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Favorite Houseplants by State

Is it aloe or peace lily or maybe African violets? Find out the most popular houseplant in your state!

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Photo: Image courtesy of Costa Farms

Alabama: Ponytail Palm

Custom-made and curated furniture site Joybird recently released the findings of their study focused on the most popular houseplants in America by state. Read on to see if you have one of these houseplants in your home.

One of Costa Farms' "Plants of Steel," the ponytail palm is a tough plant, though it's not actually a palm.

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Photo: Sarah Brueck WIlliams

Alaska: Succulents

A Hindu rope plant curls over the rim of a terrarium made of recycled glass. Stained glass artist Sarah Brueck Williams also placed succulent Mesembryanthemum lehmanni in this octahedron-shaped terrarium.

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Arizona: Aloe

We love the way the pop of green from this aloe houseplant really sets off this modern white bathtub.

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Photo: Image courtesy of Costa Farms

Arkansas: Peace Lily

Fun fact: Peace lilies are one of the most efficient natural air filters and scrub your home of indoor air pollutants.

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