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Garden Therapy: Use Herbs for Healthy Teas 13 Photos

Brew a cup of herbal tea to enjoy—or make yourself feel better.

Grow Your Own Lemongrass Jun 18, 2018

Love lemon? Try your hand at growing lemongrass.

DIY a Picture-Perfect DIY Vertical Herb Garden May 18, 2018

You can't go wrong with fresh herbs. Keep your cooking kickin' and your counters flawlessly adorned with this simply delicious garden made with a picture frame.

How to Make Hand-Stamped Terra-Cotta Herb Planters Sep 26, 2017

Spruce up any window sill or add a little rustic flair to your porch with these upcycled farmhouse flower pots.

Book Review: Herbal Cooking for Self-Care Sep 20, 2017

In Recipes From The Herbalist’s Kitchen, discover how herbs can help create meals that are not only delicious, but help you live your best life.

How to Make a Herbin' Orange Cocktail Mar 13, 2017

Looking for a winter cocktail that is high in vitamin C and garden goodness? This one has a complex and balanced range of flavors that give it a tasty kick. 

How to Make a Rosemary Gin-Ginger Cocktail Mar 13, 2017

On a winter evening you need flavors that are bold enough to match the crisp outdoor temperatures. Try this easy cocktail to warm you up. 

5 Cold-Weather Cocktails Made Healthy With Fresh Fruits and Veggies 5 Photos

Use fresh greens, herbs and fruits that are readily available in winter to create healthy libations. 

Exotic Herbs To Grow May 24, 2016

Add some extra spice to your garden with these flavor-packed herbs from around the world.

Yarrow As an Herb May 23, 2016

Discover the herbal side of yarrow.

‘Hidcote’ Lavender: Our Favorite Flowers Feb 13, 2018

This popular lavender cultivar will attract butterflies to your garden.

Buzz Off: Make These Natural Herbal Insect Repellent Bundles May 20, 2016

Try this all-natural technique to keep mosquitoes from attending your next outdoor get together.

Lavender Sachets Inspired by the French Countryside Apr 11, 2017

Enjoy the beneficial properties of lavender all year long when you add some to sachets.

Easy Spring Quiche Recipe 10 Photos

Bring some freshness to the brunch table with this simple fresh leek and dill quiche.

Make an Herb-Drying Rack From an Old Lampshade 6 Photos

Upcycle a lampshade frame and turn it into a great device for making garden herbs last.

Mint Chocolate Pudding Recipe May 16, 2016

Use fresh garden mint to make the perfect garden-party dessert.

Salvia apiana May 16, 2016

Discover the ghostly beauty of white sage, also known as bee sage.

Branch Out: Rosemary as a Tool May 16, 2016

This hearty herb makes a great baster for grilled meats.

Hugh Acheson's Fava Beans With Mint Recipe May 16, 2016

Put mint from your garden to work in this savory fava bean dish from the renowned chef Hugh Acheson.

Mint Julep Recipe May 16, 2016

Whatever its history, this Derby Day drink was mint to be.

Freezing Herbs in Oil Jul 26, 2016

Learn how to freeze herbs in oil or butter to add just-picked flavor to your favorite dishes.

Herbivore: The Rosemary Report Dec 18, 2017

This fresh-smelling herb adds bright flavor to chicken and can even soothe a cough.

The Plant Origins of Your Favorite Cocktails 16 Photos

Many delicious cocktails have their roots in the garden. Discover the spirits that come from fruits, berries, blossoms and grains.

Fresh Mint Chocolate Milkshake Recipe 9 Photos

Bring the garden indoors anytime with this minty fresh chocolate milkshake.

Mint Berry Ombre Layer Cake 8 Photos

Celebrate Father's Day with a handsome blue-green ombre cake, colored with fresh blueberries and flavored with fresh mint.

Blueberry Lavender Jam Recipe 13 Photos

Add a unusual herbal twist to a summer harvest favorite.

Mint 411 Nov 16, 2017

Learn the history and myriad uses for this herb.

No Need to Sugar Coat It: Peppermint Is the Hottest Herb of the Season May 9, 2016

From chocolate cake to cocktails, try these sensational recipes incorporating fresh peppermint from HGTV.

Mint Julep Truffles Take the Cake May 9, 2016

The classic Derby Day drink becomes a cool dessert.