed marquee letters and a plush baseball diamond rug stylishly tie together the sports theme in this fun, rustic playroom.

Photo By: Mark Boisclair Photography, Inc.

Office Space

No need for a babysitter! If you work from home, adding a play space to your home office is a great way to get work done and keep an eye on baby. In this office + playroom combo, an area rug provides a soft place to play while a tall white storage cabinet keeps toys, art supplies and work documents neatly organized.

Fixer Upper Fun

The back room of this small home serves double duty as a play area and the pathway into the backyard. In order to keep the space sophisticated but also fun enough to appeal to a growing boy, designer Joanna Gaines painted the walls a masculine gray-blue and filled the room with sports and travel-themed decor. See the rest of this fresh Fixer Upper makeover >>

From: Chip Gaines and Joanna Gaines

Toy Corner

Designer Claire Paquin created a space in the basement of her client's home that could function for young children, as well as adults. For the play area, carpet tiles create visual interest and warmth for kids to play on the floor while a tall bookcase cubby provides ample storage for toys and games.

Kitchen Play Area

As seen on America's Most Desperate Kitchens, this kitchen space was designed to be family-friendly. Adjacent to both the kitchen and office space, the kids' play area provides little ones with a place to play within eyesight while mom and dad fix the family's meals. 

Kitchen Play Area: Looking Out

Pint-Size Style

Designer Kendall Simmons infused tons of personality into this neutral play corner with fun accessories and toys like a graphic-patterned teepee, bright pillows and a gold leather pouf.

Monkey Around

HGTV host Jennie Garth created an activity space within her daughter Fiona's bedroom, complete with a rock cimbing wall and monkey bars.

Play on Wheels

Made from an old rolling kitchen cart, this DIY toy workbench can be transported to any room in the house for endless fun. Get the step-by-step instructions >>

Photo By: Joanne Palmisano & Susan Teare ©Susan Teare

Moving On Up

In a small space, creativity is key. The designers of this charming playroom upped the fun factor by opening the space above the bathroom and adding a loft for the homeowners' two daughters.

From: Eric Aust

Treehouse Loft

In addition to being a really cool place to sleep, this custom-built treehouse loft bed frees up valuable floor space for playing and reading in this little boy's bedroom.

Cheerful + Modern

This colorful playroom features multiple floral accents, including a red, orange and white upholstered sofa with coordinating throw pillows. White and yellow cube shelves offer a spot for storing kids' play things, while a white faux fur rug sits atop the neutral carpet. 

Traditional Tea

A pint-size table and mini silver tea set are lovely, kid-friendly additions to this cozy cottage sunroom.

Growing Design

Designed with growth in mind, this Moroccan-inspired multipurpose space facilitates play, study, storage and the occasional sleepover. The custom U-shaped storage bench is a comfy spot for crafts or can be pulled out into a daybed for sleeping or lounging. See the rest of this eclectic playroom >>

Basement Art Studio

One corner of this remodeled basement is now an electronics-free creative space where kids can paint, draw and play games at their craft table. Artwork — hung from Ikea picture rails and curtain rods with clips — fills the room with vibrant color. See more of this basement remodel >>

Black, White & Bold

Bold patterns are the order of the day in this fashion-forward bedroom + playroom. Defined areas for reading, sleeping, crafting and playing keep the room from looking cluttered against the graphic black and white striped rug and raindrop wallpaper. See the rest of this sophisticated girl's bedroom >>

Stylish Storage

Who says storage has to be ugly? Brightly striped storage bins add pops of fun color to this light gray play space. For easy cleanup, stylish metal and wood storage bins corral small toys like sporting equipment and stuffed animals. Get more playroom organization ideas >>

Photo By: Courtesy of Jamielyn Nye and HomeGoods

Entertainment Hallway

An unused nook off an upstairs landing provides a perfect place for play. Classic red theater seats are a comfy spot to watch movies while a plush, white rug covers the floor space for extra coziness when coloring, reading or watching a movie.

Door to Creativity

A chalkboard-painted door offers hours of fun for kids of all ages in this dreamy playroom. Next to the door, shelves keep toys, crayons, paper and puzzles off the floor and organized. 

Playhouse Under the Stairs

No space is wasted in this refinished basement. The empty area under the staircase was transformed into a dream kids' clubhouse. To mimic the look of a real cabin, laminate flooring was installed on the exterior and bright orange shutters and a mini door added for a fun pop of color. 

Stick the Landing

A large upstairs landing is now a serene place to play in this remodeled farmhouse. Designer Tim Brown centered the design around a bright chevron rug, adding plenty of storage and comfy bean bag seating in bright, coordinating colors. See more of this modern white farmhouse makeover >>

Photo By: clfryphoto.com

Integrated Design

What looks like a large living area is actually a playroom for the kids — but, obviously, one the parents can enjoy as well. Multiple colors create an area that feels inspirational and creative, perfect for drawing, playing games or doing puzzles together. A lengthy sectional sofa provides ample space for a family to curl up in front of a favorite movie while a long TV cabin stylishly hides toys.

Repurpose Old Furniture

Save money on an expensive toy kitchen by turning an old entertainment center into a personal playset for your budding little chef. Get the step-by-step instructions >>

Photo By: Susan Teare ©Joanne Palmisano

Magnet Art Wall

The wall of this sunny playroom is coated in magnetic paint, allowing children's art to be hung and swapped out with ease. See more of this kid-friendly home from HGTV Magazine >>

Photo By: Kim Cornelison

On the Stage

With the addition of a curtained stage, microphone, dress-up area and audience seating, a once empty corner is now prime real estate for a budding singer.

Hidden Bed

The whole bedroom can be a playroom if you choose a unique layout. With a bed cleverly tucked under "trap doors" in the floor, there's plenty of extra space for ladders and toys. Photo courtesy of IKEA.

Photo By: Courtesy of IKEA

Do It Up With Decals

Temporary wall decals are a damage-free way to decorate a playspace without ruining the walls. Plus, the design can be swapped out to appeal to changing tastes as your little ones grow. Check out more cool wall decals for kids' rooms >>

Scrabble Wall

This fun and functional playroom features a custom, life-sized Scrabble board accent wall.

For Book Lovers

Fun wall letters made from children's book pages lend a playful, decorative touch to this playroom reading space.

Photo By: John Woodcock Photography

Hallway to Fun

On one side of the hallway that leads to a shared girls' bedroom, a chalkboard wall invites children to express their creativity. 

Hangin' Around

Easily installed in any play space, a comfy hanging rattan chair is a cozy spot to cuddle up, read and imagine. 

Photo By: Dean Birinyi Photography

For Relaxation + Play

This chic play area offers seating for both parent and child. A small round table features built-in toy storage while a plush rug provides cushion for little feet. Nearby, an adult-size sofa gives mom or dad a place to supervise comfortably. See more of this dreamy black and white nursery >>

Closet Space

Peek behind the bookshelves of this little girl's room, and you'll find a secret hideaway that features a chalkboard wall and a small seating area for imagination and creativity to roam free.

A Special Spot for the Older Sibling

In this ombre mountain nursery, a built-in toddler bed adds a place for an older sibling to comfortably enjoy a new room with the new baby. Shelves on either side of the bed and drawers below add storage for toys and clothes, giving the big kid a corner of the room that is all his own. See more of this mountain-themed nursery >>

Update a Garden Shed

From the floors and ceiling to the walls and lighting, what was a dingy playhouse is now a bright, cheerful place all about toys, crafting and reading. Learn how to create your own playshed >>

Photo By: Brian Patrick Flynn

Endless Art

A simple play table with a built in craft paper station is the perfect spot for little ones to enjoy a show while creating their masterpieces.

Secret Castle

Tucked away in a basement closet beneath the stairs, this enchanted castle playhouse opens the door to a child's imagination. Meanwhile, parents can shut the door to a playroom mess.

Photo By: Kenarry Ideas for the Home

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