DIY Hanging Planter Ideas You Have to Try

Get creative with hanging basket projects for all skill levels, plus find the best plants for your design.

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May 05, 2020
By: Ryan Reed

Photo By: Cassidy Garcia

Photo By: Cassidy Garcia

Photo By: Cassidy Garcia

Photo By: Cassidy Garcia

Photo By: Cassidy Garcia

Photo By: Cassidy Garcia

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Photo By: Ball Horticultural Company

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DIY Hanging Planter Ideas

Breathe new life into an indoor space or create an outdoor oasis with these DIY hanging planter ideas. From macramé to even disco balls, practically anything can be used to create eye-catching hanging baskets with very little effort.

Make sure to stick around until the end of the gallery for tips on the best plants to use for your design.

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Macramé Hanging Planter

Macramé magicians will love this project. Using just a few simple supplies, you can create your own adjustable hanging basket for your favorite houseplant. The best part is that because the project calls for polyester rope, you can display your hanging planter inside your home or outside on your patio.

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Crochet Potholder

Make a hanging succulent planter using items you likely have around your house, like this crochet potholder.

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Crochet Potholder

Use strands of yarn to transform a simple crochet potholder into a hanging succulent planter and embellish with wooden beads. Place a small succulent in the center and hang the finished project in your kitchen or office.

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Shampoo Bottle Planter

Reduce plastic waste by upcycling an empty shampoo bottle into a hanging planter that looks so good that your friends will ask you where you bought it.

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Shampoo Bottle Planter

To make a shampoo bottle planter, remove the label and carefully cut off the top. Pour pebbles and potting soil into the bottle for internal drainage. Punch holes into the sides of the shampoo bottle and thread wire through to create the hanger.

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Shirt Sleeve Planter

You can make a hanging planter out of pretty much anything, even an old white shirt! This DIY basket idea is so simple it doesn't even require a sewing machine.

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Shirt Sleeve Planter

Use a fabric market to create a unique design (we went with mudcloth) and use leather cording to create the hanger. Embellish with a wooden block and your project is complete.

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Window Planter

Some projects are worth the effort. This window planter, made from poplar boards, chandelier chain and metal French buckets, is truly a work of art.

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Hanging Rope Planter

Add greenery and privacy to a shady space with a one-of-a-kind ceiling-mounted planter made from simple materials.

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Hanging Herb Planter

Fresh herbs are essential to any foodie's kitchen and with this project, you can keep those ingredients within reach while taking up zero counterspace. All you need is a tin can, a few tools and some creativity.

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Hanging Colander

Trust us on this one. If you have a colorful colander, consider transforming it into a hanging planter for your go-to cooking herbs. Plug the holes of the colander using a coco liner and then add small rocks, potting soil and finally, plants. Be sure to use enough twine to support the weight of the planter.

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Dollar Store Design

This budget-friendly outdoor hanging planter will add instant curb appeal to your home. Pick up five wire baskets from the dollar store and after a few simple steps, you can create a cascading display for your favorite outdoor plants.

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Seashell Hanging Planter

If you're going with a beach theme for a room in your home, this DIY project is for you. Borrow some seashells from your collection and use hot glue to apply them to a plastic container. Use sturdy rope to support the weight and when you're finished, you just might be able to hear the ocean if you listen close enough.

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Hanging Copper Planter

Copper accents are very on-trend when it comes to home decor. With some woodshop know-how, you can make your own hanging copper planter.

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DIY Faux Copper Air Planter

If you want the copper look but without the hardware, this DIY faux copper air planter is just for you. The best part? It helps keep those plastic straws out of the landfill.

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Disco Ball Planter

Blow the dust off that old disco ball from the '70s and follow this DIY project to add some Saturday Night Fever to a funky room in your home.

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Purse Planter

This planter idea is just quirky enough to work. Line small tote bags and colorful purses with plastic and fill with soil. Add an arrangement of plants that complement the bag and slip them over a fence post or tree branch.

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Recycled Bottle Planters

These hanging bunny planters are off-the-charts cute and super simple to make. Just make sure you use craft paint that will adhere to the plastic and let your creativity run wild.

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Woven Hanging Planter

This boho-inspired woven hanging planter is sure to stand out wherever you place it. The trick to this project is knowing how to create a loom over the flower pot. Once you know that, you can recreate this design in no time.

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DIY Airplant Hanger

If there was ever an ideal plant to hang in mid-air on a saucer, it would be Tillandsia. Known as an "air plant" because of how it gets most of its nutrients, this simple DIY planter allows the plant to take center stage.

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Halloween-Inspired Macramé Hanging Planter

When the calendar turns to October, it's officially pumpkin season. But you're better off carving them than trying to use them in a hanging planter. Instead, use a faux pumpkin and combine with a macramé hanger to show off your greenery.

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Spindle Hanging Planter

One thing you can always find at a salvage shop is mismatched staircase parts. Look for unique spindles. With a bit of hollowing out and macramé, you can turn those forgotten wooden pieces into one-of-a-kind hanging planters for your air plants.

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Hanging Leather Planter

Leather is an ideal material to use for a hanging basket because of how sturdy it is. For this project, cut through a scrap piece of leather and punch holes at the top for the rope to go through. Form the leather around your pot and you have a super chic hanging planter.

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Jumbo Egg Planter

Not sure what to do with that jumbo plastic egg you bought for Easter? You could store it away for next year, or, you could get more enjoyment out of it by transforming it into a hanging planter.

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Types of Hanging Plants: What to Look For

Now that you have plenty of inspiration for your hanging planter, let's talk plants. If your planter will be indoors, consider a plant that doesn't need a lot of natural sunlight unless you plan to display the planter in a sunroom. If you're going outdoors with your planter, save yourself some time by choosing a low-maintenance plant that's lush and bright in color. Always consider the season and go with the most appropriate plant for the time of year.

Hanging Plant: Jade

Jade is a great option to use in your hanging planter and it's easy to take care of. The most important thing to remember is to allow enough time between waterings for the soil to dry. Check the soil about every three days and only water if it feels very dry.

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Hanging Plant: Ivy

English and Algerian ivies do well in low to moderate light. They should dry out between waterings.

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Hanging Plant: Pansy

Pansies thrive in cool weather, making them the ideal plant to use in a planter for fall. Choose a hanging basket that complements the color of your home's exterior and fill it with Cool Wave pansies that pour over the edge.

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Hanging Plant: Eastern Hay-Scented Fern

Known to thrive in shade or partially sunny spaces, Eastern hay-scented fern is used by gardeners to fill voids in planting beds or yards, mostly due to its ability to grow quickly.

Hanging Plant: Begonia

Begonias are not only lush and beautiful, but they're also one of the best plants to use in a hanging planter because they thrive during the heat of the summer to the cool weather of fall.

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Hanging Plant: 'Marble Queen' Pothos

'Marble Queen' pothos is the most common of all houseplants, both for its ability to help filter and clean indoor air and for its low-maintenance needs.

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