The Best Houseplants You Can Buy on Amazon

If you've ever been curious about the live plants they sell on Amazon, try these highly-rated, relatively low-maintenance options for your home.

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May 18, 2023

Finding houseplants can be a bit of a wild goose chase sometimes. Most nurseries or gardening centers have lots of options for outdoor flowers and shrubs, but little to choose from when it comes to plants you can keep indoors. And if you do find a place that has a few options, there might not be the wide variety you were hoping for. We spent some time searching and found some highly-rated houseplants on Amazon that are affordable and, perhaps most importantly, easy enough to take care of. The best houseplants are the ones that require the least amount of work — whether it’s bright light or shade the plant requires, it’ll thrive most when you can just set it down and water it on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. In return, it provides a cheery pop of green and even some air purification benefits. Keep these finds in mind when you want to brighten your living room, bedroom or even your work desk. Check out our favorites below — and we’ll let you know how to take care of them and if they’re pet-safe, too.

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The Snake Plant (also known as Devil's Tongue or Mother-in-Law's Tongue) is a succulent that's easy to take care of, making it a perfect houseplant for beginners. Native to West Africa, they're difficult to kill and can survive long bouts without water as well as dim lighting. They do best indoors in partially shaded areas and only need to be watered once every other week. They thrive in sandy soil, too. However, pet owners should exercise caution: they're mildly toxic to both cats and dogs.

MORE: How to Care for a Snake Plant

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A popular plant to gift because it symbolizes prosperity and wealth, the money tree is a beautiful option that's easy to care for and pet-safe. They're easily recognized by their twisted trunks and bright green, pointed leaves and are common plants to give as a housewarming gift. To care for them indoors, water them weekly and keep them in bright, indirect sunlight. They can grow fairly high indoors, too.

MORE: How to Care for a Money Tree Plant

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While not for beginners, the care that comes with this White Bird of Paradise will pay off. This is one of the tallest indoor plants you can grow — it can reach heights of around six feet. Native to Southern Africa, its beautiful bright green leaves look similar to banana leaves, which makes sense considering they're related. And while they do best in bright sunny conditions, they're tolerant enough to drought that if you forget to water them, they won't die immediately. However, they do need to be watered with two to three cups once a week. They're also great for a patio, and if left outside you may see some flowers over time. They're also mildly toxic to dogs and cats, so be aware of your furry friends.

MORE: How to Care for a Bird of Paradise Plant

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Prayer plants are another relatively easy plant to take care of, and are a unique and beautiful option for the reason it has its name: at night, the plant's leaves fold as if in prayer. It only needs to be watered every other week or so when the soil is half-dry, and it can survive in full shade in temperatures around 65 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit. They're pet-friendly, too.

MORE: How to Care for a Prayer Plant

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Another plant that needs a little extra care, this peace lily has beautiful white flowers and rich, glossy leaves. They survive on partial shade (generally bright, indirect sunlight works best) and need to be watered once a week. However, it should be noted: this is not a plant that works for households with pets, as it is toxic to both cats and dogs. However, if your home is pet-free, it's a beautiful and air-purifying plant to own.

MORE: How to Care for a Peace Lily Plant

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This trio of two succulents and one cactus is picked by the grower, so while you don't know exactly what type of plant you'll get, it's sure to be healthy and vibrant. Most cacti and succulents can survive on moderate watering, full sun or partial shade and most of them are pet-friendly, too. However, when you receive them, make sure you look up if they're safe for your pets or not. They're easy and eye-catching plants that are great for a beginner.

MORE: How to Care for a Cactus and Succulents

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Aloe vera is a beautiful plant that's easy to care for and has benefits beyond looking nice on a windowsill. You can take the leaves right off the plant, cut them open and use the gel inside for many topical, medicinal uses. It's especially great for sunburns and has anti-viral and antibacterial properties, which can be great for cuts or acne. It's easy to keep alive by placing it in a bright spot and it's one of the few plants that's easier to overwater rather than underwater; it actually does better with dry soil. It's mildly toxic to pets, however, so keep it on a high bookshelf or somewhere your pet won't be tempted to chew on it.

MORE: How to Care for an Aloe Vera Plant

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ZZ plants are the best plant for an office so if you're back to working at a desk on the regular, you can bring one of these to brighten things up. It needs little to no light and also needs infrequent watering. Plus, it's easy to tell by certain visual clues that it needs more water; the soil will look dry and the leaves will turn wrinkled and less glossy. They're not great for pets, making it another reason why a perfect home for the ZZ plant is a work desk.

MORE: How to Care for a ZZ Plant

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Also known as Chinese Evergreen, this colorful pink and green plant needs full sun and weekly watering, but in turn will be a vibrant and gorgeous accent to any space. This one in particular comes in a beautiful clay pot, making it perfect as a gift. Keep it out of reach of pets.

MORE: How to Care for a Chinese Evergreen Plant

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Another pet-safe and air-purifying plant, this Peperomia gets its namesake from its leaves, which resemble the outside of a watermelon. It's easy to keep happy and healthy with moderate watering, sandy soil and partial shade.

MORE: How to Care for a Peperomia Plant

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This tropical plant is popular for a reason: also known as the Swiss Cheese plant, it's characterized by the holes in its heart-shaped leaves (which can grow up to two feet long!). It's a relatively low-maintenance house plant that can grow tall in the right conditions; those right conditions being full sun and moderate watering. It'll cause irritation to pets, so avoid it if your animals love to chew leaves.

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