16 Winning Ways to Preserve Fruit

From freezing to canning to drying, find out what to put up and how to do it to make your harvest last.

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Perfect Peach Jam

Try doing something different with your succulent peaches this season; turn them into a delectable peach jam. Get the Recipe >>

Dried Apples

Learn how to dry apples, and you'll be able to make delicious snacks like these dried apple slices that the whole family will enjoy. Get the Recipe >>

Grape Jelly

Are you wondering what to do with all of your extra grapes from this season? Why not turn those grapes into a delicious grape jelly? Get the Recipe >>

Freezing Strawberries

Was your strawberry yield extra bountiful this season? Learn how to freeze those extra strawberries and enjoy them all year long. Learn How >>


Looking to make adult lemonade? Look no further; we have a recipe for a delicious limoncello. Turn your extra lemons into a cocktail that your friends will fall for! Get the Recipe >>

Muscadine Jelly

Put up your muscadine grapes by turning them into muscadine jelly. Get the Recipe >>

Straight from the Garden Popsicles

Take your excess fruit from the garden and turn it into a classic summertime treat: delicious popsicles. Get the Recipe >>

Freezing Pears

Can you freeze pears? You sure can. Learn how to preserve succulent, juicy pears for yummy off-season eating. Learn How >>

Pickled Lemons

Brine your extra lemons to enjoy them for months and months to come. Learn How >>

Crabapple Jelly

Surprisingly sweet and tasty, crabapple jelly is also easy to make and is a great way to extend the life of this unexpected canning fruit. Get the Recipe >>

Freezing Grapes

Forget tossing the grapes that are spoiling in your refrigerator. Freeze grapes for an unusual, healthy snack. Learn How >>

Blueberry Preserves

Don't know what to do with this season's excess blueberries? Delicious blueberry preserves can add tangy sweetness to any dish. Get the Recipe >>

Pickled Cranberries

Extend the life of your cranberries by months! Learn how to pickle your cranberries for a special treat that also makes a great garnish. Get the Recipe >>

Apple Cider

Make this super easy apple cider and enjoy your apple windfall for years to come. Get the Recipe >>

Strawberry Jam

Create this delicious jam from your left over strawberries this season. Get the Recipe >>

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