14 Can't-Miss Paver Designs

Pavers can be a customizable and durable option for outdoor spaces.

Photo By: Southview Design

Photo By: Landscape Studio

Photo By: H. Keith Wagner Partnership

Photo By: Belgard

Photo By: Landscape Studio

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Photo By: Southview Design

Photo By: Southview Designs

Photo By: H. Keith Wagner Partnership

Photo By: Georgia Landscape

Photo By: Southview Designs

Photo By: Southview Design

Photo By: Home and Garden Design

Photo By: Marion Brenner

Party-Worthy Backyard

Natural stone pavers can be cut into shapes to fit the design of a patio or walkway and add elegance to an outdoor entertaining space, as seen in this property by Southview Design of Minneapolis.

Around a Fountain

For this Georgia patio, Landscape Studio used Pennsylvania Bluestone pavers laid in an Ashlar pattern. The different sizes (12-by-18, 18-by-24 and 24-by-24) and color of the pavers create a rustic effect. The mortar also matches the mortar in the home's exterior.

Blocks of Stone

Monolithic ledge stone panels are set into the stone dust, as part of an award-winning residential landscape design project in Vermont by H. Keith Wagner Partnership. The walkway's arc lends privacy to the main house and a guest house on the estate. 

From Fire Pit to Pool

Think of how your pavers can connect areas, such as a pool deck, fire pit and bar. This Roswell, Ga., outdoor space is designed by J&J Landscaping and Neptune Pools and uses Belgard pavers with a cobblestone effect manufactured by Georgia Masonry Supply of Atlanta.

Brick Border

This soiree-worthy space, which also could provide greenspace for kids to play, is surrounded by bricks and mortar that match the Georgia home's exterior. The bold border, with two lines of brick laid straight on their sides in a double soldier course pattern, is designed by Landscape Studio.

In the Round

The versatility of pavers can enable homeowners to create a circular design around a fire pit, or other shapes, such as a square space, for entertaining day or night. These pavers are made of recycled granite.

Rustic Look

The colors you choose for the pavers could make a new patio or walkway seem as if it has always been on the property, suggests Southview Design, based in Minneapolis.

Party Patio

A tiered paver patio by Southview Design in Minnesota creates space for dining areas, a bar area and a fire pit, and is accessorized with colorful materials. A modular block retaining wall also was used to frame the area.

Minimalist Walkway

For a minimalistic design, a bluestone walkway connects the main house with the guest house, bisected by a stone dust arrival court. The H. Keith Wagner Partnership's design of the property in Burlington, Vermont, won an American Society of Landscape Architects award. 

Along a Path

Pavers allow homeowners to customize the look of a yard, such as this curved walkway using pavers by Georgia Landscape.

Focal Point

Around areas such as a fire pit, pavers are more solid and safer to walk on than gravel. Officials with Southview Design, based in Minnesota, also note that in colder climates, pavers are less likely to crack, although it can be more challenging to clear snow and ice.

Into the Woods

The arrangement of pavers can point people in the right direction in a yard. These stone pavers, installed by Southview Design, lead folks to a built-in fire pit near the edge of the woods on this Minnesota property.

Cozy Nook

Use stone pavers to center outbuildings, such as a garden shed or studio, in a backyard, suggests Danna Cain, owner of Home & Garden Design in Atlanta.

California Contemporary

Concrete and gravel paths combine with concrete seat walls that edge the back of a main courtyard space in Sonoma County, Calif. The design by Nelson Byrd Woltz Landscape Architects was an American Society of Landscape Architects award-winning project.

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