8 Ways to Use Holiday String Lights All Year Long

You don't have to give up that twinkly goodness just because Christmas is over. Incorporate festive holiday string lights into your everyday decor with these projects and ideas.
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If you're like me, your house looks its best around Christmas, decked out in glittering ornaments and twinkling lights. Once January rolls around and the festive decor starts to come down, things can look a little drab. If you have the post-holiday decorating blues, keep those string lights out of storage and tackle these projects that'll give your home a warm glow year round.

Make a Lighted Headboard

15 Easy DIY Headboards: Starry Night

15 Easy DIY Headboards: Starry Night

Holiday lights are used to create a built-in night-light in a little boy's bedroom. Glow-in-the-dark stars accompany the moonlight for some extra sparkle.

©Design by Joanne Palmissano, Photo by Susan Teare

Design by Joanne Palmissano, Photo by Susan Teare

If you're handy with a drill, you can make this impressive DIY headboard complete with a lighted moon. In a kid's bedroom, the string lights serve as a built-in nightlight.

15 DIY Headboards

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Sweet Dreams

Old picture frames and salvaged lumber were turned into a personalized headboard for a little girl's bedroom. "Sweet dreams" was spelled out and each letter was embellished with flowers. Create your own personalized message or spell out your child's name.

Photo By: Susan Teare ©Susan Teare

Fireplace Mantel Headboard

This vintage-chic headboard was made from an old fireplace mantel with a tufted upholstered insert.

Photo By: Frank Murray

Picket Fence

This rustic-chic headboard was made from an old picket fence. The pickets were cut up into small pieces, cleaned and then refinished in a few different stains. Then the pieces were fitted into a frame made from more weathered lumber.

Photo By: Susan Teare ©Susan Teare

It's Not Metal

This industrial-style headboard is made out of PVC pipes that were painted silver. Twine was strung between the pipes, then clothespins were added to display vintage postcards. The next photo shows another version of this same headboard.

Photo By: Susan Teare ©Design by Joanne Palmissano, Photo by Susan Teare

Sail Off to Sleep

PVC pipes painted silver make this bed frame look like metal. A piece of a boat sail is stretched across the frame thanks to the addition of grommets and rope.

Photo By: Susan Teare ©Susan Teare

He Wishes It Was His Bed

The slatted headboard on this platform bed leans back just enough to make it very easy to sit up and read or watch TV in bed.

©Design by Chris Hill

Cottage Style

We modeled this headboard from one we saw in a popular home-decor catalog. It is very simple to build — standard-size lumber is fastened to a large piece of plywood, then the whole piece is painted white.

©Design by Michelle Scheibe

Statuesque and Upholstered

Create a dramatic focal point by bringing your headboard up to the ceiling.

©Design by Janell Beals

Photo Frame Headboard

Salvaged planks are lined up to make a headboard with a family photo mounted in the center. The photo can easily be swapped out to match decor changes.

Photo By: Susan Teare ©Design by Joanne Palmissano, Photo by Susan Teare

Rustic Style

This wooden headboard was made using basic tongue-and-groove construction. We distressed it, then gave it a weathered barn-wood finish, but it could be painted or stained any color.

©Design by Chris Hill

Enchanted Forest

To make this pretty girls' bed, an old thrift store headboard was painted white. Then branches were also painted white and attached to the headboard. The branches were then adorned with pretty birds, ribbons and glitter.

Photo By: Susan Teare ©Design by Joanne Palmissano, Photo by Susan Teare

Twinkle, Twinkle

Holiday lights are used to create a built-in night-light in a little boy's bedroom. Glow-in-the-dark stars accompany the moonlight for some extra sparkle.

©Design by Joanne Palmissano, Photo by Susan Teare

T-Shirt Collection

Kids often have a hard time parting with their favorite T-shirts even after they've outgrown them. Use old T-shirts, sport jerseys or old blankets to create a collage of color over your child's bed.

Photo By: Susan Teare ©Susan Teare

Homemade Slipcover

An old wood headboard is draped with an inexpensive canvas drop cloth. The drop cloth is held on by ribbons tied at each side. To give the slipcover a shabby-chic look, we placed a piece of old handcrafted crewelwork in the center of the drop cloth.

©Design by Joanne Palmissano, Photo by Susan Teare

Duct Tape Headboard

Colorful duct tape is wrapped around a big piece of cardboard to make this racy kids' headboard. This is an inexpensive and easy project to make with your kids. No power tools are required, and kids can use their creativity to the fullest.

Photo By: Susan Teare ©Design by Joanne Palmissano, Photo by Susan Teare

Fill Blank Walls

Cozy Family Room Features Playful Lighting

Cozy Family Room Features Playful Lighting

Whimsical lighting steals the show in this cozy family room. Behind the sofa, string lights gracefully adorn the wall, and above the armchair, a lighted art installation adds a cool, crisp pattern to the space.

Photo by: Claire Esparros for Homepolish

Claire Esparros for Homepolish

If bare walls have your home looking a little "blah," put string lights to work. In this family room by Justin DiPiero, a zigzag of lights looks like a sculptural installation above the sofa and softly illuminates the space.

25 Ways to Fill Blank Walls

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1: Washi Tape Pattern

If you live in a dorm or apartment, it may be against the rules to permanently affix decor onto the walls. Cue the washi tape. Use a variety of colors and patterns to get a custom look you love, and simply switch it out when you want a new look. Design by Michelle Edgemont

2: Elegant Sconces

Dress up even the smallest of areas, like a nook or entryway, with a little bling. Designer Jamie Herzlinger flanked a French-style settee with ornamental sconces to add some sparkle to the plain wall.

3: Kitchen Art Gallery

Even your kitchen walls could use some sprucing up. Print your favorite photographs, put them in basic frames and hang them at varying heights for an art gallery look right in your own kitchen.

4: Screenprint Art

Give your walls a cool effect with a pop art look. Get simple instructions on how to make a faux screenprint that will bring a little quirkiness to any room.

Photo By: Chelsea Costa

5: Coffee Filter Art

You can find artistic inspiration using everyday items. Michelle Edgemont dip-dyed coffee filters and placed them in a random pattern on the wall using glue dots to create a dramatic flower effect.

6: Framed Maps

Give an old map a modern spin with a multi-frame application. Choose your favorite destination spots, or use a map of your hometown. Get the instructions here>>

7: Rustic Baskets

To decorate the staircase wall, cousins Anthony Carrino and John Colaneri of Cousins Undercover hung rustic wood-and-wire baskets. Check your local thrift store for vintage finds that are easy to hang and eye-pleasing.

Photo By: Tricia Messeroux © 2013, HGTV/Scripps Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved. OWNED - No limitations on time/term, territory or media as long as the images are o

8: Photo Collage Wallpaper

Use family photos to make a customized wallpaper design. Here, Cortney and Bob Novogratz of Home by Novogratz covered one wall of this international models' apartment with the models' headshots for a dramatic yet personal touch.

9: Cork Board

Don't forget about the staircase wall. If you're living in a small space, you can make a workspace underneath the stairs by installing a floating desk against the staircase wall. Designer Brian Patrick Flynn installed corkboard to the wall for a convenient spot to attach memos, cards and photos.

10: Inspiration Quotes

You can find a plethora of inspirational signage in stores, but you can make your own, too. Michelle suggests using different colors and patterns of washi tape for a funky way to display your favorite quote.

11: Faux Taxidermy

Anthony and John of Kitchen Cousins dressed up a rustic dining room wall with faux taxidermy. The patterns on the animal heads add a modern touch, bringing two contrasting styles together.

From: Anthony Carrino and John Colaneri

12: Geometric Wall

Spruce up an accent wall with budget-friendly plywood. Designer Brian attached plywood to this colorful wall in square shapes of all sizes to create a cool geometric effect.

13: Book Page Art

Scour bookstores and thrift shops for vintage books you can use as art. To get this look, Design Star All Stars contestant Kellie folded book pages halfway in contrasting directions, and attached the books to the wall using screws.

14: String Art

If you want to add some retro-style to your home, go with the iconic '70s art favorite — string art. Give it a modern spin with a monogrammed design. Watch the how-to video>>

15: Baskets and Hats

Display your hat collection right above the bed for an unconventional focal point. To mix it up, add baskets and other vintage finds for a twist on the traditional gallery wall. Design by Jane Ellison

From: Jane Ellison

16: Neon Tape + Black-and-White Photos

Add some color to black-and-white-photos with neon-colored washi tape. Place the photos in an art gallery pattern or create geometric shapes. Design by Michelle Edgemont

17: Vintage Plate Collection

An eclectic mix of vintage plates is an easy, inexpensive way to decorate a bedroom wall in a little girl's bedroom. Include a framed baby photo and an initial for a true personal touch. Design by Anisa Darnell

18: Empty Frames

If you already have a playful accent wall — but want to jazz it up — hang bold empty frames at varying heights. Design by Brian Patrick Flynn

19: Vintage Art Gallery

The metallic floral wallpaper is its own statement piece, but a collection of vintage art really gives this living room a vintage glam look. Design by Emily Henderson

20: Vintage Signs

You can find vintage lettering and signs at just about any thrift store. Cortney and Bob dress up one wall in the dining room with large vintage letters that spell "LUNCH". Paired with animal head decals and diagonal stripes, the letters bring a fun vibe to the space.

21: Wide Stripes

Painting stripes on an accent wall is a fast, easy and inexpensive way to add some color and interest to a wall. Design by Brian Patrick Flynn

22: Thrift Store Art

Thrift stores have one of the best varieties of artwork. Stick to a theme, like animal print or botanicals. Once you have a theme, scour your favorite thrift shops for eclectic art prints that match your theme. Design by Jeanine Hays

Photo By: Courtesy of Society Social

23: Jewelry Tree

Living in an apartment or dorm room can prevent you from painting the walls. If you'd like to dress up the walls without damaging them, use washi tape. Michelle Edgemont attached tape to the wall in a tree shape, and pinned thumbtacks to the ends of each branch for a cute, space-saving way to display necklaces.

24: Funky Light-Up Star

Property Brothers Jonathan and Drew Scott placed a giant lighted star above the credenza to provide soft lighting and a funky element to the bare wall.

25: Wall of Mirrors

A collage of mirrors makes this bathroom feel larger while breaking up the monotonous white wall. Choose different style mirrors in the same color for a cohesive look.

From: James Farmer

Illuminate a Patio

String Lights and Lanterns Illuminate Garden

String Lights and Lanterns Illuminate Garden

String up lights and lanterns around your outdoor space to give an enchanting twinkle to any garden party. The soft glow will invite everyone to linger outside in the nighttime summer air. Line lanterns and smaller string lights around your seating area, and hang a few off tree branches for a touch of ambiance.

Give your outdoor space an enchanting glow by stringing lights around your deck or patio. Complete the ambiance by placing a few lanterns around your seating areas or hanging them from trees.

11 Outdoor Lighting Ideas

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Try DIY Pendant Shades

Electric or battery-powered hanging bulbs can be a starting point for an original outdoor shade. Designer Jamie Durie cut the bottoms from candle holders and fitted them around basic pendant lights to create a dabbled light effect in this outdoor dining room.

Go Stainless

Can't figure out where to start? You can't go wrong with a stainless steel pendant: It will not only blend seamlessly with most of the outdoor furniture on the market, it will also solidify an industrial-chic look. Image courtesy Knight Moves

Bring the Indoors Out

Emily Henderson used a thrift store light fixture as a focal point for this Japanese-inspired dining area. A glass and metal light like this one will be fine outdoors in the summer months, and you can store it indoors for the winter. Get more of Emily's tips to help you create your own alfresco dining room.

Give an Old Light Fixture New Life

In pergolas or freestanding structures where electricity may not be available, candles are your best solution. But don't just throw them on the table: With a few tweaks, turn a discarded chandelier into one powered by battery-operated candles. Image courtesy In My Own Style

Repurpose a Pot Rack

For a more casual, organic look, try traditional candles nestled inside Mason jars mixed with succulents or other plants. Erin from Erin Ever After used a hanging pot rack to suspend her arrangement over the table.

Hang a Candle Chandelier

The wire-and-glass chandelier featured in this Mediterranean living space is designed to be lit with candles at night, but it's pretty enough that it's a focal point during the day, too.

Try Moroccan Style

For an eclectic look, try a Moroccan lantern. These pieces can vary widely in price, so it's easy to find one in your budget. For a quick and inexpensive solution, find a thrift store lantern and use candles as your light source. Image courtesy John Coulter Designs

Light the Way

Don't forget to light the pathway to your outdoor room. Create this look like Karen of The Art of Doing Stuff did using only a ubiquitous globe fixture and a strand of white lights. Presto: chic, cheap outdoor lighting.

Use Holiday Lights Year Round

While it is typically frowned upon to have your Christmas lights up after the holidays, the strands of white bulbs can provide you with another amazing source of light for your outdoor room. String them across your patio like Emily Henderson did here, or use them to line a path, wrap around a tree or highlight a plant. Get more of Emily's tips to create an inviting outdoor room.

Bring In a Feminine Touch

With steel furniture, concrete, brick and stone, it's no wonder most outdoor spaces tend to lean toward a masculine look. Add a touch of whimsy and a more feminine vibe with a capiz chandelier, like the one featured on this bright and colorful patio (find the DIY project here). Image courtesy ModaChrome Home

Light Up Your Party

Even if you typically don't have an outdoor structure, events are a wonderful excuse to warm up your yard for guests. Paper lanterns are inexpensive and colorful and come in a rainbow of colors and a range of sizes.

Photo By: Via Food Network

Make Out-of-This-World Art

Create modern art that doubles as ambient lighting from plywood, trim and twinkle lights.

Photo by: Rustic White Photography, LLC

Rustic White Photography, LLC

How cool is this lighted wall art? Pick your favorite constellations, paint them onto a piece of plywood, drill holes for the stars and push twinkle lights through the holes. Hang on a wall and wow all of your guests.

DIY Wall Art Projects

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Make Your Own Cork World Map

A fun way to mark where you've been and where you're going, a large world map made out of cork gives you limitless possibilities. A neon hue makes this classic wall feature thoroughly modern.

Bulldog Cork Art

Try another spin on cork art from HGTV Magazine — this time directly on the wall — with this oversized cork bulldog installation perfect for kids' rooms.

Photo By: David A. Land

Black and White Photo Wall

Create an interesting photo display that can be easily updated with black and white photos and bright colored tape. Choose a few of your favorite photos and use a photo editing software to make them black and white. Print at home on glossy paper, online or at your local print shop. For greater visual interest, use vertical and horizontal photos of different sizes. Tape directly to the wall with brightly-colored tape.

Painted Baby Food Hanging Vases

This project is a fun and colorful way to recycle baby food jars. After they are wired together, the jars can be used to add a splash of color and fresh flowers to a plain wall or window.

Photo By: Melissa Edgemont

Coffee Filter Installation

The most basic of household supplies, coffee filters, is given a modern treatment for this wall installation. Fill a big, blank wall is filled with dip-dyed coffee filters in a flowing, floral pattern.

DIY Monogrammed String Art

String art used to be straight out of the '70s, but there's a new graphic version that's back in a big way. Learn how to make your own modern monogrammed string art in just a few easy steps.

Painted Ombre Canvas

Create custom ombre artwork with this how-to from HGTV Magazine and DIY blogger Typhanie Peterson.

Photo By: Stuart Tyson/Studio D

Create a Herringbone Design With Washi Tape

Use colorful paper tape to create a geometric wall pattern — perfect for renters or kids' bedrooms. When you're ready for a new look, it's easily removable and won't damage your walls.

Floral China Wall Art

Flea markets and thrift stores are overflowing with discarded china. Add a custom stencil, like numbers or a monogram, and hang to create unique wall art on the cheap. Get the floral china wall art how-to from HGTV Magazine.

Photo By: Thomas Liggett

Oversized Plywood Artwork

Fill an entire blank wall with an architectural, graphic painted piece. Your friends will never guess it started off as basic plywood.

Make Faux-Screenprinted Pop Art

Channel your inner Andy Warhol and make your own photography-inspired pop art! This simple faux screenprinting technique uses everyday craft supplies to take DIY art to the next level.

Photo By: Chelsea Costa

Oversized Family Portraits

Make your family a focal point with a grouping of large-scale canvas prints. Learn how to select, edit and hang your photos for a professional-quality look.

Make a Personalized Photo Mural

This printable, personalized wall mural makes a bold statement without the need for paint or wallpaper. It's the perfect solution for apartments or rental homes where temporary decor is a must. Here's how to create, print and hang your own stick-on wall mural.

Make an Oversized Shadowbox Facade

Too many small wall hangings can create a cluttered look. This oversized shadowbox is a great way unite a disparate grouping of objects. Make your own using basic lumber and materials.

Turn a Rug Into a Wall Tapestry

Put a cherished rug on display as handmade art with some basic lumber and these DIY tapestry instructions.

Fractured, Framed Map Art

Display a map from a memorable vacation by cutting it into pieces and displaying it gallery wall-style.

Modern Map Art

Modern Geometric Painting

It's amazing what painter's tape, some patience and pretty paint colors can achieve. Even novice artists can turn plain canvas into a modern masterpiece.

Turn Leaves and Foliage Into DIY Canvas Wall Art

Turn to your backyard for the main materials for this artwork project. A few foliage clippings and some spray paint transform a blank canvas into bright, modern wall art.

Group Instant Photos Into Color-Coded Wall Art

Unite instant photos from a day or event in a clear acrylic frame. You'll see how each takes on a color palette and tone of its own simply because of the photos inside.

Modern Melted Crayon Art

Fake the look of stained glass using crayons and wax paper. This modern take on a traditional technique creates free-form shapes that can easily be customized to match your space perfectly.

Turn Paint Chips Into Geometric Art

DIY decorators tend to make frequent visits to the paint store — and the paint chip rack. Repurpose the extras as a colorful, geometric piece of art that perfectly matches your space.

Create Origami Paper Wall Garlands

Origami paper is good for more than just folding. By sewing together strings of the paper squares, you can create a group of garlands that are sure to be a conversation-starting art piece.

Highlight Your Wine Collection

Built-In Wine Rack

Built-In Wine Rack

Bordered by string lights, this chic built-in wine rack features light wood racks for several bottles of wine.

Photo by: Sawhorse Design & Build

Sawhorse Design & Build

In this basement, Sawhorse Design & Build bordered a custom, built-in wine rack with string lights, but you could apply the same principle to just about any wooden rack. This simple idea transforms a storage feature into an eye-catching focal point.

Creative Wine Storage Ideas

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Rely on Riddling

Originally created for the use of making champagne in the early 1800s, riddling racks have found popularity with homeowners for their clever adaptation as wine storage. Forgo the big price tag and instead create one yourself with this tutorial from handywoman Cara Troell of Build It Craft It Love It.

Photo By: Cara Troell

Wine and Twine

Until today, we bet you've never seen "aluminum metal flashing" and "twine" in the same sentence when it comes to wine storage. This incredibly creative wine rack holds 16 bottles of your favorite vintage. Check out Blogger Beth Hunter of Home Stories A to Z for the full DIY tutorial.

Photo By: Beth Hunter

Transform a Wine Cart

Transform an ordinary wine/bar cart with pallet wood or any other aged wood you have on hand. Blogger Kelly Rinzema of The Lily Pad Cottage repurposed rotting wood from a dock to create this thoroughly chic wine storage cart.

Photo By: Kelly Rinzema

Upcycled Milk Crate

Hung from a wall, a crate that once held milk jugs gets a second life as a creative wine rack. Search for yours at flea markets or thrift stores like Jeff White of Oh! Glory Vintage did.

Photo By: Jeff White

Tipsy Wine Rack

This whimsical wine rack floats bottles upside down, giving new meaning to the phrase, "Bottoms up!" Friends and family are sure to ask where you got this rustic wine rack. Tell them it's available at Dot & Bo.

Photo By: Dot & Bo

DIY Copper Pipe Wine Storage

Copper-toned furnishings are making a comeback, so why not add that accent to your wine rack? Swaddle your wine bottles with a do-it-yourself project that mixes copper pipe and faux leather. Click here for the full tutorial by Laurel Stavros of A Bubbly Life.

Photo By: Laurel Stavros

Pallet Wine Racks

Love pallets and wine? This set of two wine racks from Del Hutson Designs combines the two. Made of 100% reclaimed wood, each rack can hold eight wine bottles and up to nine stemmed wine glasses for the ultimate in pallet vino storage.

Photo By: Del Hutson Designs

Repurpose a Dresser

If you don't mind a little elbow grease, create your own wine buffet for the dining room from a bedroom dresser (or similar furniture piece). Look for furniture with good bones, then knock out drawers, add wine cubbies and a fresh coat of paint. Kim and Lori of That's So Creative are the masterminds behind this repurposed wine buffet. 

Photo By: Lori Gabrielson

Look Under the Stairs

Give new life to the space beneath your stairs with a custom wine cabinet. This example from Vino Cellars & Accessories matches the home's traditional decor. The major benefit of this space-saving storage solution? It's temperature controlled to keep wines at peak enjoyment.

Photo By: Vino Cellars & Accessories

Frame It Up

This rustic wine rack is anything but expected. Made by Cold Creek Brewing, it screws into the stud beside a door frame for sturdy construction that stands up to slamming doors. Guests will be as entertained by the storage solution as they are after two glasses of wine.

Photo By: Cold Creek Brewing

Oh, The Wine You'll Store

Prefer easy access to your wine while entertaining? This wine bar tutorial opens up a dresser with two big wooden racks perfect for perusing your vino collection. Blogger Meagan Brockway of The Charming Farmer shows you how it's done.

Photo By: Meagan Brockway

Space-Saving Wine Closet

Humidity, light and temperature can have a big impact on the quality of your wine collection. Control the elements with the wine cellar of your dreams that also saves space underneath basement stairs. Cedar planks and granite floors will have you well on your way to aging your wine gracefully and stylishly. This custom install completed by Bridgewater Construction in Bloomington, Minn.

Photo By: Lee Snyder

Modern and Minimal Wine Rack

Not a big fan of wine but keep a couple bottles around for company? This DIY wine rack will do the trick! Using common materials such as plywood, wooden dowels and leather rope, it's a breeze to make with guidance from Caitlin of The Merrythought.

Iron and Wine

Don't let this seemingly ordinary wine rack from Pottery Barn fool you. It's where you mount it that makes all the difference. Try the side of an upper kitchen cabinet to create storage in a space that would normally go unused. The second best part? This Single Modular Wine Rack won't break the bank.

Photo By: Pottery Barn

Perfect in the Pantry

Ready-made wine holders from SimplyNeu fit inside pantry cabinetry for a sleek solution to wine storage. Order this custom wine rack to your specifications and install yourself for a sleek organization solution.

Make a Marquee Letter



Trendy marquee signs can be expensive to buy (either new or vintage), so why not DIY? Use larger globe string lights to make this oversized letter featured in HGTV Magazine, or smaller lights to make a mini marquee letter.

12 DIY Lighting Ideas

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Hula Hoop Chandelier

If you have two hours and $20, designer Emily Henderson has just the lighting project for you: A chandelier made from basic plastic hula-hoops. "I love this chandelier's graphic, modern look. It's large-scale but not visually heavy, and it couldn't be easier to make," she says.

Create Your Own Modern Copper Pendant Light

A simple material from the plumbing section of the hardware store — copper piping — is transformed into a modern light fixture with just a few simple tools. Get the how-to over on Design Happens.

Make a Stacked-Books Table Lamp

Upcycle old books by turning them into a one-of-a-kind lamp.

Turn a Beaker Into a Kitschy Lamp

Transform basic science lab supplies into a one-of-a-kind lamp with this how-to from HGTV Magazine.

Photo By: Zach Desart

Easy Gold-Dotted Lamp Base

Transform a basic glass-bottomed lamp into a designer showpiece with white latex paint and dots of gold leaf. Get the full how-to from HGTV Magazine.

Photo By: Courtesy of Emily Hart

Make Your Own Light-Up Letter

Marquee letters are quite the rage right now. Most of the DIY versions are made from chipboard 3D letters from the craft store; we used plywood to create a larger-scale version. Get the step-by-step instructions to create this larger scale letter from HGTV Magazine.

Dress Up a Paper Lantern

Add paper or washi tape to a basic paper lantern to create a custom design on the cheap.

Make a Starry Lampshade

Transform a basic paper pendant shade into something custom with stick-on decals, like these retro starbursts seen in HGTV Magazine.

Photo By: Marko Metzinger/Studio D

Revive a Table Lamp With Washi Tape

Update an old lampshade with layers of patterned washi tape to create a hip, colorful new decoration. For the most variety, use different widths and colors of washi tape that all have something in common. For example, these tapes are all a white pattern on a colored background.

Transform a Flea Market Find

Even the most dated lamp can be made modern with a coat of spray paint and a fresh shade embellished with ribbon. Get tips for your own makeover from HGTV Magazine.

Photo By: Lara Robby/Studio D

Transform a Basic Lamp With Twine

Give a ho-hum lamp and shade nautical style by adding a layer of natural hemp twine. This quick update is easy, inexpensive and breathes new life into a tired accessory.

Make Egg Basket Pendants

Vintage egg baskets take on new life when spray painted in neon hues and paired with a monochromatic light kit. Get the how-to from HGTV Magazine.

Photo By: Thomas Liggett

Pretty Up a Playroom

Dream Playroom Features Teepee, Rope Swings and Floor Cushions

Dream Playroom Features Teepee, Rope Swings and Floor Cushions

Chango and Co. created every child's dream play space in this expansive playroom. Floor mattresses line one wall and are topped with playful throw pillows for crashing, a teepee provides a place for dreaming, and rope swings hang from the ceiling for extra fun. A bold Swiss cross pattern livens up the walls, and black trim highlights the architectural features of the room.

Photo by: Sean Litchfield Photography

Sean Litchfield Photography

A string of lights adds instant dreaminess to any child's bedroom or playroom (or, heck, even an adult's room). In this amazing kids' space designed by Chango and Co., string lights are draped over a teepee so it glows within, creating the perfect spot to nap or curl up with a book.

21 Imaginative Kids' Rooms

See All Photos

Up, Up, and Away!

As kids, we all dreamt of having the ability to fly. This airplane bed puts a fun spin on that fantasy. Fully equipped with a ceiling covered in clouds, suitcase storage and a world map mural, this bedroom prepares kids for any adventure they might dream up. Design by Dahlia Mahmood

Rustic Retreat

This amazing barn-style playroom is sleepover heaven. The space houses six built-in bunk beds with ample room leftover for games and entertainment. The design uses the original home's farmhouse background for style inspiration; the frame and rails of the bunk beds were made from antique barn beams.

Photo By: Daniel Contelmo Jr.

This Room Rocks

Welcome to the bedroom every kid (and many a grown up) dreams of having. Decked out in cool contemporary style, the space features a gray and white palette with graphic print wallpaper, bold lime green accents and — wait for it — a climbing wall.

Crafty Converted Attic

Every inch of space was creatively used in this converted-attic playroom. In addition to clever designs like built-in desks and efficient storage solutions, this 8-foot area of dead space was transformed into a felt activity wall.

Secret Fort

In this inventive kid's room, a tucked-away loft serves as an exciting (and peaceful) hideaway to work on homework or art projects.

Photo By: Mark Boisclair

Whimsical Playroom

Chango and Co. created every child's dream play space in this expansive playroom. Floor mattresses line one wall and are topped with playful throw pillows for crashing, a teepee provides a place for dreaming, and rope swings hang from the ceiling for extra fun. A bold Swiss cross pattern livens up the walls, and black trim highlights the architectural features of the room.

High-Up Hideaway

Every kid loves a secret hideaway and this rope ladder adds another layer of adventure! Photo courtesy of live from IKEA FAMILY

A Pirate's Life

This pirate-inspired room has everything necessary to set a course for adventure — from a treasure map mural to a rustic pirate-ship bed. Design by RMSer chelly32

Fit for Twin Royalty

These twin cribs look like they came straight out of a fairytale palace. The ornate wood details and elegantly draped canopies put other cribs to shame. Image courtesy of PoshTots

Private Pink Lofts

Sharing a room with a sibling can be a drag. But these vibrant pink and orange loft beds give two girls their own getaways. Courtesy of Nicole Feliciano, of Momtrends.com

Movie Magic

Inspired by the Disney film Finding Nemo, this room surrounds kids in a sea of beloved characters. It even includes a bed that resembles the film's surfer-dude turtle, Crush.

Welcome to the Jungle

Between adventures, a junior explorer can escape to a treehouse bed in this jungle-themed room. Courtesy of RMSer 8666045

Make Room for Muppets

This kids bedroom from HGTV Dream Home 2014 is inspired by the Muppets. While sticking to a sophisticated color palette of red, white and black, this room bursts with kid-approved details like Muppets accessories, a curtained-off play area and a TV for each bunk!

Photo By: Eric Perry © 2013, Scripps Networks, LLC. All Rights Reserved

Enchanted Forest

With a whimsical tree, a carriage-shaped table and a custom castle bed complete with a slide, this bedroom feels like it's straight out of a fairytale.

Photo By: Tricia Messeroux © 2013, DIY/Scripps Networks, LLC. All Rights Reserved

Castle in the Clouds

By lofting this bed, the rest of the room is free for playtime. To add another element of fun to the castle-shaped loft, kids can come and go via ladder or slide. Photo courtesy of live from IKEA FAMILY

Draw on the Walls

Behind the bookcases, a secret hiding place in this little girl's playroom is the perfect escape to let creativity run wild. A chalkboard accent wall allows endless possibilities to draw and decorate.

Twice the Teepees, Twice the Fun

This handsomely paneled playroom is all decked out for fun. If the party runs late — and if the parents say it’s OK — the lighted teepees will accommodate a sleepover.

Photo By: Jason Kisner

Storybook Nursery

With a crib modeled after a carriage, this storybook nursery is perfect for a princess-in-training. The room includes other charming touches like wallpaper with a toy block motif, quilted carpeting and an adorable woodland mural. Image courtesy of PoshTots

Space-Saving Secret Bed

Hiding a bed beneath a trap door is a fun and unique idea for a kid's room. Doing so takes advantage of every inch of space and allows the bedroom to double as a playroom. Photo courtesy of live from IKEA FAMILY

Photo By: Courtesy of IKEA

Groovy Tween Room

With a touch of English inspiration, this bright bedroom and its psychedelic mural will stay cool well into your kid's teen years. Design by Christine Thompson

Vibrant Girl's Room

Who wouldn't love to spend hours playing in this beautiful and vibrant bedroom? (Fun fact: The garlands, bed skirt, and wall art are made out of duct tape!)

Photo By: Rachel Faucett

Under the Sea

No detail was spared in transforming this media playroom into a deep-sea adventure. From the shell-shaped chairs to elaborate mural, this room caters to a kid's dream of living beneath the waves.

It's Showtime!

You little one's inner star can emerge on this petite stage. It's the perfect setting for any performance a child could dream up and the nearby dress-up closet is handy for pre-show prep.

Fun in the Forest

This vibrant woodland playroom is designed for hours of fun. Between a slide, activity desk, and swing suspended from a funky column-turned-tree, this room encourages playfulness and creativity. Co-architects: Juan Manuel Rodriguez and Jose David Jimenez.

Pretty in Pink

A mini tent serves as a cute clubhouse and venue for indoor campouts. Plus, it beautifully coordinates with the sweet pink tones of the bedding and hanging birdcage.

Candy Colors

A giant painted gumball machine pops against the vibrant orange walls of this lively playroom. Along with the wall color, the artistic paper lantern fixture, chevron rug, and art table are enough to inspire hours of creative play.

Indoor Treehouse

Both kid-friendly and sophisticated, this bedroom from HGTV Green Home 2014 brings the outdoors indoors. The many green-toned accents are meant to look like a lush landscape from the birds-eye view of this lofted hangout. A handy bucket makes snack deliveries fun and convenient.

Cute and Bubbly

The open floor plan of this shared bedroom means ample room for siblings to play, hangout and swing in their futuristic bubble chairs.

Rainy Day Escape

This island playroom offers space to gather with friends or take a nap. Anchored into the ceiling, the twin beds are designed to gently sway as coastal breezes blow through the space. A Ping-Pong table and a flat-screen TV are perfect for passing the time on rainy beach days.

Reading Room

Playoffice, a design firm based in Madrid, created this "Reading Net" for kids (or adults). Here, the net is suspended in a luxurious two-story library.

Photo By: Playoffice

Accentuate Your Fireplace

Fireplace with Twinkle Lights

Fireplace with Twinkle Lights

If you want the glow of a lit fireplace but want to deal with keeping an eye on a fire, consider wrapping logs with twinkle lights. Here, white LED lights add a faint glimmer to the wood during the day and a soft, ambient glow at night.

Photo by: Brian Patrick Flynn

Brian Patrick Flynn

When the weather heats up and you no longer need the warmth of a fire, you don't have to completely neglect your fireplace; try wrapping logs with string lights for a glow you can enjoy year round. Here, designer Brian Patrick Flynn dressed up a fireplace with white LED lights.

8 Ways to Decorate the Inside of a Fireplace

See All Photos

One Fireplace, Eight Ways

To add holiday charm inside the fireplace of HGTV Holiday House 2014, several different vignettes were created using simple accessories, seasonal items and objects fit for year-round use. Browse our eight looks and get ideas for decorating your own fireplace.

Photo By: Brian Patrick Flynn

Nativity Scene

The inside of a fireplace is the perfect size and scale for creating a nativity scene. Choose sets with figures approximately 6 inches shorter than the height of the firebox interior. Once placed inside, the rectangular shape of the firebox will frame the scene like a picture window.

Photo By: Brian Patrick Flynn

Book Storage

Homeowners with historic fireplaces that no longer function can turn them into bookshelves by simply fastening a horizontal plank of lumber to two pre-cut 2x4s, then placing it all inside the firebox. Keep the shelf approximately 10 to 14 inches above the floor of the firebox to allow enough height for most standard books.

Photo By: Brian Patrick Flynn

Mismatched Candlesticks

The inside of a fireplace is an excellent spot to showcase mismatched collections. This works especially well with disparate candlesticks. For a well-collected look, gather an odd number of candlesticks all in the same metallic, but in a variety of finishes. Here, a grouping of brass candlesticks in matte, satin and lacquered finishes carries the purple color scheme of the HGTV Holiday House 2014 living room into the fireplace.

Photo By: Brian Patrick Flynn


No space below the tree to showcase your wrapped gifts? No problem! If your fireplace isn’t being used, arrange gifts for your guests inside the fireplace, leaving the space below the tree open for gathering on Christmas morning.

Photo By: Brian Patrick Flynn

Potted Greenery

When space is at a premium in a living room or great room and there’s no room for a Christmas tree, the interior of a fireplace is ideal for creating a Christmas tree alternative. Here, a grouping of blue spruces was displayed inside the fireplace. For proper balance, stick with an odd number of potted trees. To ensure the trees thrive, keep them in living rooms with abundant natural light and add drainage to their pots with a drill and a paddle bit.

Photo By: Brian Patrick Flynn

Light-Wrapped Logs

If you want the glow of a lit fireplace but want to deal with keeping an eye on a fire, consider wrapping logs with twinkle lights. Here, white LED lights add a faint glimmer to the wood during the day and a soft, ambient glow at night.

Photo By: Brian Patrick Flynn

Metallic-Painted Firewood

Homeowners with non-functioning fireplaces can put an unexpected, modern spin on birch logs with metallic spray paint. Gather birch logs or basic firewood outside, then lay them on a flat, even surface covered with a drop cloth. Holding the spray can 8 inches from the surface of the wood, apply the spray paint, moving it back and forth in slow, even spurts. Allow a full day or two for the fumes of the spray paint to wear off before bringing the logs inside.

Photo By: Brian Patrick Flynn

Potted Orchids

A great way to put your fireplace to use year-round is by filling it with potted orchids. Sculptural and elegant, an odd number creates a striking look packed with life and color.

Photo By: Brian Patrick Flynn

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