How to Build a Bug Hotel

This adorable bug abode will attract the good guys like ladybugs, lacewings and bees. Having these helpful friends in your yard could do your garden a favor.

How to Make a Bug Hotel
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Insect Hotel, Step 1

Photo by: Andy Vinson, Loch & Key Productions

Andy Vinson, Loch & Key Productions


  • wood crate
  • thin wooden boards (such as balsa)
  • silicone
  • glue gun
  • tiny pots
  • pruning shears
  • measuring tape
  • bamboo
  • twigs
  • lichen
  • moss sheets
  • acorns
  • foraged natural materials

Insect Hotel, Step 2

Photo by: Andy Vinson, Loch & Key Productions

Andy Vinson, Loch & Key Productions

Step One: Measure 

Insect Hotel, Step 3

Photo by: Andy Vinson, Loch & Key Productions

Andy Vinson, Loch & Key Productions

Decide what pattern you want to create, and measure the thin boards to the right size to fit inside the crate. 

Step Two: Cut and Place

Cut the boards and secure them into place using silicone to create small cubbies. Allow two hours for the silicone to set.

Step Three: Fill

Fill the cubbies with small twigs, dry grass, acorns, bamboo and other items found in your yard or at the craft store. Use hot glue to keep everything in place. Create a cute design and keep in mind: beneficial insects such as ladybugs and green lacewings like shelter to lay eggs, and solitary bees prefer small holes to nest in.

Step Four: Decorate

Add the final touches by gluing sheets of moss on top. Use tiny pots, pinecones, acorns and lichens to decorate.

Step Five: Open For Business

Insect Hotel, Step 1

Photo by: Andy Vinson, Loch & Key Productions

Andy Vinson, Loch & Key Productions

Hang the bug hotel outside in a place where you want good bugs to gather. Ladybugs and lacewings can help take care of the harmful guys that could spell trouble for your garden.

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