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How to Make a Christmas Tree for the Birds Nov 9, 2018

Give the birds something to chirp about this holiday season with an edible outdoor tree they can call their own.

How to Turn a Liquor Bottle Into a Hummingbird Feeder Sep 17, 2018

Learn the secret for drilling holes in heavy-bottom bottles so you can upcycle them into unique hummingbird feeders.

How to Build a Bug Hotel Apr 5, 2018

This adorable bug abode will attract the good guys like ladybugs, lacewings and bees. Having these helpful friends in your yard co …

How to Welcome Bluebirds to Your Yard Sep 14, 2018

Want blue in your garden? Invite bluebirds to set up housekeeping.

Trend Alert: Feathers Sep 16, 2018

Take flight with feathers in your decor.

Buzz Off: Make These Natural Herbal Insect Repellent Bundles Sep 14, 2018

Try this all-natural technique to keep mosquitoes from attending your next outdoor get together.

Make a Homemade Carpenter Bee Trap Sep 17, 2018

How to build a carpenter bee trap that will put an end to their destructive doings.

DIY Wildlife Indian Corn Wreath Sep 14, 2018

Learn how to make this beautiful treat for your backyard wildlife.

Keeping Ticks Away Sep 20, 2018

Tips for making sure these bugs don't bite.

Voracious Japanese Beetles Sep 17, 2018

These little critters are a gardener’s worst nightmare, devouring more than 300 varieties of plants.

Bug Off: Get the Earwigs Out of My Garden! Sep 17, 2018

Learn why earwigs give garden writer Gayla Trail the willies.

Deer-Resistant Annuals Sep 14, 2018

Outsmart Bambi by learning which annuals deer don’t usually eat.

Deer: How to Keep Them Away From Your Garden Sep 17, 2018

From using deer-resistant plants, to deer-repelling scents, there are a number of ways to keep them out of your garden.

Fire Ants Are Trouble Sep 17, 2018

Biting and stinging red imported fire ants (RIFA) can pose serious risks to people and pets.

Ordering Beneficial Bugs By Mail Sep 14, 2018

Send insect pests packing with mail-order beneficial bugs.

How to Get Rid of Moles Sep 17, 2018

Don't let these burrowing varmints turn your lawn into their playpen.

A Natural Remedy for Mosquitoes Sep 17, 2018

Keep mosquitoes out of your garden with this easy tip.

Carpenter Ants Sep 17, 2018

A beneficial insect you'll want to see pack up its tool belt and scram.

A Surprising Way to Banish Fruit Flies Sep 14, 2018

Get rid of fruit flies by pouring them a nice glass of wine.

Raiding Rodents Feb 17, 2016

Get tips on waging war against garden pests.

The Gray Squirrel 411 Sep 17, 2018

Know your enemy! The gray squirrel can be a gardener's worst furry foe, unless you take precautions.

How to Make Hummingbird Food Sep 14, 2018

This super-simple cost-effective recipe will keep your backyard friends happily humming.

How to Attract Owls to Your Yard Sep 17, 2018

Try these tips to make your garden appealing to these fascinating creatures of the night.

Fun Facts About Garden Insects Sep 14, 2018

Those tiny creatures inhabiting your yard have fascinating lives of their own.

Frogs and Toads in the Garden Sep 17, 2018

Tips for sharing your yard with wildlife and creating an amphibian-friendly space.

Decorate a Tree for the Birds Sep 14, 2018

Create a buffet of garden goods to attract passing birds during the cold winter months.