12 Garden-Fresh Alternatives to Fast Food

Avoid the drive-thru line and keep those New Year's resolutions going strong with these mouthwatering junk food swaps.

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Instead of French Fries...

Reach instead for this crispy, savory version made from nutrient-packed avocados.

Make It: Avocado Fries

Instead of Sugary Cereal...

Create custom, wholesome smoothie bags to keep in your freezer. When you're ready for a fresh treat, just dump a bag of frozen goodness in your blender, add 1-1 1/2 cups liquid and blend away. Your morning smoothie prep (and calorie intake!) just got cut in half.

Make It: 5 Easy + Delicious Freezer Smoothie Recipes

Instead of Fried Eggs & Bacon...

Up your intake of nutrients and protein with this superfood salad. Warm and comforting, this kale and egg salad is a mouthwatering alternative to your regular Sunday brunch order.

Make It: Better Brunch: Kale Salad With Roasted Vegetables and Eggs

Instead of Store-Bought...

Bring the best flavors of the garden together with fresh, homemade salsa! For this crowd-pleasing recipe, combine flavors of juicy tomato, spicy jalapeno, onion, garlic and cool cilantro.

Make It: Garden-Fresh Salsa Fresca Recipe

Instead of Potato Chips...

Indulge your love of crunch with this recipe for smoky sweet potato chips. Packed with a blast of flavor that's even more addictive than regular chips, these crisps are all the deliciousness without any of the guilt.

Make It: Smoky Baked Sweet Potato Chips

Instead of Drive-Thru Breakfast...

Arm yourself with a breakfast that delivers protein-packed staying power to get you through the morning. These egg and garden veggie muffins are super easy to make ahead of time, low carb and allow you to skip the drive-thru line in the AM. Pair with a slice of whole-wheat toast and a glass of milk and enjoy.

Make It: Rise + Shine Egg Muffins

Instead of Buffalo Wings...

Reach for this recipe when the cravings for deep-fried chicken just won't quit! You'll love our Buffalo Brussels sprouts because they have the crunch and heat of chicken wings, but with a fresh, veggie-lovers twist.

Make It: How to Make Buffalo Brussels Sprouts

Instead of a High-Calorie Salad...

Sit down with this fresh, nutritious, two-minute meal. Toss baby spinach with sliced strawberries, almonds, Parmesan cheese and chopped white onion. Finish off with a poppy-seed dressing and say buh-bye to fast food salads for good.

Make It: Strawberry-Almond Spinach Salad Recipe

Instead of Potato Skins...

Serve your guests grilled avocados piled high with bright and fragrant ceviche. These savory snacks are so good, they'll trick your brain into thinking you're eating sinful potato skins.

Make It: Grilled Avocado With Ceviche

Instead of Burgers...

Try one of these juicy, red tomato sandwiches. Serve them open-face on white (or wheat!) bread with ripe tomatoes, mayo, watercress and salt and pepper to taste.

Make It: Tomato Sandwich Recipe

Esker Grove, Walker Art Center, Minneapolis

Keep an eye on Esker Grove at the Walker Art Center, a 2017 James Beard Foundation semifinalist for Best New Restaurant. Here, chef Doug Flicker experiments with duck with yaki onigiri and mussels with octopus and pimenton, although comforts such as grilled cheese and a corned beef sandwich can also be found. Brunch earns rave reviews, where you’ll find French toast with duck confit, semolina porridge and homemade maple doughnuts.

Instead of Pizza...

Indulge in guilt-free spring flavors with our favorite garden-fresh quiche. Make this delicious brunch staple with yummy leeks and dill, paired with eggs, Parmesan and ground black pepper.

Make It: Easy Spring Quiche Recipe

Instead of Chips & Dip...

Opt for satisfying eggplant chips with cilantro pesto. This variation on the classic standby offers a beautiful color and a sweet flavor that pairs seamlessly with fresh, cilantro pesto. A word that comes to mind? Yum.

Make It: Eggplant Chips With Cilantro Pesto Recipe

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