DIY Succulent and Cactus Projects You Just Have To Try

Succulents can be used to make modern but earthy decor. Here's how to get creative with these drought-tolerant plants by using them in everything from wreaths to hanging wall art.

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Photo By: Melissa Caughey

Photo By: Photo by Melissa Caughey

Photo By: Photo by Melissa Caughey

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DIY Succulent and Cactus Decor Ideas

Bring new life to an indoor space or create an outdoor garden with these DIY succulent project ideas. We show you how to use cactus and succulents in hanging planters, wreaths, ornaments and centerpieces. Is your thumb less than green? We've even got ideas for making fake plants out of felt or polymer clay that look cute and need no help from you to thrive.

Stick around until the end of the gallery for tips on choosing and caring for the plants you use in your project.

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Vintage Camper Planter

Summer vacation starts now. Make this charming vintage camper planter with HGTV Handmade's Crafty Lumberjacks. They cast it out of quick-setting concrete and added fun details like cloth curtains and rubber wheels. They used fake plants in theirs, but you can easily substitute live ones.

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Book Planter for Succulents

If you love books and plants, you'll love this DIY succulent planter made from an old book. Just cut out a well in the pages, line it with plastic, add soil and plants and you'll got a tabletop garden. I can't think of a better gift for a teacher or a better use for Dan Brown books.

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Vertical Succulent Planter

Show off your succulents in a vertical planter you can hang on the wall like a piece of modern art. Just print out the template and follow our instructions for building the wooden planter, filling it with succulents and hanging it on a sunny wall. Wire holds the plants in place, so they appear to defy gravity.

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Tree Branch And Succulents Centerpiece

Make an earthy centepiece by turning a branch into a planter full of succulents. You'll have a piece of living decor that brings the outdoors to your tabletop.

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Pumpkin Centerpiece With Succulents

There are succulents for every season, so incorporate them into your tablescape with a living centerpiece. Want a summer look? Use a melon instead of a pumpkin.

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Hanging Mini Succulent Planters

Make modern-looking, geometric planters full of succulents. The wire gives them a cool, industrial vibe that works with the angular, rugged succulents. Hang your little gardens in the window of a loft to bring the green indoors.

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Succulent Wreath

Bring the garden to your door with a wreath made of living succulents. Plant them into a wire form filled with soil and moss, and hang them on a garden gate where they'll get morning sun. Water it weekly and your wreath will live all season.

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Succulent Pumpkin Planter

Nothing says "I'm all over the living decor trend" like a ghost pumpkin-succulent centerpiece. You can make this one with a pumpkin, a glue gun, moss and succulent cuttings in less than an hour.

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Succulent Ornament

Bring your garden indoors with this lovely succulent ornament. You can make and hang it in a morning. Suspend it from the ceiling in front of a sunny kitchen window for a mini hanging garden.

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Dinosaur Planters

What's cuter than plastic toy dinosaurs stuffed with plants? Turn playthings into planters by cutting a whole in the dinos, coating them in metallic paint and filling them with succulents. They look great in a kids' bedroom or a playroom, but they also work in a rooms for grownups.

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Cactus Dish Garden

Create a sleek, modern, and drought-tolerant cactus dish garden for your tabletop. The key is picking out cactus varieties that work well together in shape, size and color.

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Mini Succulent Terrariums

Share your love of gardening with these miniature take-home terrariums that you can use as place settings at your next dinner party. Place one at each seat to give your guests a gift that grows.

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Vintage Birdcage Succulent Planter

Turn a vintage birdcage into an upcycled planter for succulents. The key is finding a stylish bird cage. We found our Victorian one at a garage sale, filled it with plants and put it on the porch for a summer full of cottage-themed greenery.

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Mini Clay Succulents

OK, so living plants aren't your thing. We get it. Make fake ones out of clay that won't need any help from you to stay green forever. They look great in a doll house or tree house, and they can provide a pop of color in a full-sized house, too. This is a great project to do with children.

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Succulent Table

Succulents are so sturdy that they'll grow almost anywhere, even planted in a piece of furniture. We planted succulents on the lower level of a glass-topped end table. Put it on a patio or in an outdoor room and you can see the plants when you use the table, while the glass lets sun shine on the plants. It's a living table.

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