Landscaping Planning

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Section 1: Getting Started

A well-maintained lawn gives your home a welcoming feel and added value. When thinking about landscaping, consider important factors like your home’s architectural style and zoning laws.

Section 2: Planning Your Spaces

Start by evaluating the current site, noting features that you’d like to add and what activities you envision taking place in the space.

Section 3: Developing a Master Plan

Create rough sketches, deciding where to put what and the proportion of one space to another. Evolve these drafts into a detailed plan that you’ll use as your design road map.

Section 4: Choosing Materials

Now that you have a well-thought-out plan for your outdoor space, shop for materials that will complete your design and enhance the look, from the plants to the cobblestone to the lighting fixtures.

Section 5: Getting the Project Done

One of the biggest decisions for a landscaping project is whether to hire a landscape architect, landscape designer or landscape contractor. Know which professional will work best for your project.