A Garden Editor's Favorite Picks From the New Hilton Carter Line at Target

This gardening and design-obsessed editor checked out the new Hilton Carter collection for Target. Find out her top favorite picks.

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May 13, 2021
Plant Guy Hilton Carter

Plant Guy Hilton Carter

This talented plantsman has a new line of garden tools and plants coming to Target.

Photo by: Frank Frances Studio for Target

Frank Frances Studio for Target

Houseplant nerds unite! The new design-forward line of plants, gardening tools and accessories from Hilton Carter brings a real sense of style to gardening. Hilton began his career as a plant stylist, creating custom plant vignettes in friends' homes. He has also published two books, Wild at Home and Wild Interiors as his renown as a design-savvy houseplant guru has grown.

Hilton Carter Planters

Hilton Carter Planters

Planter options from Target and the Hilton Carter gardening collection.

Photo by: Frank Frances Studio for Target

Frank Frances Studio for Target

Famous for the 200+ plants that live in his Baltimore home, Hilton has become plant famous for a mantra of "plant care is self-care." To that end, his Target line will include the kind of stylish accessories, like waxed canvas aprons and chic stoneware pots that tend to come with hefty pricetags at garden specialty outlets. Garden design has tended to run from the out-of-reach high-end to the kitschy, but this brilliant collection really channels the affordable-but-chic potential of garden design. I personally hope it raises the bar for other brands to team great design minds with the garden space.

The Hilton Carter collection will also feature live plants beloved by interior designers at selected stores, including bird of paradise, fiddle leaf fig, monstera, ZZ plant, snake plant and more at prices ranging from $5 to $30. It is Target’s first limited-time collection containing live plants.

View a full list of stores offering live plants on Target.com.


A stylish nod to midcentury modern and industrial design, this — dare I say it — sexy watering can will transform a chore into a beautiful self-care moment in your day. The long spout is designed to reach houseplants in a variety of locations, even high on a shelf. The faux leather wrap on the handle makes this watering pitcher easier to grip.

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You could expect to pay more than double for a terrarium this handsome from a specialty garden supplier. This terrarium is well-made and an elegant mix of Victorian-meets-contemporary design. With its powder-coated black metal structure and glass windows, this plant showcase is tall but sturdy and comes with accessories to anchor it to the wall for maximum safety — a necessity if you have children at home. Its vertical design makes it great for small spaces or to tuck into a corner. Create a fairy garden, or an oasis for succulents or humidity-loving plants in this perfect spotlight for your garden love. A lower shelf can be used to feature a plant or keep gardening tools handy. This beautifully made terrarium will definitely be a conversation piece in a dining room, living room or bedroom and an inspiring boon to your growing creativity as you decide how to design this magical space.

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Designed for indoors or out, this handsome angular stoneware planter with saucer comes in two sizes. This on-trend, curvy container channels the global, organic vibe dominating home design now. Its unique textured surface and high-design shape make this a display-worthy feature to up the design profile of a favorite plant.

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Functional and beautifully made, this plant stand is useful for propagating your plant cuttings. This handsome piece of plant art has a gorgeous, solid marble base and glass test tube held by a metal stand that channels a cool science class vibe. Elevate your latest propagation effort into a work of art or just elegantly display a single flower bud. My single sprig of rosemary suddenly looks like a museum display as I wait for roots to sprout.

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This elegant iron and marble plant stand turns an ordinary plant or even a chunk of crystal into an objet d'art. The stand has plenty of heft to make sure the stand, and whatever you are displaying, stay stable, and a felt bottom to keep the metal from scratching your tabletop. I loved using this stand in a variety of ways as a unique design accessory in my home, displaying a watering can one moment, a potted plant at another and then a chunk of amethyst.

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Hilton Carter

Hilton Carter

Plant whisperer and houseplant lover/designer Hilton Carter.

Photo by: Shawn Hubbard for Target

Shawn Hubbard for Target

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