12 Designer Fitness Centers That Will Make You Actually Want to Work Out

Ready to #getfit? Dip, squat and lunge in these incredible fitness sanctuaries.
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I'm notorious for the whole "I'll start on Monday!" workout regime, but my boo is a personal trainer and does not fall for that. He's heard every excuse in the book — more than once.

With just over four months until we tie the knot (!!!), I'm determined to end the excuses and crank up the sweat factor. While I normally make awkward eye contact with my cat during planks, I have dreams that my future home will someday include a fitness sanctuary like these beauties. (And if it's up to my guy, it most certainly will.)

Modern Fitness Center Overlooking Ocean

Modern Fitness Center Overlooking Ocean

The Estates at Acqualina, a Mediterranean-style luxury residential development, is an extension of the renowned Acqualina brand. It features 5.6 acres of grounds and gardens will boast lush landscaped gardens, multiple infinity pools, a FlowRider® for surfers, a basketball court, a bocce court, a dog park, soccer field, a romantic beachfront restaurant and 502 feet of Atlantic oceanfront with Five Star beach and pool services.

Photo by: The Estates at Acqualina

The Estates at Acqualina

Black and White Home Gym and Recreation Room

Black and White Home Gym and Recreation Room

It's not hard to hit the gym when it's one with this much style. Colorful glass pendant lamps illuminate the space which has plenty of room for workout gear and a lounging area.

Modern Fitness Center

Modern Fitness Center

Three Hundred Collins, the first luxury residential development in Miami, is a five-story, 19-unit property nestled within the vibrant and stylish community of Miami Beach's South of Fifth neighborhood.

Photo by: Three Hundred Collins

Three Hundred Collins

Organized Home Gym

Organized Home Gym

Jillian Harris, designer on HGTV's Love It or List It Too, has turned this once cluttered gym into an exercise oasis. Instead of having a hodgepodge, everything now has its space and the family can work out without worrying about the risk of bodily injury.

From: Love It or List It, Too

Photo by: janis nicolay

janis nicolay

8 Tricky Ways to Sneak In More Exercise

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Watch Your Favorites During Workouts

True, some experts say that workouts are optimized when we don't multitask. But if watching your favorite show on your tablet means you'll spend more minutes on the treadmill, that's a tradeoff that pays off.

Photo By: iStockPhoto/nd3000

Commute to Work

You have to take the trip to work anyway, so this time is as free as it comes. If the weather works with you, try biking or walking part of the way.

Photo By: iStockPhoto/Bedya

Set the Alarm Early

Set your alarm just 15 minutes early to do some stretches and light cardio before your morning shower. Do them regularly, and you'll see a difference in days.

Get Rid of Time Wasters

An app like Caato Time Tracker tells you exactly where your time is going and makes it easy to get rid of time wasters. Turn it off anytime you stop working, and you may find yourself getting much more efficient.

Photo By: iStockPhoto/Marco Piunti

Be Strict About Scheduling

Don't postpone your workout whenever something else comes up. Put it on your calendar, set up a reminder and protect your time to exercise.

Make Lunch Hour Power Hour

Head for a nearby park, speed walk the streets around your building or even do laps on the stairs in your building. Use a fitness tracker to help keep track of steps and exercise time.

Photo By: iStockPhoto/YoungOldman

Try a Mini Workout

The internet is awash with quick workouts you can do at home for free. Search for "mini workout" on YouTube to find a huge variety that takes only a few minutes apiece.

Photo By: iStockPhoto/G-Stock Studio

Delegate Your Errands

Still can't find enough hours in the day? TaskRabbits can run errands for you, so you'll have time to work out for much less than the price of a personal trainer.

Photo By: TaskRabbit

Stretch at Your Desk

Sitting at a desk for eight-plus hours a day takes a toll on the body. To fit a little movement into your day and relieve stress, try some simple and inconspicuous yoga stretches at your desk. Start with a high altar pose then move through eight additional movements, ending with a bridge stretch.

Get Fit While Getting Stuff Done

Have a long list of housework to conquer? You can get that to-do list done and squeeze in moderate exercise at the same time. Weeding, raking, planting seeds, mowing, doing the dishes, vacuuming and mopping are all surprisingly active tasks. They may not give you a six-pack, but they definitely burn some calories.

Photo By: iStockPhoto/Maxim Kostenko

HGTV MilDolHom - Hidden Hills, CA.

HGTV MilDolHom - Hidden Hills, CA.

View of the two story gym at the house in Hidden Hills, California. The 22000 square foot estate is worth 23 million dollars and sits on 2.75 acres with 9 bedrooms and 14 bathrooms. There is a limestone cigar room, a wine cellar, a two story gym, a spa, massage room, meditation room, a theater and various lounge spaces inside. Outside there is a large pool, hot tub, sunken fireplace, a full outdoor kitchen, and an amazing view. The entire estate has 7 rooms worth over one million each and the view of the back and front of the house designed to consistently have the "Wow Factor".

Photo by: Jamie Rector

Jamie Rector



Home gym.

Photo by: Olson Photogrpahic LLC

Olson Photogrpahic LLC

Modern Fitness Center

Modern Fitness Center

This fitness center overlooks the pool and outdoor jacuzzis.

Photo by: Oceana Bal Harbour

Oceana Bal Harbour

Modern Fitness Center

Modern Fitness Center

Towering stories above South Williamsburg, 190 South 1st stands literally above the rest. With striking, spacious interiors matched only by a stunning façade, 190 South 1st is the first of its kind to offer unparalleled modern luxury in gym form.

Photo by: 190 South 1st Street

190 South 1st Street

8 Must-Try Fitness Gadgets

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Tinké Fitness Tracker

Get all your exercise-centric vitals — heart rate, respiratory rate and blood oxygen saturation — with this tracker that shows results with a simple touch. 

Photo By: Zensorium

Withings Aura Sleep Monitor

Quality sleep improves your overall health, not to mention the energy it gives you to exercise. This under-the-mattress sleep sensor and bedside light monitors your sleep cycles and gently wakes you at the optimal time so you feel refreshed.

Photo By: Withings Aura

Fitbit Aria Scale

This scale talks to your fitness tracker and phone, so you receive celebratory messages as you reach your fitness goals and a big-picture look at your progress over time. Stepping on the scale feels great for a change. 

Photo By: Carley Knobloch

Jaybird Bluetooth Earphones

Boasting sweat-repellant materials, these wireless earbuds are made to fit over your ears so their cord doesn't touch your neck, and wires don’t interrupt your workout. Jog unencumbered.

LeapFrog Fitness Band for Kids

Inspire kids to get moving with this clever app, which makes exercise fun and encourages healthy habits with a customizable fitness pet pal.

Photo By: LeapFrog

Xbox Fitness Workout at Home

Bring a celebrity trainer home — Shaun T of Insanity, Tony Horton of P90X, Jillian Michaels and Tracy Anderson — with a video fitness game that can get you into shape with personalized feedback. They respond to your form, power and pulse rate so you get the best results.

Photo By: Microsoft

Misfit Shine Fitness Tracker Watch

There are other less-than-attractive fitness trackers you can wear on your wrist, but here's one that's stylish and versatile. In the luminous, anodized aluminum color of your choice, the Misfit Shine disc monitors your steps, calories and sleep, while also working as a watch. You can also wear it as a necklace, pin or bracelet. 

Photo By: Misfit Shine

WiFi-Connected Spin Bike

If the spin class schedule at your gym doesn't work with your schedule, try the Wi-Fi-connected Peloton spin bike that streams live spin classes directly from New York City to your machine. You'll have a front-row seat facing the instructor, complete with video chat. 

Photo By: Peloton Cycle; Photography by Eric Hwang

Modern Fitness Center in Miami

Modern Fitness Center in Miami

REACH and RISE, two sleek, 43-story premier luxury condominium towers, are part of Brickell City Centre, Swire Properties' landmark $1.05 billion mixed-use development center transforming Downtown Miami's skyline.

Photo by: REACH and RISE at Brickell City Centre

REACH and RISE at Brickell City Centre

Modern Fitness Center in NYC

Modern Fitness Center in NYC

Purchasers will be able to feel the burn at 50 West—the Financial District's highly anticipated residential tower—at its all-inclusive fitness studio. The studio includes separate areas for functional cardio and weight activities, as well as studios dedicated for private instruction with your favorite trainer.

Photo by: 50 West

50 West

Modern, Industrial Fitness Center

Modern, Industrial Fitness Center

393 West End Ave, located on the South West corner of 79th Street and West End Avenue, is a classic 17 story prewar building being developed by Simon Baron Development. The landmarked development has been brilliantly reimagined by Vicente Wolf, marrying the best of classic pre-war with contemporary design and interiors.

Photo by: 393 West End Ave

393 West End Ave



Photo by: Photographer: Christina Wedge

Photographer: Christina Wedge

Makeover: A Yoga-Centric Studio for Classes

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Dark Wooden Planks

When Ashley purchased her Atlanta bungalow in 2008, she intended to turn its dark, wood-paneled attic into a yoga studio. In order to update it correctly, she'd need to replace the wood paneling with drywall, tear out the damaged wood floors and add natural light by replacing tiny dormer windows with a large 3x4 foot window and a custom skylight.  

A Well-Balanced Space

In order utilize her attic space as a yoga studio, Ashley dedicated one side for instructing classes. To keep the top-floor area feeling serene and airy, she used a shade of blue for the walls, while yellow and turquoise add energy to the space through accents such as yoga mats.  

Photo By: Photographer: Christina Wedge

Clutter-Free Consciousness

Yoga-centric spaces must be clean and minimal so that students can remain focused and clear-headed. In order to keep her essential yoga supplies nearby, neat and uncluttered, Ashley designed a cubby system with an integrated refrigerator for keeping bottled water chilled, and mats and towels organized.  

Photo By: Photographer: Christina Wedge

Inspirational Accents

Graphic design is Ashley's main profession. To add her own designer touch to the space, she created a 2x4 foot piece of graphic art packed with inspirational words to encourage a feeling of calm and peacefulness, elements essential to a successful yoga workout.  

Photo By: Photographer: Christina Wedge

Overcoming Challenges

The dark wood floating floors presented the most challenges. In its original condition, the space underfoot was made up of damaged hardwoods installed above uneven floor boards. It wasn't until her contractor started installation that he noticed a major dip on one side. Before installing the new dark wood floating floor, he had to replace 50% of the floor boards, then add leveling compound.  

Photo By: Photographer: Christina Wedge

Whitewashed Walls

Ashley used most of the attic's wall space as an opportunity to add coastal-style architectural touches. To offset the darkness of her ebony floating wood floors, the contractor install 1x6 pine planks horizontally, and hired a painter to lighten them with a whitewashed effect.  

Photo By: Photographer: Christina Wedge

Staying Centered

Originally, the wood-paneled stairwell leading up to Ashley's attic was extremely dark and dingy. To lighten it up, she used the same whitewashed horizontal pine used throughout the studio. Now the stairwell wall serves as the central divider between the area designated for yoga sessions and the space meant for desk work.  

Photo By: Photographer: Christina Wedge

Love, Peace and Lighting

Ashley aimed to incorporate her love of coastal style into the yoga studio's design. To do this in a non-literal manner, she installed an industrial pendants made from galvanized metal indicative of lighting found on boardwalks and wharfs.  

Photo By: Photographer: Christina Wedge

A Welcoming Environment

As students enter the yoga studio, they're greeted by a half-wall packed with fresh hand towels. Once sessions are finished, Ashley gathers up the used towels, tosses them in the laundry, then replenishes the wall supply with new ones.  

Photo By: Photographer: Christina Wedge

A Place for Everyone

Since many of Ashley's students change into yoga attire at her house, she designated one side of the stairwell's half-wall to holding everything from purses to hats to gym bags.  

Photo By: Photographer: Christina Wedge

A Desk Area for Extra Organization

Ashley uses a desk area of the space to read up on trends and new techniques. She opted for a classic, traditional desk with bases made of filing cabinets to keep the space clean and clutter-free.  

Photo By: Photographer: Christina Wedge

Temperature Control

To keep the studio cool in the warmer Atlanta months, Ashley installed a modern, plug-in unit at the top of the new window. This alternative to central air conditioning was much more cost-effective, at $250.  

Photo By: Photographer: Christina Wedge

Reconsidering the Skylight

Natural light was one of the most important elements in the yoga studio. Although Ashley's thrilled with the great amount of sun peeking through her new skylight, the window presents several challenges for the homeowner. "The skylight is causing areas of the wood floor to fade and it makes the space warm at certain times of the day," says Ashley.  

Photo By: Photographer: Christina Wedge

A Passion for Yoga Poses

Thanks to a smart space plan, Ashley has plenty of room to instruct three to six students per session.  

Photo By: Photographer: Christina Wedge

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