8 Great Ideas for 3-D Wall Art That Aren't Antlers

Turn your figurine collection and high school instrument into works of art with these 3-D installation ideas.
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We all love a good set of antlers on the wall, but antlers are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to fun, 3-D art ideas.

Three-dimensional art is a great way to add some interest to a space in your home or create a focal point. It can be mixed in with more traditional 2-D art pieces or featured all on its own; there are really no rules here.

Graphic Punch in Chic, Modern Hallway

Graphic Punch in Chic, Modern Hallway

A burnt orange rug provides a jolt of color in this gallery white landing. The wall hanging by Phillips Collection is built from barrel tops, and with a bench beneath, the graphic lines of the vignette create a striking sitting area in this modern home.

I think the "anything goes" approach to art that seems to be trending these days is fantastic, so I decided to comb through our photo archives to find some other non-antler possibilities to help inspire your own spaces.

Cable Cord

Modern Office With Organized Cable Cord Art

Modern Office With Organized Cable Cord Art

The wires in this modern loft designed by HGTV Design Star contestant Michael Moeller were turned into unique wall art that serves the functional purpose of keeping the cord neat and off of the floor.

From: HGTV Design Star
and HGTV Design Star

This is a super duper, low-cost creative idea: create art on your wall by stapling colorful cable cord into different shapes or spelling out certain words. Depending on the thickness of the cord, you can easily attach it with a heavy-duty staple gun. In this example, the cord creates some fun loops. But it also might be fun to spell out a word in script such as "hello" or "ooh." This would work particularly well if you have a long hallway or an awkward area to fill up.


Dining Room Wall With Triangle Window

Dining Room Wall With Triangle Window

Along a charcoal gray wall in this modern combined dining room and kitchen, a window in the shape of an isosceles triangle provides plenty of natural lighting and room to display artwork. Below, an oversized wall calendar hangs on a wall with hardwood floors and a wooden table.

Photo by: Design by Brian Patrick Flynn

Design by Brian Patrick Flynn

If you want to go with a calendar, you'll need to make sure you're picking out the right one. In order to make a big impact, use a large one, such as this classic Stendig wall calendar from Crate & Barrel. It's beautifully designed, simple and features an easy black and white color scheme. It would work well in an office, but I love the idea of putting it in a more unexpected spot for a bigger impact. It looks great in this kitchen and would also work in a kids room an entryway.


Various Objects Add Decoration and Diversity to a Dresser

Various Objects Add Decoration and Diversity to a Dresser

Just because objects sit on the same surface doesn’t mean they have to match. An array of objects contrast drastically against the plain white dresser and simple gray walls.

Photo by: Regan Baker Design

Regan Baker Design

This is a wonderful idea for any music lovers — simply display instruments on your wall. Guitars are an easy choice, but as this picture shows, almost any instrument would look great. This horn blends in seamlessly with the art around it but really packs a punch.

You could also display a collection of instruments, which works perfectly if you happen to have a number of different vintage pieces. An art display like this would look chic in an office, den or family room.


Kid's Room With Framed Album-Cover Gallery Wall

Kid's Room With Framed Album-Cover Gallery Wall

A gallery wall of framed album covers makes for an impressive focal point in this kid's room. A dark sofa with bright green pillows provides a comfy place to kick back and play a few notes.

Keeping up with the music theme, vinyl records are another great option for a music lover to use as artwork. This display includes the album covers; however, you could also choose to do a 3-D display with just the records lined up along a wall. You might pick out albums of a certain decade or even choose those that have special meaning to you and your family.


Eclectic Dining Room With Wall Art Plates

Eclectic Dining Room With Wall Art Plates

This eclectic brown dining room wall features a beautiful display of wall art plates in a variety of patterns and styles.

At first blush, you might think of displaying plates on a wall as old-fashioned, but it's actually morphed into a somewhat modern practice. It's a great choice for a larger wall space that allows for a variety of different plate shapes and sizes, and, of course, always works in a dining room.

You can choose to group plates by color (blue and white), material (milk glass), style (chinoiserie) or type. I've seen a collection of state plates from county fairs all over the country grouped together that creates a fab, vintage look.


Multicolored Figurine Wall Art Installation

Multicolored Figurine Wall Art Installation

Three dimensional figurines in matching poses make for a whimsical wall art installation.

Photo by: Jim Tschetter, IC36O Images

Jim Tschetter, IC36O Images

If you've ever been to Comic-Con before, you'll love this 3-D art idea. This display option would definitely have the biggest impact with one consistent type of figurine collection, like the vintage pieces above.

Your biggest challenge with this type of display will likely be figuring out how to attach the figurines to the wall. You can use screw eyes and hang each item from a nail, or depending on the weight, a simple solution like Velcro may work.

Vintages Scarves

Vintage Scarf as Contemporary Wall Art

Vintage Scarf as Contemporary Wall Art

Expand your definition of what constitutes "art." A vintage scarf beautifully framed, makes a great focal point and is a wonderful way to incorporate a meaningful heritage item into an Heirloom design scheme.

From: HGTV Design Star
and HGTV Design Star

This is a fun idea for the fashion lovers out there. You can use vintage scarves or new scarves to get this look. Choose a scarf with embellishments, such as tassels or fringe, to bring some added interest to your space. You can also choose to frame your scarf for a more traditional look, but I think hanging the scarf directly on the wall is super chic.

Art Books

Pop Art Gallery Wall With TV and Faux Deer Head

Pop Art Gallery Wall With TV and Faux Deer Head

A clever gallery wall turns a wall-mounted flat-screen TV into part of a pop art collection. A silver deer head nobly presides over the colorful scene.

Photo by: Jim Tschetter, IC36O Images

Jim Tschetter, IC36O Images

This display idea is a great choice for those of you that like to switch things up often. You can use picture ledges to display your coffee table and art books. You can even try mixing more traditional 2-D art pieces in here or keep it all art books all the time.

This would also work great in a kid's room where you could switch out the art books for your child's favorite everyday books (and keep the collection rotating).

8 Easy DIY Wall Art Ideas

See All Photos

Personalize Your Walls

The gallery wall in this cozy bedroom seating area is made up of several handmade art pieces, many which can be completed in just a few hours.

©Rustic White Photography

Paint Swatches

After amassing a variety of paint swatches from your home makeover, organize them into groups by color. Conceptualize an overall look or design based on the size, scale, shape and proportion of the swatches. Here, a gradient effect was created by lining up the colors and differentiating them by levels of saturation. For a cohesive look, consider cutting all swatches into the same shape using craft scissors. Attach the swatches to poster board using double-sided tape, and then add matting before placing into a frame.

©Rustic White Photography

Nail-Head Wording

Create graphic art for your space with corrugated foam core and nail heads or brass tacks. First, decide on a message, name or combination of words. Next, use a pencil to free-hand the message directly onto the foam core. Using the traced letters as a guide, apply nail heads or brass tacks with a hammer or rubber mallet. Once complete, place the foam core inside a complementary frame and hang.

©Rustic White Photography

Organic Branch Taxidermy

Create the look of taxidermy with all-natural materials. Pick up a wooden plaque and a bag of crafting moss, then search outside for a pair of branches similar in shape and size. Cut the branches back using pruning shears and attach the branches to the plaque using plumbing or cable clips and screws. Once complete, add a nail to the wall and hang.

©Rustic White Photography

Open Books

To create the look of flying-open books, add hot glue to different areas of back-to-back open pages. This will create the look of motion. Once the glue has dried, group several books together and attach them to the wall with drywall screws through the back of each book cover.

©Rustic White Photography

Collected Autographs

Homeowners who love to entertain will surely love artwork created from guests' signatures. Pick up a basic art canvas, then use nails or screws to add trim around the canvas’s edges as a frame. Next, hang the blank canvas in a high-traffic area where guests are certain to gather. Keep a marker nearby and ask guests to add their signatures to the canvas. The random placement of the signatures will result in something personal and graphic which reads differently from far away than it does close up.

©Rustic White Photography

Layered Paint: From a Distance

While many art stores offer paint supplies which texturize canvases, texture and depth can also be created by layering paint. To layer paint with a textural effect, apply the paint in random areas using a painting knife, ensuring the layers are thick. After several hours of drying, continue to layer paint in different colors and in random spots on the canvas.

©Rustic White Photography

Layered Paint: Close-Up

Remember, as the layers build up around a layered-paint piece, the edges on the canvas can start to look messy and unprofessional. By simply adding four strips of MDF or wood trim along the edges with nails or screws, any eyesores become instantly concealed.

©Rustic White Photography

Gold Leafing

Turn any basic object into a work of art with a gold or silver leaf application. For a high-end metallic finish, all you need are leafing sheets, leafing adhesive and a detail paintbrush. Apply the sheets directly to the objects with a paintbrush dipped into the adhesive, then use the paintbrush to fill in any cracks. For proper display, either place objects inside a cloche, on risers or in an open frame.

©Rustic White Photography

Spray Bottle Art: From a Distance

Drip art is commonly known for its use in grade school art classes. It's created by holding a canvas vertically, then dripping latex or acrylic paint randomly across the top. Another interpretation of this style is spray bottle art which involves applying paint directly to a canvas, then spraying it with a bottle of water to dilute the paint and cause it to drip downward.

©Rustic White Photography

Spray Bottle Art: Close-Up

Add depth to spray bottle art by mixing touches of gold or silver leaf in with other colors. After all colors are added to the canvas, apply the gold or silver leaf to the surface using leaf adhesive and a small detail paintbrush.

©Rustic White Photography

Delicate Butterflies

Sweet butterfly wall art mimics the grace and delicacy of the real thing. To create a similar look, use cardstock paper and cut out butterfly shapes in various sizes. Gently fold the wings, and attach to the wall using a small amount of sticky putty.

Colorful Crate Bookshelves

Simple crates become a work of art and unexpected storage with a few coats of bright, colorful paint. Once painted, attach the crates to the wall by drilling a hole in each corner and screwing to the wall. Courtesy of HGTV Magazine

Photo By: Mark Lund

Framed Textiles

A vintage scarf may be just what you need to brighten your home and add a bit of retro design to your blank walls. Try framing your scarf for an instant statement piece.

Photo Collage

An easy way to make a bold impact is by printing out all your favorite Instagram photos and displaying them in a fun shape, such as the ampersand seen here. 

Painted Ceiling Medallions

While this stunning display looks expensive, it was actually accomplished using a gorgeous mix of inexpensive ceiling medallions. Once painted in coordinating shades, the light-weight medallions can be attached using velcro or a strong glue. Courtesy of HGTV Magazine

Photo By: Mark Lund

Homemade Modern Art

You don't have to be an artist to create a one-of-a-kind piece that both adds style to your space and complements your home's color palette. Learn to make this modern, geometric art here.

Origami Paper Garland

Colorful sheets of origami paper make a striking wall garland when sewn together and hung in a prominent spot, such as above the sofa. Find the full instructions here.

Wall Decor With Woven Baskets

Add gorgeous texture and a brilliant blend of color with a few shallow baskets displayed effortlessly on the wall. To copy this look, try hanging the largest basket first, layering in others. Nail each basket to the wall by the basket's center to achieve the overlapping look. Courtesy of HGTV Magazine

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