10 Window Seats + Cozy Nooks to Get You Through the Winter

Brrr, it’s chilly out there. Get ready to hole up inside for the winter with ideas from these window seats, bunk beds, reading nooks and other cozy indoor hideaways.

If dark and dreary winter weather tends to get you down, look on the bright side: It’s the perfect time to take advantage of your home’s coziest, comfiest spots. Whether you’re snowed in, making room for guests or just need some “me time” away from the family, we’ve picked out 10 snug spots to get you through all the season’s scenarios.

For Curling Up With a Good Book

Country Reading Room With Full Wall Bookshelves, Leaf Patterned Window Seat and Wood Piano

Country Reading Room With Full Wall Bookshelves, Leaf Patterned Window Seat and Wood Piano

White bookshelves reach to the ceiling for maximum book storage in this home library. A wonderful, unique book page light fixture is an excellent detail for this reading focused room. A window seat is padded with an orange, leaf design cushion with matching throw pillows.

Photo by: John G. Wilbanks Photography

John G. Wilbanks Photography

If you tend to spend the winter months engrossed in a novel, consider fashioning a cozy reading spot in your home. Here, designer Jeff Pelletier incorporated floor-to-ceiling shelves for maximum storage and a window seat for curling up with a book. If you don't have the space for a full-blown library, just tuck a comfy chair and a handsome set of bookshelves into a unused corner of your home, and voila! Instant reading nook.

Window Seats We Love

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For Binge-Watching Netflix

Neutral Country Bedroom With Built-In Daybed

Neutral Country Bedroom With Built-In Daybed

In welcoming country style, this sweet bedroom does a lot in a small amount of space: a built-in window seat doubles as a daybed and leaves room for a comfy sofa, ottoman and entertainment center.

Photo by: Daniel Contelmo Jr.

Daniel Contelmo Jr.

If you're less of a bookworm and more of a movie watcher, get your living room or den marathon ready with lots of throw pillows, plush blankets and an ottoman to kick up your feet or set a tray full of snacks. In this space designed by Daniel Contelmo, a built-in window seat doubles as a daybed.

For Working From Home

Contemporary Home Office Nook Is Chic, Cozy

Contemporary Home Office Nook Is Chic, Cozy

An under-the-stairs closet becomes a cozy work nook with the addition of a built-in desk and chic graphic wallpaper. The rich hardwood floors help warm the space.

Photo by: Amy Lutz

Amy Lutz

You're snowed in, but you still need to get some work done; that's when a designated home workspace comes in handy. If you can't devote an entire room to an office, take a cue from designer Amy Lutz. Here, she converted an under-the-stairs closet into a cozy office nook with the addition of a built-in desk and chic graphic wallpaper.

Small Home Office Ideas

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For Escaping the Family

Built-In Window Seat With Open Shelves

Built-In Window Seat With Open Shelves

A new window seat creates and reading nook flanked by built-in bookshelves in this contemporary bedroom, as seen on HGTV's Brother Vs. Brother.

From: Brother Vs. Brother

Photo by: Gilles Mingasson/Getty Images ©2014, HGTV/Scripps Networks, LLC. All Rights Reserved

Gilles Mingasson/Getty Images, 2014, HGTV/Scripps Networks, LLC. All Rights Reserved

We get it: Sometimes you need a break from your family members visiting for the holidays. Find some solice by holing up in a window seat for one. As seen on Brother Vs. Brother, this petite bedroom window seat is flanked by built-in bookshelves.

For Pulling on Winter Boots

Small Mudroom With Reclaimed Wood Shelves

Small Mudroom With Reclaimed Wood Shelves

Add two simple reclaimed-wood slabs, and presto! This recessed niche, just inside the backyard door, becomes a mudroom. Barker Freeman Design Office architects needed little more than the shelving and a few hooks to create an ideal setup for removing shoes and stashing flotsam. Keeping the wall color the same as in the rest of the room allows for continuity, but the paler hue on the surrounding wall helps to define the space.

Photo by: Barker Freeman Design Office

Barker Freeman Design Office

Summer shoes are so simple; you just slip them on and go. For the winter, it's handy to have a bench in your mudroom so you can sit down and lace up. No mudroom? Create a mini version with shelves, a seat and a few hooks, as Barker Freeman Design Office did in this small niche.

20 Hard-Working Mudrooms

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For Your Guests' Privacy

Shabby Chic Room With Bed Alcove and Chandelier

Shabby Chic Room With Bed Alcove and Chandelier

A bright-colored bed is nestled neatly in a small nook with a gold chandelier. Gray and white accent pillows on the bed complement the bold-patterned wallpaper. Patterned bedding in a mustard color offsets the neutrals in the space and provides a pop of color to bring life to this small space.

From: Secrets From a Stylist

If you're hosting guests for the holidays, it's important to give them a place to recharge — even if you have to get creative with your space. Here, designer Emily Henderson transformed this awkward alcove into a cozy guest retreat. Thanks to bright yellow bedding and a chandelier, the space feels cheery and not cramped.

For the Kids' Privacy

Neutral Rustic Side-By-Side Bunk Beds

Neutral Rustic Side-By-Side Bunk Beds

The young occupants of this room got their dream beds with these clever bunks. Shelves behind each bed are an ideal spot for the boys to showcase trophies, trinkets and toys. A magnetic panel behind the ladder creates the perfect backdrop for the latest original works of art.

Photo by: Mark Boisclair

Mark Boisclair

When family members are in town for the holidays, it's always the kids who get stuck sharing a small space. Give each child his or her own space with bunk beds. Designer Angelica Henry went all out in this rustic kids' space, incorporating fort-style bunk beds, built-in shelves and a hidden loft area above.

20 Cozy Bunk Beds

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For Fido's Privacy

Cozy Pet Nook With Orange Pillows

Cozy Pet Nook With Orange Pillows

Orange throw pillows and a dog bed are nestled inside this nook, creating a cozy relaxation spot for the family pet.

From: Elbow Room

Photo by: Jessica McGowan ©2013, HGTV/Scripps Network LLC. All Rights Reserved

Jessica McGowan, 2013, HGTV/Scripps Network LLC. All Rights Reserved

Pets can get stressed during the holidays when your home sees lots of extra visitors. Give your dog or cat his own designated space where he can escape the commotion. As seen on Elbow Room, Chip Wade tucked a pet bed and a few pillows in an out-of-the-way alcove in this art studio.

For Your Morning Caffeine Boost



If you're a coffee drinker, we're guessing your morning cup of joe becomes even more crucial during the winter when it's cold and dark outside. Make your daily routine feel a little more luxurious by setting up a coffee bar and a comfy, quiet spot to sip your brew. In this calming space, designer Mark Williams paired a coffee center with a plush upholstered bench.

20 Beautiful Kitchen Banquettes + Booths

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For Soaking Up Some Sun



A new second story was added with a home office/ loft space. The new structural ceiling beams were all exposed and painted. New arched windows look out over the pool. The room is lined with custom bookshelves that have uplighting hidden behind the crown. The daybed has deep storage drawers below, as well as supply ducts for the AC.

Photo by: Jeff Troyer Associates ©Lee Manning Photography

Jeff Troyer Associates, Lee Manning Photography

Shorter, darker days can be a serious bummer during the winter months. If you're desperate for some natural light, make sure there's comfortable seating in the sunniest spots of your home. Tall, arched windows provide maximum lighting in this library loft, complete with a thick, padded window seat, designed by Jeff Troyer.

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