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DIY Hanging Cookie Tin Planters Nov 18, 2019

Houseplants have never been more in style. Create a living wall art display with this simple planter project made from upcycled co …

12 Real Houseplants You Can Buy Online Oct 1, 2019

Skip a trip to the garden store and shop these real houseplants from the comfort of home.

Indoor Plants Are Up to 30% Off on Amazon Today Nov 20, 2019

Score a fiddle leaf fig tree, aloe vera, snake plant and more at discounted prices on Amazon.

How to Save a Drowning Plant Aug 7, 2019

Been giving your houseplants too much TLC? Learn how to rescue overwatered plants.

How to Care for a Fiddle Leaf Fig Aug 9, 2019

Pruning, watering, repotting, oh my! Keep your finicky ficus alive and thriving with our ten easy-to-follow tips.

How to Cut an Aloe Plant Jul 22, 2019

Here's what you need to know to harvest aloe vera leaves and the healing gel they contain.

How Often Do You Water a Snake Plant Jul 22, 2019

If you tend to kill plants with neglect, tough-as-nails snake plant is the right choice for you. The key to success with it is kno …

How to Care for a Majesty Palm Indoors Jul 22, 2019

Find out how to keep this tropical plant happy inside your home, plus discover more palms that lend a Tropics vibe with less fuss.

Spider Plant Indoor Care Jul 22, 2019

Learn to care for this easy houseplant and how to fix the rare problems that could arise.

Best Soil for Succulents in Pots Jul 16, 2019

No two gardeners use the same potting mix for succulents, but they all start with similar basic ingredients that help plants hold …

How to Create Indoor Bonsai Gardens Jun 7, 2019

Bring beautiful, living trees into your home when you practice the ancient art of Bonsai.

Tips on Houseplant Care in the Spring May 8, 2019

Now that spring has sprung, you’ve probably spent the last few weeks tending to your outside garden, well your indoor plants need …

Faux Real Tips + Tricks for Styling Your Fake Plants Apr 30, 2019

Think real is the only way to go? Think again. These quick tricks will seriously step up your faux plant game.

How to Make a Hanging Window Planter Apr 5, 2019

Take your #plantladygoals to new heights with a DIY vertical planter that doubles as oversized wall art.

Boys With Plants: If You're an Insta Fan, You'll Love Their New Book Mar 12, 2019

For those of us who could learn a thing or two about plant care, the dudes are here to help.

Rustic-Modern DIY Plant Wall Feb 27, 2019

Bring a blank wall to life in a few simple steps.

Fertilizing Houseplants 101 (Plus, How to Make Inexpensive Homemade Fertilizers) May 2, 2019

Got a frazzled fern or a distressed dieffenbachia? Get tips on how and when to fertilize and find out which pantry items can be us …

7 Tricks for Keeping Your Cat Out of Houseplants Nov 20, 2019

Here's how indoor greenery and pets can share space at your place.

How to Turn a Disco Ball Into a Planter Apr 3, 2018

Let your favorite plant shine. Follow these simple steps to learn how to upcycle a disco ball into a groovy hanging planter.

How to Make a Living Succulent Wreath Sep 17, 2018

Make your own hanging garden with hardy, lovely succulents.

Terra-Cotta Tower: A Unique House Number Display May 4, 2018

A planter and house number all in one, this simple DIY will have your guests and your postman drooling.

Unique Planter Ideas That Are Sure to Grow on You Mar 1, 2018

Terra cotta no more! These unique potting solutions will make you green with envy and might just inspire a trip to the greenhouse.

5 Desk-Perfect Plant Pals Sep 17, 2018

Ease your separation anxiety (from your houseplants) and make your boring office feel more like home with some perfectly styled bu …

Horrible Houseplants to Grow for Halloween Oct 18, 2017

These plants aren't really horrible. They're just twisted, contorted, prickly and fun to grow for spooky decorations.

Turn a Terra Cotta Pot From Basic to Bold With White Paint, Tape + String Sep 14, 2018

You're just a few materials and a few steps away from a modern, hanging succulent planter.

10 Chic Ways to Style a Tray Sep 16, 2018

Trays are much more than a catchall spot for remotes. Group objets d'art, plants and other fave accessories for an instant update …

The 6 Best Houseplants For the Green Thumb Newbie Sep 14, 2018

These plants will have your apartment looking like it was decorated by Mother Nature herself.