Creative Ways to Decorate With Branches and Leaves This Fall

Embrace a more rustic approach with your seasonal decor.

With the change of seasons, you might have noticed that you don't quite have the flower selection that you did a couple of months ago. While there are certainly various types of flowers that are available year-round (hello, roses!), we think fall is the perfect time of year to embrace a more rustic approach with branches and leaves.



© 2013, DIY Network/Scripps Networks, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

2013, DIY Network/Scripps Networks, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Depending on what part of the country you're in, you might find some beautiful options right in your own backyard. However, you can also visit your local farmer's market, supermarket or neighborhood flower shop to pick up some interesting branches or leaves to use in your space. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Ditch Flowers for Flowering Branches

Light, Windowed Room With Blue Velvet Sofas

Light, Windowed Room With Blue Velvet Sofas

Light, light and more light! The designer's talent shows through here in ability to make a space that's both formal and relaxed — with aid from those amazing floor-to-ceiling windows. Soothing tones of blue and cream and a flowering branch placed just so echo the great outdoors. A flokati pillow and a zebra print pillow add some modern funk, and simple accessories bring personality without clutter.

Photo by: Allison Corona Photography

Allison Corona Photography

The easiest transition from flowers is to move straight into flowering branches. These make for big impact arrangements and also tend to last much longer than your typical flower arrangements would.

Cherry blossoms, apple blossoms, apricot blossoms and plum tree blossoms are all hearty options along with quince. These types of flowering branches tend to require larger containers, so don't be afraid to move beyond vases that you might typically use for flower arrangements. For an especially tall arrangement, I sometimes put my container on the floor and arrange it from there.

I also like to use more substantial cutting tools for branches, like these heavy-duty pruning shears.

Branches and Leaves Work Well, Too

After: Country Corner

After: Country Corner

A corner of the living room is decorated with a wood relief door, accent table and galvanized metal vase with olive branches.

From: Fixer Upper

Beyond flowering branches, there are many options for decorating with leafy branches. Oftentimes these arrangements have the added benefit of smelling amazing, which is certainly the case with eucalyptus or olive branches.

Another great thing about using branches and leaves is that you really only need one big bunch of something. So, while you might mix up a few different kinds of flowers for a typical arrangement, one big bunch of leaves will really do the trick all on its own.

13 Rustic Thanksgiving Table Setting Ideas

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Try a New Hue

Not a fan of orange and brown? No worries; your table's color palette doesn't have to be restricted to traditional fall colors. Instead try softer, cooler hues like the whites, pale greens and grays found on heirloom-variety pumpkins.

Stack a Centerpiece

For a simple focal point, skip the flowers and instead stack pumpkins in varying shades and graduated sizes to create a rustic topiary. Remove the stems from all but the top pumpkin to create a stable base.

Natural Embellishments

Use fresh greenery, like waxy magnolia leaves or feathery evergreen boughs, to add texture and color around the base of the centerpiece. Tuck collected pinecones and nuts into the arrangement to celebrate nature's bounty.

Go For a Layered Look

Layering plates in different finishes, colors or textures is an easy trick for setting an elegant table. Start with a charger, followed by a dinner plate, topped by a folded cloth napkin and small bread or dessert plate.

Easy Holiday Transition

It can be expensive (and time-consuming) to decorate for Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas within the span of just three months. So opt for decor that can easily transition from one holiday to the next. Buy heirloom pumpkins for Halloween and store them in a cool place until they can be reused for Thanksgiving. Pinecones and magnolia leaves that were used to decorate your Thanksgiving table can be fashioned into a Christmas wreath after the big feast.

Beyond Pumpkins

Some varieties of squash are beautiful and a perfect fit for a rustic fall table setting. Stroll the grocery store's produce aisle or your local farmers' market for inspiration. Artichoke, cabbage, pears and pomegranates are other great options for decorating a rustic fall table.

Complete the Look

When setting your Thanksgiving table, don't forget to add fall touches to the other main elements in your dining room. A few organic additions to the chandelier, buffet, hutch or cupboard will pull the seasonal look together.

Homage to Tom the Turkey

Beautiful turkey feathers from a local farm are nestled among fresh magnolia branches to decorate the chandelier as a subtle yet elegant nod to the feast's main course.

Extra-Wide Runner

Placemats aren't necessary when using this runner custom-made by weaving together upholstery webbing. Long and narrow runners can get lost under a centerpiece, but this square version really stands out.

Don't Forget to Say Thanks

For a chic-meets-easy place card, top mini white pumpkins with tags that read, "merci" or "thank you" in French as a subtle reminder of what the day is all about. Tags like these are easy to craft yourself or purchase on handmade marketplace websites.

Play With Texture

A white tablecloth is a classic backdrop to the organic centerpiece and rough texture of the woven runner. Other options: Try layering fine linen over humble burlap or crisp cotton against nubby wool.

Asymmetry Is OK

It's not easy to find pumpkins that are the exact same size and shape, so it's okay for the centerpiece to be a bit off-balance. Imperfections lend a casual feel to a table that might feel overly formal or stuffy for guests.

Finding Freebies

Many stores and farmers' markets clear out their fall decor and start filling the shelves with Christmas items weeks before Thanksgiving. Ask local shops who sell live pumpkins if you can have them (or buy at a discount) when they make the switch. Most shops are just throwing the still-good pumpkins away and will give them to you for free.

Or Just Embrace the Branches Alone



This bedroom has cinnabar red accents and two twin beds. It has a Gothic charm, with the walls painted in clean white . Red and white striped vertical upholstered boards serve as the headboard in the room.

In fact, you don't even need branches with leaves or flowers! Branches on their own can make for a beautiful, minimal arrangement. These branches have a few leftover flowers on them, but they illustrate the point that branches also look gorgeous all on their own in a beautiful container.

Again, remember to think big when you're putting together these types of arrangements. It's ok if they're taller than what you might be used to. If you don't have larger vases, try using pitchers, planters or taller baskets to house your arrangements.

Organic Thanksgiving Table Setting Tips

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Chalk It Up

Chalkboards add a playful decorative element to any get-together. They're not only inexpensive, but also can be used repeatedly for different holidays and family events. Put your creative skills to work by writing "Happy Thanksgiving" on yours and displaying it near the spread to get guests in the holiday spirit. Have friends and family pose by the chalkboard sign for a souvenir photo op.

DIY Twig Table Runner

Take your Thanksgiving table to the next level by making your own rustic (and nearly free!) runner. Easy to craft — and a perfect project for kids to help with — this runner adds to the table's outdoorsy feel and can be rolled up and stored away for use year after year.

Curried Butternut Squash Soup With Fried Sage Leaves

No fall meal is complete without a piping-hot bowl of soup. A spiced-up version of the Thanksgiving favorite, this curried butternut squash soup is a warm and creamy addition to your meal. Serve in a large footed tureen and let guests serve themselves. Get the recipe

Go For a Layered Look

Create a gorgeous place setting using pieces that are rustic and autumnal yet still have a modern edge. Wooden chargers are the perfect anchor for a sleek white dinner plate and bowl while vintage gold flatware adds glitz and natural linen napkins work anytime of the year. Keep in mind that the dinner plate and bowl needn't be from the same set — mixing and matching color and texture adds to the table's organic feel.

Golden Raisin and Cranberry Chutney

Friends don't let friends serve cranberry sauce from a can! For a homemade take on Thanksgiving's signature condiment, serve this not-too-sweet version. Get the recipe

Craft Your Own Centerpiece

No Thanksgiving table is complete without a centerpiece. Create an arrangement that features fall's richest colors and textures that incorporates fresh greenery from your own backyard. Rather than an over-the-top floral arrangement in a tall vase, keep the arrangement low so guests can see each other and chat across the table.

Southwestern-Style Poblano Cornbread Stuffing

Take everyone's favorite side dish up a notch by preparing this flavorful twist on your standard stuffing. Poblano peppers and cornbread come together to create a Thanksgiving dish that will keep guests coming back for seconds — and even thirds! Get the recipe

Easy-to-Craft Pomegranate Place Cards

Keep your dinner drama-free and avoid a game of musical chairs by setting out place cards for your guests. For a look that's both seasonal and sleek, make these gilded place-card holders by spraying pomegranates with metallic paint, then inserting a handwritten place card in the crown. Inexpensive and homemade, they're the perfect way to make your place setting feel extra special. Get step-by-step instructions

Individual Maple Sweet Potato Soufflés

Sweet potatoes, maple syrup and toasted pecans combine for an indulgent treat that's sure to please even the pickiest palette. Prepared individually in ramekins, they make for easy serving. Get the recipe

Golden Touches

Set the scene by scattering gilded natural elements down the length of the runner. Collect different leaves, pinecones, berries or whatever else nature is offering, and give each a light coat of gold spray paint for a touch of glitz.

Opt for Streamlined Glassware

For a modern touch, set out fuss-free water glasses and stemless wineglasses. Be sure to keep the wine flowing and have a healthy selection of red and white on hand, and place pitchers of water on the table to make refilling super easy.

Sage Roasted Turkey With a Crunchy Maple Crust

For the star of the Thanksgiving meal, give guests a savory-meets-sweet main course that they won't soon forget. Rather than serving a traditional turkey, mix things up by making this drool-worthy bird. Get the recipe

Carve the Bird Like a Pro

Your first time carving a turkey can be a pressure-packed moment. To properly do the job, you'll need a chef's knife or carving knife, a carving fork and a boning knife. First, separate the legs and wings from the body. Then to carve the breast, find the breastbone and carve down one side, peeling the breast away from the bone as you go. Serve all pieces on a large platter for guests to choose.

Craft Your Own Menu

For the hostess who leaves no stone unturned, enlist the talents of a family member with artistic handwriting or, even better, calligraphy skills to create a gorgeous menu card. Display at each place setting or pass around the table to jump-start guests' appetites and get them excited for the main event.

Sautéed Brussels Sprouts With Cranberries and Pine Nuts

Part of what makes the holidays so special is the extra love and effort that goes into the menu. Dishes overflowing with color and flavor are key to a successful Thanksgiving dinner — and this take on Brussels sprouts is sure to get your guests' attention. The healthy veggies are shredded, sautéed, tossed with cranberries and pine nuts, then topped with fresh orange zest for a dish that's bursting with bright flavors. Get the recipe

Break Out the Good China

Thanksgiving is all about tradition, so incorporate a bit of your family's history into the table by using heirloom china. If you like the look but your inventory of vintage pieces is lacking, scour local antique stores and thrift shops to start your own collection.

All in the Family

Because Thanksgiving is about spending quality time with loved ones, serve dishes family-style, allowing guests to interact and share much more than a buffet does. Simply set your large serving dishes out down the length of the table with serving spoons, and let guests pass them throughout the meal.

Share Why You're Thankful

Besides the turkey, Thanksgiving's other favorite tradition is going around the table and sharing what you're most thankful for. Think up an organized or clever way for guests to share (like writing it down), or simply take turns listening to each guest.

Save Room for Dessert

If your appetites will still allow it, set dessert out on the table after dinner with dessert plates and forks so guests can help themselves. Serve alongside coffee and piping-hot cider for the last stretch in your marathon meal.

Pumpkin Tiramisu Layer Cake

This fresh take on the Italian classic encompasses everything we love about Thanksgiving: the rich, sweet flavor of coffee, brandy and chocolate combined with the seasonal flavor of pumpkin. Top with a generous sprinkle of amaretti cookies for crunch before serving. Get the recipe

Incorporate Branches Into Your Decor

Leather Christmas Stockings Hung From Branch-Like Vine

Leather Christmas Stockings Hung From Branch-Like Vine

Give your holiday mantel a high-fashion makeover with custom leather Christmas stockings. Wouldn't these tanned beauties be so appropriate for a rustic industrial holiday?

While creating arrangements is an easy way to bring branches into your decor, think about using them as part of your holiday decorating schemes, as well.

Christmas is around the corner and these leather stockings hung from a branch are such a fun, unique take on traditional stockings.

Our 60 Favorite Fall Decorating Ideas

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Freshen Up the Front Door

Piles of pumpkins and gourds along with potted croton and mums give this cheery front porch, featured in HGTV Magazine, maximum curb appeal. Copy a few of their clever ideas — like adding vinyl house numbers to a tall pumpkin — for a similarly festive look for your home's entry.

Photo By: David A. Land (styled by Elizabeth Demos)

(Safely) Fire Up the Fireplace

Honestly, who doesn't love to curl up next to a roaring fire on a chilly day? As inviting as it is, put safety first. Before lighting the season's first log, have the chimney and fire box inspected and cleaned by a professional chimney sweep. Get 15 more fireplace safety tips. Design by Sarah Richardson

Add a Farmhouse Feel

Freshen up your front porch for fall with our 11 ideas for making it a cozy, welcoming place to hang out and enjoy autumn's cooler weather and colorful scenery. 

Warm Things Up

Take a cue from designer Sarah Richardson and give an open, soaring space (even one as massive as her living room) a snug, welcoming feel by swapping out pillows in lightweight summer fabrics, like linen and cotton, for luxe velvet ones in rich, fall shades. Add a few coordinating throws and get ready to cozy up by the fire.

Photo By: Stacey Brandford

Make a Ribbon Rose Wreath

Craft a cheery touch of fall for your front door with a moss-covered wreath form and autumnal ribbon roses that look complicated but are actually a snap to make. Learn how to make your own

  1. fall-wreath

Photo By: H. Camille Smith

Add Woodsy Charm With Firewood

That's right, firewood isn't just functional, it's also decorative, as Fixer Upper designer and host Joanna Gaines proved in this rustic living room. Be sure to remove any leaves or small twigs and give the cut branches a quick brush-off with a broom to eliminate any bugs or spiders before bringing the firewood indoors.

Glitz Up Your Pumpkins

Pretty enough to display from Halloween until Thanksgiving, these glitzy pumpkins are a snap to make using just leaves from the backyard, glue and metallic glitter. 

Easily Craft a Rustic Tray

Air-dry clay and paint are all you need to make a rustic tray that's perfect for corraling candles and fall accents or as part of your Thanksgiving table setting. It's an easy and inexpensive craft project for adults and kids alike. Learn how to make your own

Boost Curb Appeal With Seasonal Color

Fall is the time to fill window boxes and gardens with showy white, purple or fuchsia ornamental cabbages, pansies and English ivy to add a cheery pop of color that will endure winter's frosty temps and beautify your landscape into the early spring. 

Add Fresh Flowers

Nothing brightens up your home for the season like vases filled with fall flowers. Sunflowers and alstromeria are great choices because they'll remain beautiful for up to a week. The trick to keeping blooms fresh is to remove all leaves below the water line and change out the water every few days.

Create a Grand Entrance

Fall marks the start of the holiday entertaining season making it a great time to spruce up areas of your home where guests gather, like the foyer. Touch-up scuffs on stair risers and add an entry table large enough to display a few decorative accessories. A pair of occasional chairs or long bench provides a spot for guests to remove boots or just sit for a chat. Image courtesy of Thibaut

©Image courtesy of Thibaut

Stack a Chic Topiary

Hit the craft store for faux white pumpkins and greenery to craft this stunning topiary that'll brighten up your front porch from the start of fall till it's time to swap it out for holiday decorations. Best of all: the faux materials ensure that this topiary will keep its good looks for many falls to come. DIY Network shares the step-by-step instructions

Photo By: Susan Teare ©Joanne Palmisano

Put Memories on Display

With the imminent arrival of friends and family for the holidays, fall is the perfect time to root through boxes of old family photos, pop them in a frame and create a gallery wall so everyone can enjoy a sentimental stroll down memory lane. See more images of this home, featured in HGTV Magazine

©Lucas Allen

Cozy Up Dining Chairs

Sometimes style wins out over comfort when selecting dining chairs. With Thanksgiving (and then Christmas) entertaining on the horizon, fall is a great time to tackle that uncomfortable chair issue once and for all by adding a comfy pad and coordinating pillow. If your chair seats are a standard size, check online decor sites and catalogs for readymade cushions that match your decor. If your seats are an unusual size, DIY or having them custom-made are your best bets.

Spice Up the Guest Room

If cooler fall weather also means hosting weekend guests, swap out lightweight summer bedding for heavier linens in rich fall shades, like pumpkin, russet or gold, as design diva Candice Olsen did here. Changing just a few key pieces is an easy way to refresh a bedroom's look, plus your guests will appreciate bunking in such a well-appointed and cozy room. Get more tips for readying a guest bedroom for company.  

  1. bedrooms

Warm Up to New Hues

Don't limit bright colors to spring and summer, fall's hues can be playful too — rely on Mother Nature's shifting shades to help you pick your palette. Try a splash of pumpkin orange, mellowed gourd green or the saturated blue evident in fall's clear skies. No need to swap out (or repaint) your furniture for the season, just work in a few colorful accessories to get the look. Image courtesy of HGTV Magazine

Photo By: David A. Land (styled by Elizabeth Demos)

Skirt the Issue

Your dining room is ground central for Thanksgiving celebrations. Help it look its best by upgrading your existing dining chairs with charming skirted slipcovers. Wide ribbon ties ensure they're removable so keeping them clean is a breeze. Learn how to stitch up your own slipcovers

  1. living spaces

Photo By: Marian Parsons

Cozy Up the Outdoors

Make the most of fall's crisp evenings by creating a small conversation area around a fire pit and add lots of pillows and throws to really boost the coziness factor. Keep a large basket handy so you can easily transport the linens indoors when inclement weather threatens.

Add Some Layers

Fall's crisp weather calls for layering up your wardrobe — put the same idea to work in your home and toss cozy wool, cotton, chenille or even luxurious cashmere throws over furniture in rooms where your family or guests gather. Design by Sarah Richardson.

Create a Wall Grouping With Fall Flair

Shop thrift stores and garage sales for assorted small frames then fill them with fall sentiments, black-and-white photos and pressed leaves. Design by Layla Palmer.

Dress Up Any Space With a Wreath

An inexpensive wreath form, moss and our free printable templates are all you need to create this rustic fall wreath.

Give It a White Wash

Scandinavian decor, which predominantly features the color white in both furniture and accessories, continues to be a trendy look worth trying. White pumpkins and mums are a natural; pair them with a thrifted chair painted bright white for a crisp, clean grouping for your indoor or outdoor space.

  1. white photos

Photo By: © Frey

Bring the Outdoors In

For most of us, fall is the last hoorah before winter's blustery weather truly sets in; enjoy a walk in the crisp air to gather clippings of flowering plants and colorful foliage. Fill small vases with your finds and place them throughout the house. If you're expecting overnight visitors, don't forget the guest room. Image courtesy of Blackberry Farm; Photography by beall + thomas

Make Your Own Marquee Letters

Theater-style marquee letters are trending (read: expensive) but using a few craft-store supplies and globe string lights, you can make your own. Get crafting with our step-by-step instructions.

Photo By: Flynnside Out Productions

Fall for Trendy Fabrics

Menswear fabrics, like this tone-on-tone houndstooth, are hot for fall. Reupholstering your antique dining chairs to keep pace with trends may sound a little extreme but you can always bring in touches of fashionable fabrics with toss pillows or slipcovers. Image courtesy of Thibaut

No Centerpiece Necessary

A few of our easy-to-create fall leaf streamers are all you need to decorate your Thanksgiving table. Best of all, skipping the centerpiece means there's nothing at eye level to block your view of the other guests. Get crafting to make your own.

Luxe Meets Lodge

The rustic lodge look is a perfect fit fot fall. Blending rustic textures with sophisticated finishes, it's the best of both worlds and can be as formal or informal as you like. This cottage at celebrity hideaway Blackberry Farm perfectly exemplifies the style with a custom-painted wall treatment that resembles sun-bleached pine and luxurious fabrics throughout. Image courtesy of Blackberry Farm; Photography by beall + thomas

Prep for Cold-Weather Guests

For many of us, autumn means both the beginning of wintry weather and a rotating door of holiday guests. Protect your foyer's floors from muddy or snowy boots with an easy-to-clean area rug. Position an umbrella stand near the door so guests know where to stash wet rain gear as soon as they come in. Design by Sarah Richardson Get more tips for hosting holiday guests.

Freshen Up Your Front Door

Variegated croton in saturated shades of green, gold and red surrounded by vibrant mums and pumpkins give HGTV fan gdiveris' front entry a colorful fall pick-me-up. Both plants are perennials and can either be brought indoors to weather the winter or, if you live in a warm climate, planted to add color to your landscape.

Warmly Welcome Guests

Welcome guests to holiday gatherings with a beautifully decorated entry table. HGTV fan Patrick created this autumnal display by placing golden gingko and bittersweet branches in a large sculptural vase. Pears piled in a rustic stoneware bowl, a ready bottle of wine and low dish of nuts are all reminders of the harvest.

Take the Celebration Outside

Weather permitting, move Thanksgiving dinner outdoors. A backdrop of fall-colored leaves and crisp air will provide the perfect setting for the feast. Image courtesy of Stanley Furniture.

©Image courtesy of Stanley Furniture

Turn an Empty Frame Into a Menu Board

With just a few supplies from the hardware and craft stores, you can upcycle an unused frame into an elegant chalkboard to display wherever holiday guests gather. Use your finished chalkboard to display a Thanksgiving or holiday dinner menu or just to jot down notes to family. Get crafting with our step-by-step instructions.

Photo By: Marian Parsons

Slipcover Past-Their-Prime Chairs

If you're handy with a sewing machine, "new" dining chairs could be yours with just the cost of a few yards of natural linen. A flirty skirt adds a stylish finishing touch. This project is a great way to unify mismatched chairs or give dated chairs a quick update. Get step-by-step instructions.

Use Containers to Spread Fall Color

Container gardening is a great way to add interest to all areas of your landscape any time of the year but is especially beautiful in fall when Mother Nature puts on her last hurrah. Pairing a hardy perennial, like this ornamental grass, with a show-stopping annual like calibrachoa is a sure recipe for container gardening success.

Photo By: Photo courtesy of Proven Winners ©Image courtesy of Proven Winners

Company's Coming

Thanksgiving means gathering with your nearest and dearest to enjoy time together lingering over a well-set table. Ready your dining room for fall festivities by polishing the silver and breaking out the good china and crystal. Design by Sarah Richardson.

Create Outdoor Living Space

Turn an underused porch or patio into a welcoming spot to kick back and enjoy the outdoors. Add a weather-resistant rug for comfort underfoot and to visually define the living area. Plants bring any indoor or outdoor space to life so mix in a few containers planted with a mix of hardy perennials and annuals for a splash of color.

Craft a Rustic Woven Runner

Turn trendy upholstery webbing into an oversized table runner than can be rolled up, stored away and used to add an organic touch to your Thanksgiving table year after year. Get crafting with our step-by-step instructions.

Prep for Cold-Weather Guests

The holiday season means lots of visiting family and friends; providing dedicated space to store their cold-weather gear is key. Designer Sarah Richardson added bumpout closets for stashing big items, like coats and boots, and an antique press for gloves and hats.

Photo By: Design by Sarah Richardson

Incorporate Candles

Fill lanterns or tall glass hurricanes with pillar candles surrounded by coffee beans, acorns or candy corn to easily create a charming display for your entryway or front porch. Note: Be sure to keep an eye on the burning candles to ensure the wick doesn't burn below the level of the filler.

Accessorize With Autumn's Hues

A tall vase filled with scarlet maple branches creates a show-stopping fall arrangement in this Manhattan living room. Hints of burnished gold in the leather occasional chair, lamp and pillow warm up this cozy corner. Design by HGTV fan Patrick.

Make It Easy for Guests to Get Comfy

In the living room or den, fill a deep woven basket with plush pillows and cozy throws so guests can grab one if an achy back or chill strikes.

Photo By: John Woodcock Photography

Make-Over Your Mantel

Get crafty to give your living room's focal point a fresh update. For this look, the editors at HGTV Magazine put paint and paper to work to create kicky lanterns and decoupaged pumpkins. For the colorful centerpiece, they simply glued card stock leaves to (free!) bare branches.

Photo By: David A. Land (styled by Elizabeth Demos)

Try a New Twist on Tradition

Shake up your front door with a square wreath featuring colorful ears of Indian corn. Head to your local craft store for materials then assemble this harvest-themed outdoor decoration in just a few hours. Learn how to make your own.

Craft a Mini "Pumpkin" Wreath

Although the tiny orange shapes covering this wreath look like diminutive pumpkins, they're actually putka pods. A great stand-in for mini pumpkins, the dried organic seed pods don't deteriorate, so your wreath can be displayed year after year. Make your own with our step-by-step instructions.

Give Your Front Porch a Cheery Update

Mounds of bright yellow mums bring a happy touch of fall color to any outdoor space. These hanging baskets were created by lining the wire frames with sheets of coco mat, which allows the plants to properly drain between waterings. Mums require plenty of direct sunlight; their location hanging from this front porch provides the minimum three hours a day they need to look their best.

Craft a Glittery Banner

Remind friends and family how lucky they are with this easy, do-it-yourself decoration. Pick up chipboard letters at your local craft store, then cover them in copper glitter. Attach letters to twine with hot glue and hang above a buffet, mantel, entry table or anywhere your home could use a bit of seasonal sparkle.

Decorate With Fall Foliage

Give bookshelves, a mantel or any flat surface a quick fall fix with a sprinkling of autumn leaves. Gather pretty specimens from your own backyard or pick up a pack of the silk variety at your local craft store. Design by Layla Palmer.

Photo By: Layla Palmer

Opt for Saturated Shades

This trio of small glass votives filled with bright orange ranunculus and rich red pomegranate seeds adds a cheery pop of fall color to an otherwise dark mantel. Small arrangements, like these, are a great way to spread fall color throughout your home.

Photo By: Flynnside Out Productions

Make a Magnolia Leaf Wreath

Wrap freshly cut magnolia leaves around an inexpensive foam wreath form to craft a streamlined, modern take on a traditional fall wreath. The leaves will dry in place and turn a gorgeous coppery hue. No need to take this wreath down when you swap out your Thanksgiving decorations for Christmas — just change the ribbon to match your holiday decor. Get step-by-step instructions.

Add Traditional Touches

A gracious dining room is the ideal setting for an unforgettable Thanksgiving dinner with family and friends. HGTV fan BelleInteriors sets the stage with rich colors, antique furnishings and a roaring fireplace.

Whip Up a Felt Acorn Pillow

Basic sewing skills are all you need to turn linen, felt and jute twine into a cute throw pillow for fall. Get crafting with our step-by-step instructions.

Honor Traditions

Derived from Latin for "horn of plenty," a cornucopia is a time-honored symbol of the harvest. Filled with fruit, vegetables, gourds or flowers, it's most often used as a Thanksgiving centerpiece but these decorative baskets also look great as a mantel or foyer decoration.

©Celebrating Home: Decorating for the Holidays and Seasons from Cannon Falls. Published by Watson-Guptill Publications, copyright 2005. Images and text reprinted with permission.

All in the Details

NYC-based designer Patrick gives this reading nook a sophisticated, seasonal update with fall-color accessories. Pumpkin-orange roses, richly colored tapestry pillow and chocolate-brown drapes warm up the space but can easily be swapped for icy winter tones or bright hues for spring.

Decoupage Faux Pumpkins

Give faux pumpkins, leftover from Halloween, a fashion-forward makeover by covering them with strips of trendy fabric. Large decoupage pumpkins are a stylish addition to front porch fall displays while small pumpkins will add a graphic pop to your Thanksgiving centerpiece. Get crafting to make your own.

Opt for Earthy Elegance

HGTV fan Tetbury created this chic table setting using all organic elements for a look that's both sophisticated and simple. A linen tablecloth and napkins, tied with humble garden string, pair beautifully with weathered terra cotta urns topped with moss and tiny ghost pumpkins. A single artichoke at each place setting is a charming additon.

Fall for Autumn's Hues

With its rusty palette and laid-back look, this dining room is dressed for casual fall entertaining. Designer Lauren Liess created the layered tablecloth by topping a linen drapery panel with a vintage russet and orange quilt. Gourds, candles, fresh herbs and a stoneware urn filled with vermillion branches create a fuss-free centerpiece that works equally well for Thanksgiving dinner or any fall get-together.

Craft a Gorgeous Wreath

Add pinecones and assorted faux berries and greenery to an inexpensive grapevine wreath to create a gorgeous fall decoration for your front door. Best of all, you can just add a red ribbon to transition this wreath from fall to holiday. Learn how to make your own with our step-by-step instructions.

Sometimes Less is More

In a monochromatic space, just a few pops of fall color are all you need. Design by Melissa Smith

Glam Up Plain Lanterns

Give plain glass hurricanes a glitzy makeover with sheets of copper leaf you can pick up at your local craft store. Get crafting with our step-by-step instructions.

Create a Rustic Welcome

A battered metal jug filled with fall leaves, bright orange pumpkins and a weathered birdhouse on a primitive twig bench create a colorful seasonal display on HGTV fan rowdydad's front porch.

Make a Rectangular Rustic Wreath

Add an earthy touch indoors or out with this twist on a traditional round fall wreath. Dried mushrooms, moss, seed pods and grasses form the base while russet fresh or faux pears add a pop of fall color. Learn how to make your own.

Decorate the Front Porch

HGTV fan dezignrogue makes a good thing even better by adding an assortment of pumpkins, gourds and colorful mums to their Italiante villa's front entry. A wrought-iron bench is a nice addition and gives the outdoor room a sit-a-spell feel.

Craft a Monogrammed Wreath

Give your front door a personalized touch by turning inexpensive craft-store materials into a rustic monogram to take the place of a standard fall wreath. Make your own with our step-by-step instructions.

Create a Rustic Tableau

An oversize primitive tray adds a textural backdrop to this collection of natural elements and European finds in HGTV fan Tetbury's breakfast room. The jugs are Hungarian antiques while the buffet and basket are French finds dating to the 19th Century. A single large sunflower head is a beautiful addition and adds a sculptural, organic touch.

Opt for Sleek, Simple and Stylish

HGTV fan nyclq describes this table setting as, "less is more." Certainly, the look is minimal but it's far from sparse. By limiting the color palette to shades of brown and white, she creates a table that is warm, polished and oh so chic.

Seasonalize Your Decor

Give a plain lampshade autumnal appeal by stenciling it with fall leaves. Our free printable template makes this project is a snap, even for beginning crafters.

Think Outside the Box With Centerpieces

Antique Wooden Dough Bowl as a Thanksgiving Centerpiece

Antique Wooden Dough Bowl as a Thanksgiving Centerpiece

An antique wooden dough bowl can be used as a stunning Thanksgiving centerpiece. Fill it with pumpkins, squash, berries, branches, fruit and flowers.

You can also use branches, leaves and other natural decor, like rocks and gourds in centerpieces, for your holiday table.

This fresh centerpiece in a vintage dough bowl is a beautiful focal point on a Thanksgiving table. If you don't have a piece quite as large as this wooden dough bowl, think about using items such as teacups or small bowls to create smaller, individual natural arrangements for each place setting around your table. Or perhaps create a smaller arrangement that you leave on your bathroom countertop or even out on your front porch.

Create a Harvest-Inspired Thanksgiving Centerpiece

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Put Fall's Bounty on Display

For centuries, fall has been the time to celebrate a bountiful harvest. Put that bounty on display using colorful fruits, veggies, gourds and nuts to create a lavish centerpiece that spills across your Thanksgiving table.

Create Height

Stack two cake plates or low, footed dishes to create height at the center of the table. Top with bunches of grapes, assorted nuts in shell, apples, pears and artichokes. Tip: If you don't have a cake plate, center a large plate on top of an upside-down bowl using double-sided tape, if necessary, to ensure stability. 

Add Edible Garnishes

Carry the abundant theme to each place setting with edible garnishes. An artichoke makes a great place-card holder while a small fruit-filled side dish offers a healthy appetizer or light dessert. Tip: Keep a nutcracker and bowl for shells on the table so guests can sample the variety of nuts scattered about. 

Fruitful Arrangements

Think outside the fruit bowl and tuck some edible goodness into flower arrangements as well. Black grapes look striking against hydrangeas and eucalyptus leaves while pinecones and mini artichokes still look "floral,, but add a bit of rustic texture. Play around with combinations to see what looks best. Tip: The grapes were simply nestled into this flower arrangement, but heavier fruit, like pears or apples, will need to be wired onto a wood skewer. 

Create a Visual Feast

When arranging produce, alternate colors, textures and sizes to create a display that looks as delicious as it tastes. In this centerpiece, artichokes, grapes and pluots are arranged around a large bosc pear. Try to find produce that fits your color palette and is seasonal, but it's OK to mix in some imported, out-of-season fruit as well.

Balance the Look

A symmetrical arrangement at the center of the table creates a natural focal point. Here, the tall, stacked centerpiece is flanked with two slightly shorter floral arrangements in white stoneware pitchers that have a similar shape but aren't matchy-matchy. 

The More the Merrier

When creating an abundant look for your table, don'€™t stop at the centerpiece — scatter nuts, fruit, veggies, gourds, pinecones and seedpods around the table. This is a case where more is better.

Continue the Theme

Surround a few plated menu items, like this luscious pie, with nuts in shell, small gourds or bunches of grapes. 

Get the Look: Step 1

To create this abundant centerpiece, start by setting the table. Next, add cake plates, pedestals, footed dishes, bowls or pitchers to the table's center — keeping height, symmetry and scale in mind when selecting pieces to use for display.  

Get the Look: Step 2

Fill pitchers with flowers and greenery. Then, spread fresh or preserved leaves down the table's center to create a living runner. Magnolia, lemon and eucalyptus leaves are all great options. Try mixing a few different varieties for interesting texture and color.  

Get the Look: Step 3

Finally, add fruit, vegetables, nuts, seedpods and pinecones to bring the centerpiece to life, varying the colors, shapes and textures of natural elements to create a feast for the eyes.  

Finally, Enjoy the Feast

Not only is this abundant centerpiece visually stunning, it's also delicious, healthy and fun for guests to snack on. Tip: Give each guest an embellished paper bag to collect a few healthy treats to take home with them as a party favor.

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