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The Best Houseplants to Make a Stylish Statement

November 25, 2014

Add drama to your living spaces with bold, sculptural plants in just-right stylish pots.

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Large Scale Luxury

Large plants automatically draw the eye in interior settings. To breathe life into a living room, add plants that match the scale of furniture pieces. This mix of houseplants unfurls leaves with varying textures that work to complement one another. The plants include a spikey yucca (background) and broad fiddleleaf fig (Ficus lyrata) in the foreground. When selecting large plants, make sure you have enough space that the plant won’t interfere with traffic flow or otherwise be an obstacle, like blocking a view. Choose cachepots that match your décor.

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Leaves With Drama

Focal point houseplants don’t have to be large to get the job done. Draw attention to an area of a room or a special piece of furniture with an unusual plant like Alocasia Poly. Its variegated leaves are a can’t-miss in any size room and look even more striking when unfurling in an heirloom footed cachepot. The secret to success with Alocasia Poly is high light and high humidity. Variegation patterns on leaves are prettiest when the plant receives strong sunlight. Use a sheer curtain to filter sunlight in southern regions.

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Soften Architectural Lines

Place houseplants to provide a leafy contrast to the hard lines of windows and furniture. Peace lily is a natural for filling a corner, especially if you select the one known as Sensation. This beauty grows to 6 feet tall and easily commands attention in a large room. It holds its own beside a large window, where it receives the high light necessary to promote steady bloom. Tuck it into a simple dark container to let glossy leaves and stately flowers steal the spotlight.

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Give Leaves a Shine

Flowering plants provide attention-grabbing color, especially when you choose a plant with long-lasting flowers, like anthurium. This tough-as-nails houseplant unfurls red blooms with a waxy sheen that open steadily all year long when plants receive bright light. Give the thick, leathery leaves on anthurium—or any houseplant—a sheen by spraying with a solution of 1/2 cup milk (skim or reduced fat) and 3/4 cup water. Rub the leaves gently with a soft cloth, then dry with a clean, soft cloth. Be sure to spray both the top and bottom of leaves.

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